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"Happy" by Pharrell Williams Covered Best 22 Videos from Japan

  • "Happy" by Pharrell Williams Covered Best 22 Videos from Japan

Translated by EndoYasuko

Written by MATCHA

2014.06.21 Bookmark

I'm guessing that one of the most popular video clips in the world is "Happy" by Pharrell Williams with no doubt. It was over 200,007,000 times played (by June 2014) on youtube all over the world with the comfortable sound and the 24 hours dancing people scene.

"Happy" by Pharrell Williams

Please watch this if you are unfamiliar with this video.

How was it? I am wondering if you have heard just the music somewhere.

There is no certain choreography, so anybody can participate as they like from anywhere. Because of this easy approach, the cover video has been made in over 150 countries, and 1800 cities.

Each video shows unique and special products. I would like to introduce here "the Japanese cities Happy video" which we can see how people are proud of their home town.

1. Japanese MV

It was played 1,109,926. Every Idol singer or actress who is famous in Japan has participated in this video. For example, Akiko Mizuhara who debuted Paris collection as a fashion model is one of them. The background in pure white makes them stand out.

2. Harajuku version

This shows famous spot of Harajuku such as Cat street and Yoyogi park. As you can see, the people who are in iconic fashion of Harajuku are showing off their style.

3. Tokyo version

Tokyo is not only about Harajuku or Tokyo metropolitan. It shows residential area with local's daily life.

4. Tokyo Sakura version

Japanese national flower is sakura(Japanese cherry blossom). I cannot wait the season of sakura in spring.

5. Tokyo Samurai version

"Happy" by modern Samurai. I hate to tell you this, but there is no samurai in Japan now.

6. Yokohama version

Yokohama is popular city to visit in Japan. It shows famous Minato-mirai and China town.

7. Yokosuka version

This place is not famous as Yokohama, but isn't it an attractive city as you see people smile?

8. West side (Kobe Osaka Kyoto) version

This shows the buildings in Osaka, Western-style built for westerners in Japan during end of 19 century to early 1900s in Kobe and Maiko (a dancing girl) in Kyoto. This is The Western Japan!! It is a bright singing cappella.

9. Kyoto version

Kyoto uniwersity and Kamokawa-riverside which is the location of historical culture events. You will enjoy the scenery of spring Kyoto.

10. Kyoto version

This "Happy" shows the Bamboo forest of Arashiyama. It is impressive that the craftsman dances shyly.

11. Osaka version 1

This video was established by a foreigner. I can feel Osaka peoples spirit from dancing in the crowd in Japanese bar and Shinsai-bridge.

12. Osaka version 2

This is fresh video made by young generation. I can see their friendship.

13. Osaka version 3

I can see some story by these scenes even though it does not appear as so many people.

14. Okinawa version

The colour of blue sky and ocean tells that this is Okinawa. This dance is dynamic and powerful compared with other part of Japan. I was surprised by this difference.

15. Okinawa version

The other one shows dancing, and this one shows famous spots. You can see the soft atmosphere in Okinawa.

16. Nagoya version

This shows iconic Nagoya, Nagoya castle and golden Shachihoko( a fabled fish with a lion like head , dragon like sharp scales along the back and an arched tail that points skyward.). The Kids smile is so cute,

17. Tokushima version

Awa-dancing! This shows nice harmony and a Happy tempo and traditional dancing get over the nation border.

18. Fukushima version

We can see The scenery from Fukushima station to the residential area. It is attractive that skilled dance by cubby guy here and there in rice pad.

19. Okayama version

This video also all generation appears and lift our spirits. It does not matter if you are good at dancing or not! The natural smile is attractive.

20. Okayama many High school girls version

They are Dancing club girls from Okayama Gakugeikan high school. We can seen skilled dance, of course, but also we can see the uniform and class room. This is little bit different "Happy".

21. Kumamoto version

"Kuma-mon" which is a mascot character of Kumamoto appears in this video. I can see the liveliness of entire Kumamoto.

22. Special edition

This is not about particular Japanese spot, but cosplayer from whole of the world is appearing "Happy". There is no national border line in music and cosplay.

The Atmosphere Makes Us to Join Dancing

The most distinctive point of these Happy video is by watching the video I can feel the atmosphere of each provinces. We can see not only the famous sight seeing spot, and Awa-dancing in Tokushima or festivals, but also we can see the Japanese peoples daily life from the people's smile.

All Video embody "Happy". Please find your favorite one.

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