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The Best Apps For Your Trip To Japan

The Best Apps For Your Trip To Japan

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Traveling in Japan has never been easier. This article introduces the best applications for your Japan trip. They provide information on transportation, Wi-Fi connections, safety and other useful information!

Written by Sandrine

Traveling to Japan either as a solo traveler, or with friends and family has never been easier thanks to smart phone technology. For the past few years smart phone applications have somewhat replaced travel books and physical maps. Let’s take a look at the applications available for iPhone and Android, that will make your Japan trip both easy and stress free.

1. Free Wi-Fi Applications

Best smart phone applications for your Japan trip

There are free applications in Japan than enable you to connect to hundreds of Wi-Fi-spots all over the country. Although data SIM-cards have become widely available at Japanese airports, convenience stores and hardware and electronics shops, you can get by on your trip by just downloading these apps and connecting to free wifi spots.

We recommend downloading both applications, as some Wi-Fi providers might be participating in one of the apps, but not the other.

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi, a Wi-Fi service for visitors to Japan, lets you connect easily to registered Wi-Fi providers (without the initial sign up) such as for example 7 Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart and others. The app lets you skip any registration process and connects you automatically, making getting online a very easy process.

TRAVEL JAPAN WIFI connects you automatically to any participating Wi-Fi provider around the country, and also maps out where connection points are located in and around your pinned location.

Metro and Train Applications

Depending on the city you are traveling to, you will most likely find a decent metro or train information app for that city. For visitors to Tokyo, the Tokyo Rail Map is a metro app that helps you navigate the train lines efficiently, and also gives you suggestions regarding the quickest routes.

It is recommended that you also download JR Train apps, such as JR-EAST Train Info, before your trip as you will most surely use be using JR trains during your travels.

Most metro and train applications have maps for various train lines where routes can be saved and studied. When connected to Wi-Fi, the applications will also give you better tips in planning your route, according to the train timetables.

Hyperdia for Android is the most popular app for travelers using a Japan Rail Pass, and makes planning the route easier and most convenient.

Safety Information

Best smart phone applications for your Japan trip

Certain areas in Japan are prone to earthquakes (and tsunami), and as a traveler you might not always know what to do in case of an emergency. To help visitors to Japan feel safer on their trips, the Japan National Tourism Organization launched the Safety Tips application for locals and visitors in 2014.

This application will notify you when an earthquake occurs, as well as give your relevant tips on evacuation and safety measures. Included in the application is a list of words and phrases the traveler can show or use when in need of help. The application also gives you weather warnings, which makes planning your trip easier. “Safety Tips” are available in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Discounts and Tax Information

Best smart phone applications for your Japan trip

Shopping in Japan is easy and convenient, but sometimes the tax is not displayed on the price tags. There are some apps that help you calculate the price of an item with the added 8% tax. It even helps you calculate the full price of an item with a certain percentage of discounts.

Sale & Tax Japan is such an app that lets you easily choose the discount you want to include to the price. The entered price can either be inserted with or without the 8% tax, making this app a great resource also for tax free shopping.

In Conclusion

We hope you will find these apps useful and that you enjoy your trip to Japan!

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