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Sales In Japan - Annual Guide On When To Buy What

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Japan is a country where large-scale sales take place regularly. This article will be your guide to getting the best deals in Japan on the products you're looking for, from clothing to electronics and souvenirs. Find out when annual sales are for your next shopping trip.

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Shopping in Jaapn can be budget-friendly for many travelers by picking the right time to shop, as sales occur many times throughout the year in Japan. In this article, we will take a look at when sales take place and what you should invest in during each sale season. First of all, the best months for shopping in Japan are January, August and December. But why?

Continue reading to learn more about annual sales and when the best time to go shopping is in Japan for apparel, accessories, and souvenirs.


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January: New Year Sales

The start of the new year brings with it new year bargains. Most of the stores across Japan are closed from December 31st to January 2nd or 3rd, so they start their new year sales right after this holiday. You can get good deals on winter clothes among other things. Fukubukuro or lucky bags are sold almost everywhere and give you the chance to buy lots of items from your favorite brands for really low prices. Please give these sales a try.

January is the best month for shopping lovers to find the best bargains on winter clothes and lucky bags.

February: Winter Clearance Sales

Although it is still cold in Japan in February, the majority of stores start to sell spring clothes once February begins. You might find there are additional price cuts on winter items at this time too. But the variety of winter clothes available is lower than during the January sales.

March to Mid-April: Back to School & New Life Sales

For the Japanese, not only the school year but the financial year as well begin in April. The sales held during this time are mainly for students and new company employees who may have to move or start living on their own for the first time. Home appliances, furniture, suits, and bags, as well as numerous school supplies, go on sale. During these sales, you are sure to find plenty of the unique yet functional stationery that Japan is famous for.

July to August: Summer Sales

There are no big sales to be found in June, as it is the beginning of summer. But when July starts, the summer sales gradually take off.

August is the best month to find summer clothes and goods on sale. Japan in the summer is really humid as you might know, so please use these summer sales to buy the items you will need in order to enjoy these hot summer days.

September: Summer Clearance Sales

Once September arrives, the weather starts to get milder. There are fewer summer items to be found in September but you can still buy summer clothes at discount prices as stores slash prices to sell off "last year's" stock.

November: Autumn Sales

The day gets shorter and the air gets colder in November. During this month, you can buy clothes and goods for the autumn, winter and sometimes even the early spring, but far fewer shops offer sales at this time, and those that do might not be offering the absolute best deals.

December: Winter and Year-end Sales

Once the end of the year starts getting closer, the atmosphere of cities is totally changed by the gorgeous illuminations and Christmas songs playing everywhere. December is the best month to buy winter clothes and home appliances.

Not only clothes and home appliances but various items go on sale at this time, and some stores even begin their sales well before Christmas.

Other Sales

There are a few more periods of the year when some stores offer sales besides the ones mentioned above.

Late April to Early May: Golden Week Sales

Golden week or GW for short is Japan's version of spring break. Prices might not go down much but some of the stores do offer decent sales during GW.

October: Halloween Sales

Though not traditionally celebrated in Japan, Halloween has been gaining in popularity in recent years and now you can find many shops selling costumes or decorations in the weeks leading up to it.

Bargain Shopping in Japan Year-round

Now that you have a bit more information on sales in Japan, we hope this guide helps you to get a bit more out of your shopping adventures in Japan.

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