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Sendai Castle In Miyagi Prefecture - Highlights And Scenic Spots

Sendai Castle In Miyagi Prefecture - Highlights And Scenic Spots

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Miho Moriya

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Sendai castle, located in the city of Sendai, was completed in 1601 during the rule of the first leader of Sendai, Date Masamune. Currently, the castle grounds is a park where you can feel the history and view the city from above.

What is Sendai Castle?


Photo courtesy of Sendai International Sightseeing Association

Sendai Castle is located in Sendai in the Tohoku region and was built by the city's first ruler of the area (hanshu, *1), Date Masamune, in 1601. With the honmaru (*2) surrounded by a cliff on the east side, a forest on the west side, and a valley on the southern side, this castle is constructed using the complicated structures of nature to protect itself.

The castle is otherwise known as the Aoba Castle due to the castle being built on Mt. Aoba.

Unfortunately, the majority of the castle was lost to a great fire and only its stone walls remain today. However, if you visit the Aoba Castle Honmaru Kaikan built at the ruins of Sendai Castle, you can find historical artifacts related to Sendai Castle and see its past glory.
*1 han: An area classification during the Edo period. Feudal lords governed the area and organizations within.
*2 honmaru: The most important section of the castle. Normally it is where the lord of the castle lives.

Basic Information About Sendai Castle

Admission Fee

You may enter Sendai Castle remains for free. To enter the Aoba Castle Honmaru Kaikan's museum displays, it costs 700 yen per adult, 500 yen for middle and high school students, and 300 yen for elementary school students.

Hours of Operation

You can enter and leave anytime you wish at the Sendai Castle.

The museum is open from 9:00-17:00 (to 16:00 between November 4th-March 31st). Last entry is 30 minutes prior to closing time and is open all year around.

Highlights of Sendai Castle


Photo courtesy of Sendai International Sightseeing Association

Currently, the Sendai Castle ruins are called Mt. Aoba park and are a rest stop for those touring around Sendai and also a place for people to relax. From the honmaru ruins, not only can you see the entire city of Sendai from above, but you can also see the Pacific Ocean in the distance as well. In addition to that, you can see a different view of the castle when the stone walls and the statue of Date Masamune are lit up from sundown to 22:00. For those visiting the castle at night, the restaurant inside the Aoba Castle Honmaru Kaikan is also open until 22:00, so why not have a memorable dinner with a panoramic view of the nightscape of Sendai?

Access to Sendai Castle

From Sendai Station, get on the Loople Sendai Bus from stop 16 from the West exit bus pool and get off at Sendaijo-ato. For more information about getting to Sendai from Tokyo, please read Sendai Travel Guide: 21 Sightseeing Spots, Access, Souvenirs and More!

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