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Become Naruto, Goku And More! The J-COS Cosplay Experience - Ikebukuro

Become Naruto, Goku And More! The J-COS Cosplay Experience - Ikebukuro

Translated by Andrew J Tinkler

Written by Miho Moriya

Tokyo 2017.05.15 Bookmark

Experience the birth of the J-COS! J-World Cosplay Room, situated in the Jump Comics world theme park J-WORLD TOKYO, where you can become your favorite comic book characters from Dragonball, NARUTO, Gin Tama and more!

The Newly Established J-World Cosplay Room J-COS!


On April 21st, 2017, in the town that rivals Akihabara in terms of anime enthusiasts - Ikebukuro - a new exciting spot was born. That spot is J-COS!.

Inside the theme park J-World Tokyo lies a new attraction where you can become your favorite anime characters! These are all characters that appear in the Japanese comic magazine Shonen Jump.

In April of 2017, the costumes of a total of twelve characters from One Piece, Dragonball, Naruto and Gin Tama have been made available.

Enjoy a Wonderful Cosplay Experience at J-COS!

At J-COS, you can enjoy an empty-handed, carefree cosplay experience. First, here’s a three step explanation on how to make the best of your visit.

Step 1: Choose Your Costume


At J-COS!’s reception counter, choose your cosplay course and costume.

There are two types of courses. You can rent one costume and a wig with the Basic Course (3500 yen (with tax)/90 minutes) or go one step up and rent props as well with the Special Course (4500 yen (with tax) / 90 minutes). There are also coin lockers available for you to store your belongings.

There is also the Option (2000 yen (with tax)) to get your picture taken. If you choose to add this option, you’ll receive the photo in a J-COS original frame. Great for souvenirs or for you to remember your trip!

Step 2: Pay at the Ticket Machine


Once you’ve decided which costume you would like to wear, purchase a ticket at the ticket machine. The ticket machine and its options are written in both Japanese and English. If there is still something you do not understand, you can check with the foreign-language speaking staff.

Each employee who can speak a foreign language wears a badge indicating with which language they are able to communicate. As of April 2017, there are staff available who can speak Chinese, Korean, Thai and English.

However, staff able to speak each foreign language are not always readily available. For those wishing to know if certain staff members are available on certain days feel free to call and ask beforehand.

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