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Amazing Public Baths In Asakusa And Ueno

Amazing Public Baths In Asakusa And Ueno
  • Amazing Public Baths In Asakusa And Ueno

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by ayu

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Did you know you can discover Japan's bathing culture right in Tokyo? Take a break and relax these three recommended baths that are easy to access from Ueno!

The people of Japan have a tradition of finding relaxation in baths. Sento (public bath) culture has been around since the Edo period and continues to change even today, but it has always a place where people can find comfort.

This time, we would like to introduce you to three public baths in the Ueno and Asakusa area. Why not indulge in Japan's bathing culture during your stay in Tokyo?

The Unique Cypress Bath at Hinode Yu

Public Baths In Asakusa And Ueno

After going on a three minute ride on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line from Asakusa Station, you will reach Inaricho Station. Or, frrom Ueno Station, you take a one minute train ride on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line here as well. Upon arriving, it is only a two minute walk to Hinode Yu. This bathing facility has a history dating back nearly 100 years.

Located on the first and second floor of an apartment building, the men's bath and women's bath swaps every week. The baths here are filled with water that is pulled up from 100 meters deep in the earth.

Public Baths In Asakusa And Ueno

The main trait of Hinode Yu are the baths made of cypress wood. The wood is used in both men and women's baths and eases visitors with the aroma. For shampoo and body soap, single-use packages are available for purchase at the front desk. Towels are also available to rent so you can easily visit here empty-handed.

They also have spots where you can charge your smartphone as well. Those who need to recharge can ask at the front desk for assistance.


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