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Relax At The Millennials Kyoto - World's First Spacious Capsule Hotel

Relax At The Millennials Kyoto - World's First Spacious Capsule Hotel

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by miho

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What comes to mind first when mentioning a capsule hotel usually is "cramped", "loud", "cheap". Today, we bring you a different kind of a capsule hotel - The Millenials Kyoto, opened in Sanjo, Kyoto, in 2017, which will completely change your mind!

Often the first images that a capsule hotel brings to mind are a cramped room with loud neighbors, or a cheap space to spend the night when in desperate need.
But, The Millennials Kyoto, a capsule hotel that opened in Sanjo, Kyoto, in 2017, is about to change the image of a suffocating capsule hotel room into a spacious, comfortable one.

What Has Changed with the New Capsule Hotel?


Up until now, capsule hotels were often constructed to have two levels with a room on each one, and most of the rooms couldn’t be locked. There weren’t any personal lockers, the bed size was even smaller than that of a single bed, and there wasn’t enough space for a person to stand up straight. The overall concept of this kind of hotel was “a cheap place to just sleep”.

At The Millennials Kyoto, you’ll find your room has a 120cm wide bed and measures taken to protect your own personal space and privacy. The hotel is also equipped with a shared space, consisting of a system kitchen, an office, a dining room, and a sofa, available for use 24 hours a day.

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