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Enjoy Japan’s Four Seasons At The Saito Villa In Niigata

Enjoy Japan’s Four Seasons At The Saito Villa In Niigata

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by madoka hasegawa

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The Saito Villa in Niigata is a splendid collaboration between Japanese gardens and architecture. It is a place where you can enjoy the seasonal nature from a Japanese house. Why not experience the beauty of Japanese houses and the four seasons here?

What Is the Saito Villa?

Saito Villa

The Saito Villa was the villa of the Saito family, a merchant household that prospered during the Meiji period to the beginning of the Showa period, and was built by the fourth generation head Kijuro Saito during the Taisho period. The unification of garden and architecture forms a beautiful landscape and is a residence built based on the concept of “garden and home as one.”

Even now, nearly 100 years later, numerous tourists come to visit the villa annually thanks to the charms of its beautiful gardens and architecture.

Entering And Experiencing Taisho Japan

Leisurely Enjoy the Garden from the Banquet Hall

Saito Villa

Upon going through the entryway, the banquet hall and a beautiful garden will be the first sight you will see. The Saito Villa is a residence that had been built to entertain important guests. The view of the garden from the banquet hall was beautiful throughout, making us almost lose track of time.

The Tea House Where Guests Are Entertained

[Niigata] Enjoy Autumn Leaves At The Saito Villa

In the olden days, serving tea was a method of entertaining important guests. As a result, the household head’s wish to have their guests be entertained is expressed throughout the tea house. Unpeeled bamboo pillars were used to build the room, giving it its calming structure.

The yard that can be seen from the tea house has a landscape similar to what might be expected of a mountain retreat. It is made so that you can feel the aesthetics of wabisabi (*1) while in Japan.

*1 Wabisabi: Japanese aesthetics; specifies something that is simple and quiet.

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