Kyoto's HOTOKI: Experience Pottery With All Five Of Your Senses!

Kyoto's HOTOKI: Experience Pottery With All Five Of Your Senses!

Kyoto 2017.11.15

Today we introduce pottery shop HOTOKI, located in a quiet residential area only 20 minutes away from Kyoto Station by subway. This is a place where you can experience pottery by not only buying it, but also by making and using it on the premises.

Translated by Greg

Written by Anna Namikawa

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What Exactly Is HOTOKI?

HOTOKI outside

Photo courtesy of: HOTOKI

Located in the heart of a quiet residential area is a shop called HOTOKI, just a seven minute walk from Kokusai Kaikan Station on the Kyoto Municipal Karasuma Subway Line. Here you can enjoy various kinds of pottery with all of your five senses.

Pottery craftsman Hisashi Kiyomizu opened HOTOKI in 2015, after remodeling what was once his combination house and work studio.

Up until recently in Japan, there were few opportunities for pottery craftspeople to have direct contact with their customers. So apparently in order to create more of these opportunities, and with the hope that people will come to appreciate and like pottery and have a closer connection to it, a space incorporating a shop, cafe and pottery classroom was created.

It's with that philosophy in mind that HOTOKI was built. Today we'll introduce three experiences in which you can appreciate the goodness of pottery, and spend some time relaxing here.

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