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Royal Host Restaurant: Quality Food At Reasonable Prices!

Royal Host Restaurant: Quality Food At Reasonable Prices!

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Written by takagi

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With a large menu and reasonable prices, family restaurants are loved by people of all ages. Today we introduce Royal Host, which is particular about the ingredients and the way its food is prepared, and list some of their recommended menu items.

What Is Royal Host?


Photo courtesy of: Royal Holdings Co., Ltd.

Family restaurants, known for their extensive menu and reasonable prices, are loved by people of all ages in Japan.

Royal Host is a family restaurant chain that started in Fukuoka, and now has a total of two hundred twenty locations throughout Japan, from Hokkaido all the way down to Okinawa.

With Royal Group's central kitchen system (*1), food is made at a cental kitchen facility, and on the restaurant premises by cooks who put time and effort into each dish.

Also, food ingredients are carefully selected with the highest in quality and safety standards in mind, so customers can enjoy top-class meals here. As a result, prices here are slightly higher than other family restaurants, but because of the high food standards, Royal Host has a legion of loyal fans.

Royal Host has a menu that is very particular about the ingredients, food preparation, and taste of each dish. In today's article we feature five of the most popular dishes on their menu.

*1 Central kitchen system: a system utilized by restaurants and institutions, whereby large amounts of food are prepared at one time in a central kitchen facility.

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