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Cheap And Delicious! The Popular Gusto Restaurants

Cheap And Delicious! The Popular Gusto Restaurants

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by Miho Moriya

2017.10.20 Bookmark

Family restaurants have abundant menus that are reasonably priced and loved by all generations. This article introduces Gusto, the sole major chain that has a location in every prefecture in Japan and offers a menu that is affordable and delicious.

What Is a Family Restaurant?

One type of restaurant that can be casually used for dining in Japan is the family restaurant. The name came from these restaurants designing themselves as places which could be easily used and enjoyed by families with children, but nowadays there are also plenty of people who visit family restaurants by themselves or to hang out with friends.

One characteristic of these family restaurants is their cheap menus. In this article, we will introduce Gusto, the only family restaurant that has at least one location in every prefecture in Japan.

Gusto - A Popular Family Restaurant

Gusto Exterior

Photo courtesy of: SKYLARK CO., LTD

Gusto, marked by its red sign, is a family restaurant that serves an extensive menu with a focus on Western-style cuisine.

Aside from Gusto, which is known as a café restaurant for those who would like to take their time enjoying their meal, there is Steak Gusto which operates on the concept of “casually enjoying your meal!” There is also the quick restaurant S Gusto for those who would like their meal to be both cheap and quick to finish. The atmosphere of the shop will vary depending on which restaurant you visit, so please make your choice based on how you feel and your schedule.

The fact that all these businesses have put together reasonable and delicious menus is one of its biggest charms.

Now, we will introduce the most popular menu items at Gusto.

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