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Denny's Japan - Overview And Top 5 Dishes

Denny's Japan - Overview And Top 5 Dishes

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Kana Takezawa

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Affordable and delicious, the Denny's family restaurant chain offers a variety of Western and Japanese dishes, as well as high-quality sweets. We introduce the top 5 items on the menu and tell you what makes Denny's Japan different and special.

Denny’s - One of Japan's Most Popular Family Restaurants

Denny's exterior

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Located throughout Japan, family restaurants offer cheap and high-quality food, and their ubiquity is part of their charm. Denny's is an American family restaurant chain with franchises all over the world.

Denny's locations in Japan differ from its locations in America. In Japan, customers can enjoy uniquely Japanese menu items. Its offerings consist of simple and satisfying Japanese dishes. The chain is also known for its sweets, including their popular pancakes.

This time we will introduce five of Denny’s most popular items.

Denny's Top Five Popular Menu Items

These items are the most popular from the regular menu. The morning menu (6-11 AM) offers different items. All prices listed are before tax.

1. Cheese Omurice


Photo provided by Seven & i Food Systems

Denny's omurice (799 yen) is accentuated with cheese. Tomato-flavored chicken rice is topped with a soft blanket of scrambled eggs and a demiglace sauce. Typically ranking as one of Denny's ten best menu items, omurice represents Denny’s Japan well. They have recently renewed and improved their omurice to make it even more delicious!

2. Herb Tonkatsu Zen

Tonkatsu Gozen

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The Herb Tonkatsu Zenis another extremely popular choice on the menu. The dish comes with Tonkatsu, white rice, miso soup, tsukemono pickles and your choice of tofu or eggplant and spinach with grated radish dressing starting from 1049 yen. The item pictured is the choice with tofu which is 1199 yen. This kind of Japanese set is known asichiju-sansai, which means one soup and three dishes and usually also with rice.

3. Vegetable Curry with Multigrain Rice

Denny's In Japan: An Overview, Menu, Prices And More!

Photo provided by Seven & i Food Systems

Curry Rice is a very popular dish in Japan. It has a very unique flavor. Denny's vegetable curry (799 yen) is made with mushroom and vegetables like eggplants and carrots and served alongside multigrain rice. The multigrain rice is boiled with grains, black beans and hijiki seaweed and high in flavor and fiber.

4. Chicken Karaage


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Denny’s also has side dishes which you can enjoy by itself or together with another dish or an alcoholic beverage. One of Japan’s staple otsumami snacks is chicken karaage(349 yen). Alongside the karaage, how about ordering a lemon sour (349 yen) or a kaku highball (349 yen).

Other beverages include red or white wine (299 yen a glass), as well as Japanese beer like Kirin Ichiban Shibori and Asahi Super Dry (499 yen for 500ml). There are a lot of different side dishes to choose from.

5. Green Tea Shiratama Mini Parfait

Green tea shiratama parfait

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The green tea shiratama parfait consists of green tea ice cream accentuated by azuki beans and soft, chewy shiratama mochi (399 yen). You can also savor a three-stack of caramel honey pancakes (tall size) (499 yen) as well as always changing seasonal desserts.

Enjoy Unlimited Drip Coffee

Drip coffee

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Denny's serves an original blend coffee, and you can get unlimited refills for 218 yen. The restaurant employs roasting techniques that express the coffee’s aroma and depth to their fullest extent, and draw out the best flavor of the beans. 

In addition, some branches have drink bars which serve exclusive coffee and other drinks. Drink bar availability and prices vary from branch to branch, so check before you go.

Denny's Operating Hours

Operating hours vary from region to region, butDenny'sf denny's restaurants are open 24 hours, or at least until midnight. Make sure to took up the hours of your closest location before you go. 

Denny’s has not yet expanded into Chugoku, Shikoku or Kyushu area. If you want to check them out you can easily do so in Tokyo or Osaka!

*Menu is current as of March 2019.
Written in collaboration with Seven & i Food Systems

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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