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Joyfull - Kyushu's Favorite Casual Family Restaurant!

Joyfull - Kyushu's Favorite Casual Family Restaurant!

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Kana Takezawa

2018.05.11 Bookmark

Joyfull is a family-friendly restaurant that is loved by the people of Oita and of Kyushu. In this article, we would like to show you some recommended dishes on the menu along with the budget-friendly prices.

What is Joyfull?

Joyfull is a casual family-friendly restaurant (also known as fami-res for short) that has shops open in mainly the Kyushu area. Restaurants referred to as fami-res in Japan usually have a wide variety of menu items that cater to diners of all ages.

Many Joyfull branches can also be found in more rural areas where not many stores and convenience stores can be found. Family restaurants are often used as a relaxing spot to get together and are frequented by locals.

This time we feature five items from the Joyfull menu that are delicious and reasonably priced.

Five Recommended Dishes on the Joyfull Menu

1. Sukiyaki Stew Meal


Photo courtesy of Joyfull Co., Ltd.

One type of menu item that Joyfull is known for are hot stews. In particular, the Sukiyaki Stew Meal (759 yen before tax) is popular with customers.

Sukiyaki is a popular Japanese dish where meat and vegetables are cooked in a sweet broth. The stew meal at Joyfull comes with rice and some pickled vegetables on the side.

The best way to eat sukiyaki is to dip the cooked meat in raw egg. Customers can enjoy the delicious flavors of the meat dipped in egg that pairs well with rice.

Customers can also order the sukiyaki without any side dishes for 659 yen without tax.

2. Egg and Salmon Zosui


Photo courtesy of Joyfull Co., Ltd.

A perfect dish on a cold day is egg and salmon zosui (559 yen before tax). Zosui is a Japanese dish where rice is cooked in soup with a variety of toppings. In Japan, zosui is an ideal food to eat when experiencing cold or an upset stomach.

This is a delicious comfort food containing egg, and is considered very healthy.

3. Japanese-style Omurice (Rice Cooked with Chicken)


Photo courtesy of Joyfull Co., Ltd.

Omurice is a popular Japanese dish that consists of egg filled with ketchup flavored rice cooked with chicken.

The Japanese-style omurice (559 yen before tax) at Joyfull is the same kind of omurice, but utilizes with Japanese flavors. Instead of ketchup flavored rice, the fluffy omelette covers rice and is topped with a soy sauce based sauce.

The grated daikon radish on the top of the omelette adds a refreshing taste.

4. Bite Size Grilled Chicken (with Garlic Soy Sauce)


Photo courtesy of Joyfull Co., Ltd.

Joyfull's menu also includes a selection of grilled meats offered to customers.

In particular, the bite sized grilled chicken (459 yen without tax) has a great garlic and soy sauce flavor that makes it a perfect otsumami (side dish).

The bite sized grilled chicken pairs well with draft beer (medium size is 399 yen before tax) and Kirin Hyoketsu Grapefruit flavored chu-hi (259 yen before tax).

There are also other classic Japanese alcoholic drinks, including Iichiko shochu (259 yen before tax) and cold Japanese sake such as the reishu (359 yen before tax).

Customers can select from an array of drinks to their choice to pair with the delicious side dishes offered at Joyfull.

5. Japanese Style Parfait (Warabi Mochi with Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream)


Photo courtesy of Joyfull Co., Ltd.

Joyfull also offers a large selection of Japanese style desserts to its customers.

The Japanese style parfait (499 yen before tax) has matcha green tea ice cream and is topped with chewy warabi mochi (*2).

Other recommended desserts include the strawberry cheese cake cafe sundae (459 yen before tax) and the chocolate ricotta pancakes (499 yen before tax).

*2 Warabi mochi: a chewy Japanese confectionery made of starch, sugar, and water.

Drink Bar

Many family restaurants in Japan have a drink bar.

Customers who order Joyfull's drink bar can enjoy unlimited refills of coffee, tea, juice, and other soft drinks. Placing a food order (more than 299 yen before tax) in addition to the drink bar creates a discount.

The price of the drink bar varies depending on the store, so it is advised to check the menu prior to ordering.

Business Hours

Business Hours of Joyfull varies at each location. Most tend to be open for twenty-four hours, but there are some shops that close in the evening. Please confirm the business hours prior to visiting.

In Conclusion

This article introduces a portion of the delicious dishes available at Joyfull, but there are also many other great dishes, including pasta and pizza, that we did not feature this time. Due to the variety of food available on Joyfull's menu, this is an ideal restaurant for those who wish to try different cuisines. Menus are available in English and traditional Chinese on their website.

Note that free Wi-Fi is available at Joyfull, but there are some shops that do not provide Wi-Fi.

How about stopping by Joyfull to enjoy tasty dishes and spend a relaxing time during your visit in Kyushu?

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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