Brilliant Colors All Seasons! Reoma Resort, Shikoku’s Flower Paradise

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Have you ever dreamed of having a flower garden all to yourself? At Reoma Resort in Kagawa, Shikoku, you can not only enjoy viewing the flowers but you can also relieve the day’s fatigue with hot springs and great food!

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Beautiful Flowers Everywhere! At Reoma Resort in Shikoku

There are many sightseeing areas across Japan known for their seasonal flowers, such as cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, nemophila, wisteria flowers, and more.

However, these famous flower sites are crowded with tourists and the trip that you’ve taken the time to plan will come to nothing if you miss the best viewing times.

Therefore, this time we’ll be introducing you to a famous place where you can view seasonal flowers at any time. It’s also the best place to go if you want to spend your time at leisure or if you're traveling with your family.

This place is Kagawa’s Reoma Resort located in the Shikoku region of Japan.

Reoma Resort - An Exciting Amusement and Relaxation Complex in Kagawa

Reoma Resort

Photo courtesy of Reoma Resort

Reoma Resort is the largest amusement resort in the Shikoku and Chugoku regions of Japan and is also a famous entertainment spot. The resort consists of Hotel Reoma No Mori, Tennen Onsen Mori no Yu, the amusement park New Reoma World, a park of recreated Asian architectural wonders called Oriental Trip, and Reoma Waterland (an outdoor pool only open during the summer), making it the best place where you can enjoy both entertainment and healing in one visit.

Reoma Resort is divided into several areas. Oriental Trip, one of those areas, is a unique area with an Asian cultural theme as well as seasonal flower gardens. Without further ado, let’s take a look around!

What Is Oriental Trip?

Oriental Trip is on the smaller side when compared to the vast amusement park area of New Reoma World and Hotel Reoma No Mori, a hot springs hotel, in the upper parts of Reoma Resort. However, this area is jam-packed with charm that can’t be found in any other theme park.


The first thing that you will see in Oriental Trip will be this mosque-style building. This architecture is a recreation of an Islamic place of worship and is naturally not furnished with characteristically periodic vaulted ceilings nor tall walls. It’s almost as if we’ve fallen under a delusion of having arrived in another country.


Upon continuing further into the park, you will arrive in the Cambodian Angkor Empire area. A temple made in the style of Angkor Wat, a World Heritage site, has been accurately recreated here. It appears that South-East Asian craftsmen were requested to come to Japan to meticulously construct this area!

In this area is another architecture that is a recreation of the Tashiccho Dzong Monastery from the Buddhist country of Bhutan.

It really feels as if you’ve stepped into Cambodia or Bhutan when you’re in this area.


When you look down from the top of this small mountain, you can not only see the Angkor Temple, but you’ll also be able to see the famous Mt. Iino, also nicknamed Sanuki Fuji, from a distance. There are many people that enjoy the magnificent view here.

Next, once you’ve finished seeing the oriental architecture culture, let’s head to Reoma Flower World!

Reoma Flower World – Enjoy the View of Hundreds of Flowers


Reoma Flower World is spread throughout Reoma Resort and collectively consists of ten hectares of flower gardens. As many as 420,000 flowers in 100 varieties have been planted in these gardens including tulips, moss phlox, hydrangeas, and lilies as well as a rose garden with 300 varieties from countries all over the world. This results in a sea of seasonal flowers that welcome tourists no matter what season they visit in.


Photo courtesy of Reoma Resort

A large portion of this ten-hectare garden is in the Oriental Trip area while another portion is spread throughout other areas. Please take a look at the magnificent view spread out into a sea of flowers.

A Sea of Tulips


The Tulip Festival is held annually from March to April on the slope in front of Angkor Temple. 150,000 tulips in over 175 varieties will be in full bloom during this time and is the largest tulip garden in Shikoku.


Tulips in various colors that have grown straight upwards will flutter in the wind as the sun shines on them with Angkor Temple standing dignified in the background. The flowers will weave together with historic ruins in a splendid evening landscape spread out before you.

Rose Garden


Photo courtesy of Reoma Resort

The best time to see the roses, another star of the gardens, is from May to July. In Reoma Rose Garden, a 0.1-hectare garden in Oriental Trip, 20,000 roses from around the world will be in full bloom. There is no doubt that you will be moved by these large roses wafting their fragrances in the air beneath the deep blue sky.


Approximately 300 varieties of roses from various parts of the world bloom in the courtyard of the mosque architecture where seeds of these precious roses are also sold. What you should pay attention to is the Reoma Rose. This rose is Reoma Resort’s own unique variety of roses; once you see them, you will come to realize the love and care placed in the roses at Reoma Resort.


Photo courtesy of Reoma Resort

If you come to the Rose Garden for Shikoku’s largest rose festival from May to July, don’t miss out on seeing the Reoma Roses!

White Garden (English Garden)


Photo courtesy of Reoma Resort

Aside from the tulips and roses, this is also another garden you must see. In the English Garden area in Oriental Trip is a world created with white flowers. It is named, of course, the White Garden. In the midst of this refined and elegant white world made up of white cosmoses, hydrangeas, roses, and more is a pond that makes it the best spot for taking a break.

A European Promenade


Photo courtesy of Reoma Resort

You can also admire flowers outside of Oriental Trip. Please enjoy a carpet of moss phlox in April in the amusement park area of New Reoma World. Next to the canal is the Greece-styled Wind of Road where white walls have been decorated with various flowers so that you can not only walk along the canal, but also experience a European elegance. From May to July, you can enjoy the 160-meter long Climbing Rose Road with walls covered in climbing roses.

In the fall will be a display of fall roses and dahlias while in the winter you can admire violas in full bloom. This is a theme park where you can admire beautiful flowers at any time throughout the year.

Want to Enjoy Flowers in Full Bloom? Two-Day Trips Are Great!


Once you’ve finished viewing the flowers in the afternoon, an illumination event called Legend Palace is held at Oriental Trip in the evening, so definitely be sure to visit. Illuminated by the lights, the flowers will show another side of themselves different from what is seen during the day.


Photo courtesy of Reoma Resort

We recommend staying at Hotel Reoma No Mori for one night so that you can not only enjoy admiring flowers regardless of day or night, but also relieve the day’s fatigue with a hot spring and food! This is a trip that we truly recommend together with your family, for couples, or with your friends!

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