Tottori's Top 8 Cherry Blossom Spots - Mt. Daisen, Temples, And More!

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In Tottori Prefecture, cherry blossoms are in full bloom from the end of March until mid-April. Enjoy spring festivals and events with the locals in parks, gardens, and on riverbanks. In today's article we reveal our top 8 Tottori viewing spots.

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Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms in Tottori, a Prefecture Stretching East to West!

In Tottori, a prefecture filled with magnificent nature, there are numerous places where visitors can enjoy gorgeous cherry blossoms.

For the most part, the ideal time to see the blossoms is from the end of March to mid-April. Many spring festivals and hanami (cherry blossom viewing) events are also held during this time, so you can celebrate the coming of spring with the locals.

In this article we'll introduce our top 8 recommended viewing spots, including places in Tottori City in Eastern Tottori, Kurayoshi City in Central Tottori, and Yonago and Sakaiminato cities in Western Tottori.

Be sure not to miss evening light-ups and other events that showcase each region!

Eastern Tottori Prefecture
1. Kyusho Park - Cherry Blossoms with Historical Buildings in the Background

Picture courtesy of Tottori Prefecture

Kyusho Park is located at the foot of Mt. Kyushozan in central Tottori City. There are many things to explore in the park, such as the Tottori Castle Ruins, designated a national historic site by the Japanese government, Jinpukaku, a western-style building that was constructed during the Meiji Period, and the Tottori Prefectural Museum.

When spring arrives, the inside of the park is transformed by the over four hundred Somei Yoshino cherry trees in full bloom.

With the historic buildings in the background, this site will take your breath away with its beauty.

Best Viewing Time:

The end of March to early April

Kyusho Park

Address: Tottori, Tottori, Higashi-machi 2 Google Map
Access: Take an 8-minute bus ride from JR Tottori Station, get off at Nishi-machi and walk 5 minutes. Or, take a 100-yen bus and get off at the Jinpukaku or Tottori Prefectural Museum bus stop. Kyusho Park is directly in front of the bus stops.
Official Homepage: Kyusho Park

2. Kannon-in Temple Garden -
Sip on Tea while Admiring the Cherry Blossoms

Picture courtesy of Tottori Prefecture
Located in Tottori City, Kannon-in Temple is a lesser-known spot where you can view stunning cherry blossoms. The temple's landscaped garden was built during the Genroku Period (1688-1707). The garden has a pond filled with rocks arranged to represent islands and a waterfall, creating a microcosm of nature.

When the cherry blossom season arrives, the precincts of Kannon-in Temple become bright and colorful. Seasonal sweets and matcha green tea are also served, here, so you can have a relaxing time admiring the blossoms.

Best Viewing Time:

The end of March to early-April

Kannon-in Temple Garden

Address: Tottori, Tottori, Uemachi 162 Google Map
Access: 10 minutes by car from JR Tottori Station
Official Homepage: Kannon-in Temple Garden (Japanese)

3. Sakura on the Sendaigawa River Embankment -
Visit the Cherry Blossom Festival in Chizu

Picture courtesy of Tottori Prefecture
The embankment of Chizu's Sendaigawa River in southern Tottori City, is one of Tottori's leading spots for blossom viewing. A festival is held here when the one hundred and eighty trees planted along the river bank are blooming. At night the area is illuminated, allowing visitors to enjoy the mystical atmosphere of these blossoms.

Best Viewing Time:

Early April to mid-April

Cherry Blossoms on the Banks of the Sendaigawa River

Address: Tottori prefecture, Yazugun Chizucho, Chizu Google Map
Access: 10 minutes on foot from Chizu Station
Official Homepage: Chizu Sakura

4. Shikano Castle Ruins Park -
500 Cherry Trees Come Into Full Bloom

Picture courtesy of Tottori Prefecture
Shikano Castle Ruins Park is in the southern part of Tottori City. Shikano Castle, which once proudly stood here, was ruled by the feudal lord Kamei Korenori during the Sengoku Period. Even today, the remaining castle moat retains traces of that era.

The castle moat is lined with about five hundred cherry trees. During the peak season, the reflection of the flowers on the surface of the water is magnificent.

Best Viewing Time:

Early April to mid-April

Shikano Castle Ruins Park

Address: Tottori, Tottori, Shikano, Shikano Google Map
Access: 30 minutes by car from JR Tottori Station
Official Homepage: Shikano Castle Sakura

Central Tottori Prefecture
5. Utsubuki Park (Kurayoshi City) -
Endless Sakura and Azaleas!


Picture courtesy of Tottori Prefecture

Utsubuki Park is twenty to thirty minutes away from JR Kurayoshi Station via bus and walking. The park was built in 1904 to commemorate Emperor Taisho's visit to the area when he was still the crown prince.

With the arrival of spring, many varieties of cherry trees and azaleas bloom, bringing cheer to all who visit. Also, at night the park is lit up with five hundred paper lanterns (bombori), so visitors can enjoy the magical atmosphere.

The park has many highlights, including a picturesque pond, and a zoo with goats, rabbits, and other small animals.

This park is also listed among the top 100 city parks for flower viewing in Japan. There is bright green foliage in the summer, beautiful colorful leaves in the fall, and camellia flowers in the winter. Visitors can enjoy the stunning nature of each distinct season here.

Best Viewing Time:

The end of March to early April

Utsubuki Park

Address: Tottori, Kurayoshi, Nakano Google Map
Access: Take a 12 minute bus ride from JR Kurayoshi Station, get off at the Akagawara/Shirakabe Storehouses bus stop, then walk for 10 minutes. Or from JR Kurayoshi Station take a 15-minute bus ride (stops at city hall) to Shiyakusho-Utsubuki Koen bus stop. The park is right in front of the bus stop.
Official Homepage: Utsubuki Park

6. Wakasa Railway's Wakasa Station -
See a Steam Locomotive with Cherry Blossoms!


Picture courtesy of Tottori Prefecture

Wakasa Railway is a local railway line that operates for 19.2 kilometers, connecting Tottori prefecture's Wakasa Station and Koge Station. At Wakasa Station, the terminal stop, you can admire the station's classic wooden Showa Period (1926-1989) structure and also a steam locomotive (SL). If you're a railway enthusiast, then this is definitely one spot worth visiting.

In the springtime, colorful pink sakura blossom behind the locomotive, creating a stirring image of the train's sparkling black body and the delightful flowers lining the sides of the railway tracks.

Best Viewing Time:

The end of March to early April

Wakasa Station (Wakasa Railway)

Address: Tottori, Yazu, Wakasa, Aza Rengyojishita-mo 345-2 Google Map
Access: Wakasa Station (along Tottori's Wakasa Train Line)
Official Homepage: Wakasa Railway (Japanese)

Western Tottori Prefecture
7. A Perfect Spot in Yonago -
See Cherry Blossoms with Mt. Daisen in the Background


A View of Mt. Daisen from Minatoyama Park - Pictures courtesy of Tottori Prefecture

In the area around Yonago, a major city in western Tottori prefecture, there are also many cherry blossom viewing spots.

When spring arrives in Minatoyama Park, just a fifteen-minute walk from JR Yonago Station, about five hundred cherry trees come into full bloom. From Minatoyama Park, visitors can admire a view of the blossoms with the majestic Mt. Daisen in the background. Mt. Daisen, a very popular destination in Tottori, is not far from Yonago.

Just a thirty-minute bus ride from JR Yonago Station is Jozan Park, situated along the banks of the Hossho-ji River. This is an especially popular viewing spot in Tottori. Near the Hossho-ji Castle Ruins area is a sakura-lined path with more than seven hundred cherry trees adorns the banks of the river.

Also near Mt. Daisen is Tottori Prefectural Flower Park, Japan's largest floral park. In the Sakura Square you can enjoy looking at many varieties of cherry tree blossoms, including Somei Yoshino, Sendai-shidare, and Surugadai-nioi, to name just a few.

Best Viewing Time:

The end of March to mid-April

Minatoyama Park

Address: Tottori, Yonago, Nishi 133-1 Google Map
Access: 15 minutes on foot from JR Yonago Station
Official Homepage: Minatoyama Park

Jozan Park / Blossoms on the Hossho-ji River Embankment

Address: Tottori, Saihaku, Nanbu, Kamobe 1587-1 Google Map
Access: From JR Yonago Station take a bus for 30 minutes, get off at Toshokanmae bus stop and walk for 5 minutes.
Official Homepage: Jozan Park / Hossho-ji River

Tottori Prefectural Flower Park

Address: Tottori, Saihaku, Nanbu, Tsuruta 110 Google Map
Access: 25 minutes by car from JR Yonago Station
Official Homepage: Tottori Flower Park

8. Sakai Daiba Park -
Illuminated Evening Sakura and a Lighthouse

Picture courtesy of Tottori Prefecture

Sakai Daiba Park, located in Sakaiminato, is a popular cherry blossom spot in western Tottori Prefecture. Coinciding with the blossom viewing period, the Sakai Daiba Park Sakura Festival is held annually from the end of March until early April. The festival features traditional dances and taiko drum performances.

In the evening, the two hundred and fifty Somei Yoshino cherry trees in the park and Sakai Daiba Park's landmark lighthouse, are all lit-up. The special view of Sakaiminato's distinctive cherry trees beside the ocean will be forever etched in your memory.

Best Viewing Time:

The end of March to early April

Sakai Daiba Park

Address: Tottori, Sakaiminato, Hanamachi, Daiba Park Google Map
Access: 5 minutes by car from JR Sakaiminato Station
Official Homepage: Sakai Daiba Park

Take in Tottori's Cherry Blossoms!

Tottori Prefecture boasts magnificent views, gourmet food, outdoor activities, hot springs, and Japanese animation-related sightseeing spots. Events during the cherry blossom peak period in each region add even more excitement to spring. Plan a visit to Tottori in March or April to fully enjoy this special season.

Access Tottori Prefecture's official homepage to discover many other local highlights as well: Tottori Tourism Guide

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