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Easy Access To Airports - hotel zen tokyo, A Tea Room-Like Capsule Hotel

hotel zen tokyo

Easy Access To Airports - hotel zen tokyo, A Tea Room-Like Capsule Hotel

Translated by Ken

Written by Lin

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When traveling alone, accessibility and affordability are essential when choosing lodging. hotel zen tokyo, a Zen-themed accommodation, is near Ningyocho Station and connects directly to Narita and Haneda airports via train. Learn about this stylish and comfortable capsule hotel in central Tokyo.

Translated by Ken

Written by Lin

Tokyo at Your Fingertips! hotel zen tokyo - A Hidden Gem in Ningyocho

When traveling alone in Tokyo, do you look for a hotel close to a train station or easily accessible to the airport?

If this is you, hotel zen tokyo (here on referred to as hotel zen) is the perfect candidate. Opened in April 2019, hotel zen is a capsule hotel located only a minute's walk from Ningyocho Station in Tokyo. The train from Ningyocho connects directly to the Keisei and Keikyu lines, which go to Haneda and Narita. Since the closest exit of the station has an elevator, there is no need to carry your luggage up a flight of stairs.

Moreover, two train lines run through the station, which means accessing places such as Asakusa, Akihabara, and Ueno are only one train ride away.

The concept of hotel zen is to provide lodging within a tea room. To make the experience that much more immersive, they have a tatami room where guests can encounter Japanese culture. We are confident you will enjoy your stay! Read more to learn about this great lodging offering the ultimate comfort and convenience.

A Tea Room Hidden in a Concrete Jungle


Picture courtesy of hotel zen tokyo
Once you get off at Ningyocho Station (Toei Asakusa Line), take the elevator out Exit A6 and turn left to find the simplistic exterior of the hotel. Enter through the doorway with a noren curtain. Inspired by the entrances to Japanese tea rooms, the hotel's discrete entrance looks like a secret hideout.

Hotel Zen

Picture courtesy of hotel zen tokyo
While most capsule hotels utilize modern designs, hotel zen uses wood and indirect lighting for a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere.

Hotel Zen in Ningyocho
Hotel Zen, Tokyo

When you check in, you will be given two keys and an amenities set. One key is for your locker, where you can store your luggage. The other is for the safe located next to the pillow on your room's bed.

Merging Traditional Simplicity and Modern Utilities

hotel zen tokyo

Picture courtesy of hotel zen tokyo
One standout characteristic of hotel zen is the noren curtains draped in front of each room. Guests are welcomed into a clean, minimalistic atmosphere. Each room includes unique Japanese artwork by a different artist.

hotel zen tokyo

Picture courtesy of hotel zen tokyo

Hotel zen offers five types of rooms: 1) the standard Aoi; 2) the upgraded Fuji and 3) Sakura (with tatami); 4) the spacious Tsubaki; and 5) the deluxe Ran.

Every room has a bed of 200 cm (height and width) with a mattress from the high-quality brand Simmons. Despite being a capsule hotel, you can enjoy excellent quality sleep in a spacious-feeling area.

hotel zen

Picture courtesy of hotel zen tokyo
The largest room, Ran, resembles a small bedroom, and it has a noren curtain instead of a lockable door.

The 1st and 5th floors are for female guests exclusively.

hotel zen tokyo

The shower room and a washer and dryer are on the 2nd basement floor. The washer is from the reputable Swedish manufacturer, Electrolux.

hotel zen tokyo

The women's shower room includes amenities for female guests. Hair dryers are also provided, helping you keep your luggage lighter and saving you time to cool and put away your own dryer.

A Special Memory in Tokyo

hotel zen tokyo

Picture courtesy of hotel zen tokyo
A bar is located on the 1st basement floor, with plans to provide food in the near future. Supervised by Restaurant TOKYO in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, the menu will feature Japanese-French fusion recipes that use high-quality Japanese ingredients and incorporate sado* philosophy.

*Sado: Japanese tea ceremony

Restaurants and Sightseeing Locations Nearby

hotel zen tokyo

Near Ningyocho Station is the famous rice bowl restaurant, Tamahide. A 30-second walk from the hotel will take you to the Japanese pub Mifune Nigyocho, the Showa-inspired (*1) restaurant Kyowa, or the kaiseki (*2) restaurant Yoshiume Nigyocho.

Cross the large intersection and walk through a back alley to find Okannonji, a serene Buddhist temple where the god Idaten (or Skanda) is enshrined.

Hotel zen provides a great stay for those looking to explore Japanese culture in the heart of Tokyo.

*1 Showa: Era of Japan from 1926 - 1989.
*2 Kaiseki: Traditional Japanese course meal


Address: Tokyo, Chuo, Ningyocho, Nihonbashi 1-5-8 Google Map

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