Giveaway To 300 Readers! Enjoy Exquisite Kamaboko Fish Cake At Home

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Suzuhiro Kamaboko is a manufacturer with over 150 years of history specialized in kamaboko, products made from steamed fish paste. 300 MATCHA readers will receive Suzuhiro’s delicious kamaboko as a gift! Please enjoy Japanese food culture at home with traditional itawasa kamaboko from Suzuhiro.

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Savor Japanese Flavors at Home with a Kamaboko Gift!


Due to the COVID-19 outbreaks, we've been spending day after day at home now. Many of us probably can't help but dream about going on a trip, or indulging in something really tasty. We'd like to send a piece of Japanese culture and cuisine to our readers who share our feelings right now.

Our gift consists in a delicious kamaboko (fish cake). Kamaboko is a classic food product that brims with Japanese tradition and craftsmanship.

Suzuhiro Kamaboko

Suzuhiro Kamaboko, a famous kamaboko manufacturer established 155 years ago, and MATCHA collaborate into offering a gift of delicious kamaboko to 300 MATCHA readers selected randomly. We hope that the time you spend at home will become more joyful with this gift.

*Only foreign residents in Japan can apply. Please check the application details at the end of this article.

Kamaboko, a Traditional Japanese Delicacy

Suzuhiro Kamaboko

Have you ever tried kamaboko before? There is a high chance you've seen it at Japanese supermarkets or seafood markets.

Kamaboko is made of fish paste molded into a semicircular shape. With a smooth and chewy texture, these fish cakes can be eaten sliced as-is, or with a splash of soy sauce and wasabi.

Suzuhiro Kamaboko

Kamaboko can be cut decoratively and added to a meal to make it visually pleasing.

In Japan, kamaboko is consumed on a regular basis such as in bentos or as toppings for noodle dishes. You'll find it especially at celebratory occasions such as New Year meals or at wedding ceremonies. The semicircular shape of the kamaboko is inspired by images of the sunrise, a national symbol of Japan. Kamaboko in pink and white, an auspicious color combination, are indispensable at festive occasions.

Kamaboko is made of white fish fillet so it's very healthy. In fact, one piece of kamaboko has an average protein content equivalent to that of six to eight fish. This makes it an excellent source of protein. It contains 14 times fewer calories than ham while being very light and filling.

The Exquisite Suzuhiro Kamaboko

Suzuhiro Kamaboko

While kamaboko is eaten in every region of Japan, one of the famous kamaboko brands is Suzuhiro, which was established in 1865 in Odawara, at the foot of the hot spring resort town of Hakone. The Suzuhiro kamaboko present we are offering readers is made in the nature-rich environment of Odawara, close to the ocean and the mountains, where fresh produce is aplenty.

The flavor of the kamaboko is determined by the quality of the fish. Suzuhiro uses exclusively fish caught in the coastal waters of Odawara, sea salt that is rich in minerals, and spring water from the mountains of Hakone to make their delicious kamaboko. All the ingredients are natural, with no preservatives or artificial seasonings.

Suzuhiro Kamaboko

How and who makes Suzuhiro kamaboko is also impressive.

The process of making kamaboko involves several stages. The white fish for kamaboko is first cleaned and cut. Its flesh is made into surimi, then strained and smeared onto a wooden board. If the water content varies by more or less than 0.1%, the texture of the final product changes. At Suzuhiro, kamaboko is made with the utmost care by craftsmen with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Fresh, natural ingredients and Japanese craftsmanship combine to form the exquisite Suzuhiro kamaboko.

Itawasa - The Secret to Truly Delicious Kamaboko

Suzuhiro Kamaboko

The best way to enjoy kamaboko is by eating it itawasa-style. Itawasa means eating the kamaboko with a tinge of wasabi.

Suzuhiro Kamaboko

This way of eating kamaboko originated in the Edo Period (1603-1868). A traditionally stylish way to dine at a soba restaurant is to have some sake first while nibbling on itawasa kamaboko, and then eating the soba noodles. Japanese sake makes the luxurious flavor of the kamaboko stand out even more.

Every element has to be simple yet flavorful. For this traditional itawasa-style to go well, all the high-quality food and drinks involved have to be precisely crafted. This eating style embodies the very essence of washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine).

You have the chance to try itawasa-style Suzuhiro kamaboko for yourself!

A Gift for You! A Ready-to-Eat Itawasa-Style Kamaboko Set

Suzuhiro kamaboko

MATCHA readers can receive a Ready-to-Eat Itawasa Kamaboko Set, which allows you to enjoy itawasa-style kamaboko fish cake at home! The kamaboko is pre-cut and ready to eat, so it's ideal for anyone trying kamaboko for the first time.

The Ideal Slice Thickness and Chewiness

Suzuhiro kamaboko

The texture and flavor of the kamaboko fish cake depend on the thickness of each slice. The Ready-to Eat Itawasa Kamaboko from Suzuhiro is readily cut into 12-milimeter slices. This is thought to be the ideal thickness that brings out the best flavor of the kamaboko.

Take a glossy slice of that kamaboko and taste it. Smooth as silk, it will surprise you with its chewy elasticity. This texture, a distinctive feature of Suzuhiro kamaboko, is achieved by using fresh fish exclusively to make the product.

3 Steps to Enjoying Itawasa Kamaboko

Suzuhiro kamaboko

To fully enjoy the flavor of the kamaboko fish cake, first eat a slice as-is. Enjoy the perfect thickness of the slice, its supple texture, and the flavor of fish that is enhanced with every bite.


Eat the second slice with some of the wasabi included in the package. The wasabi is not very spicy, but has an aroma and freshness of its own. The kamaboko and wasabi are a match made in heaven!


Eat the third slice with a drizzle of the olive oil included in the package. The fragrant olive oil and the flavor of the kamaboko are a great combination, opening a new flavor horizon.


After you've tried this delicate combination, feel free to enjoy the rest of the kamaboko creatively. Add your favorite condiments and dressings and enjoy it pinchos-style on a skewer!

Enjoy the Japanese traditional itawasa kamaboko to your heart's content.

How to Store the Kamaboko

Kamaboko fish cake

The Ready-to-Eat Itawasa Kamaboko comes on a wooden board. To store it, leave the kamaboko as it is, on its board, and put it in the refrigerator. The wooden board absorbs the surplus water from the kamaboko, preventing the growth of bacteria.

The kamaboko is widely loved among the Japanese as a food product with a long shelf life. This innovative way of preserving freshly caught fish came from an age when there were no refrigerators. The knowledge and innovation of the past live on through kamaboko.

How to Apply to Receive the Gift

300 MATCHA readers will be selected through a raffle to receive a set of delicious Ready-to-Eat Itawasa Kamaboko from Suzuhiro.

Application period: from 10:00 on Saturday, May 2, to 23:59 on Friday, May 15, 2020
Product name: Ready-to-Eat Itawasa Kamaboko Set (Kireteru Itawasa Setto)
- The applicants should be foreign residents in Japan.
- Apply for one item per person (*fill in only one address).
- After the end of the application period, the winners will be selected by raffle. After the raffle selection, it will take about a week until the products are delivered to the winners. The results of the raffle will not be announced by e-mail. The winners will receive the gift directly.

Please apply by carefully filling in your information in the form below. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory. Fill in the information in Japanese, if possible.

*The Ready-to-Eat Itawasa Kamaboko Set contains eggs, shrimp, and orange. It may also contain traces of salmon roe, sesame, and soya beans.
*The content of the giveaway may be changed or canceled without notice. We kindly ask for your understanding.

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When It's Safe to Travel Again, Visit the Suzuhiro Kamaboko Village!


Kamaboko making workshop

If you want to learn more about how the delicious Suzuhiro kamaboko is made, consider visiting the Suzuhiro Kamaboko Village (*). The facility is a kamaboko theme park that includes the Kamaboko Museum, where you can try making kamaboko with your own hands, as well as the Suzunari Market, where visitors can buy a wide variety of kamaboko products and other souvenirs.

Suzuhiro Kamaboko Village is about 10 minutes away by train from Hakone-Yumoto Station, a major station in the Hakone area. When it's safe to travel again, we hope you enjoy a visit to Suzuhiro along with an onsen vacation to Hakone.

The exquisite flavor of Suzuhiro kamaboko will bring up images of Japan's rich nature and food culture. Make the time spent at home more enjoyable with some tasty kamaboko!

*Suzuhiro Kamaboko Village is closed until May 6, 2020, due to the COVID-19 outbreaks.

The pictures with no credits in this article are all courtesy of Suzuhiro.
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Sponsored by Suzuhiro

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