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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, travel has come to a halt in Japan and throughout the world. After it's safe to travel again, though, why not experience the charms of Japan at a ryokan or traditional guesthouse? See this article for the chance to stay a free night at phenomenal lodgings in Japan.

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Stay in the Heart of Classic Japan - Invitation to MATCHA Readers

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people traveling in Japan and all parts of the world has decreased dramatically. However, the beauty of Japan and its diverse regions remain.

Once it's safe to travel, why not stay at one of the beautiful locations introduced below? MATCHA's readers have the chance to win a free night's stay at one of these unique traditional-style Japanese lodgings. For details on how to enter, check the end of this article.

1. Amami Onsen Nanten-en

Amami Onsen Natenen

Picture courtesy of Amami Onsen Natenen

Amami Onsen Nanten-en is an onsen ryokan (*) located in Kawachinagano, Osaka, between the city of Osaka and the Mt. Koya area.

Nanten-en is immersed in the vibrant nature of the surrounding mountains. Full of cultural taste, the ryokan building resembles the set of a Japanese historical movie.

*An onsen ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn with a hot spring bath.

Amami Onsen Natenen

Picture courtesy of Amami Onsen Natenen
Message from Amami Onsen Nanten-en

"Over 100 years old, our ryokan was designed by renowned architect, Kingo Tatsuno, and is listed as a Tangible Cultural Property.

In the spring, guests can enjoy cherry blossoms at our Japanese garden. During the summer, fireflies fly around at the Amami River near the garden. In the fall, the autumn leaves color the garden. In addition to enjoying this seasonal beauty, guests can relax in our onsen and savor traditional Japanese cuisine using local ingredients. We are sure you will get an authentic cultural experience here!"

2. NIPPONIA Kosuge Genryu-no-Mura

nipponia kosuge genryu-no-mura

Picture courtesy of NIPPONIA Kosuge Genryu-no-Mura

If you want to experience at a traditional Japanese home where people used to live, we recommend staying at NIPPONIA Kosuge Genryu-no-Mura. Two hours from the Tokyo metropolis, guests can take in the relaxing village scenery of Kosuge, Yamanashi.

nipponia kosuge genryu-no-mura

Picture courtesy of NIPPONIA Kosuge Genryu-no-Mura
Message from NIPPONIA Kosuge Genryu-no-Mura

"NIPPONIA Kosuge Genryu-no-Mura is inside a renovated traditional home over 150 years old. The stately structure of our inn is complemented by the modern designer furniture adorning the interior and exterior. Our dishes are lovingly made, use local ingredients, and are good for the body.

The villagers welcome guests with heartfelt hospitality. Spend a night at our inn and immerse yourself in traditional Japanese lifestyle and culture."

3. Wakasa-Takahama-no-Yado KAME HOUSE

wakasa-takahama-no-yado kame house

Picture courtesy of Wakasa-Takahama-no-Yado KAME HOUSE

Wakasa-Takahama-no-Yado KAME HOUSE is a guesthouse located in the small fishing town of Takahama, Fukui.

An old seaside home with a stunning view of the bay was refurbished and made available as a guetshouse! Stay here for a relaxing holiday in this charming fishing town.

wakasa-takahama-no-yado kame house

Picture courtesy of Wakasa-Takahama-no-Yado KAME HOUSE
Message from Wakasa-Takahama-no-Yado KAME HOUSE

"Takahama is the hometown of Soyen Shaku, the Buddhist teacher who first introduced Zen to the United States. Guests can experience zazen meditation, tea ceremony, and Japanese calligraphy in the town. We highly recommend attending one of these workshops if you can.

You can also rent a bicycle for free and explore the town on your own. The beach is only a short distance away. You can even go swimming if you like!"

An Invitation for MATCHA Readers

We invite all our readers to stay a night for free at one of the three lodgings introduced in this article.

Application Deadline: August 31, 2020
Redeemable Dates: September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2022 *Booking may only be possible during less busy seasons. Check with the specific hotel for further details.
Prize: One night stay, free of charge
Number of Guests Permitted: One group of two people

*The winners of the raffle will be contacted by the lodging about the available meal plans.
*The room type cannot be selected by the winners.

Regarding the Use of Personal Information

Applicants will agree to the following privacy policy terms:
- The personal information submitted by the applicants will be handled carefully and securely by MATCHA, Inc.
- The personal information will be provided to the lodgings introduced in this article.

*1 MATCHA's Policy Regarding the Use of Personal Information
Applicants will agree to the handling of the following private information by MATCHA, Inc.
- Full name
- Nationality
- E-mail address

Your personal information will be used for the following purposes:
- To ensure the service introduced in this article is good quality and secure; to develop new services; to ensure the protection of our users.
- To provide customized services and advertisements from our company or partners.
- To notify the users of possible changes in the terms of the agreement.
- To send information about products and services developed by our company or our partners.
- To contact the users for purposes related to the content of this article.
- To answer possible inquiries from our users.

View MATCHA, Inc.'s Privacy Policy:

*2 Note about the handling of personal information by the lodgings.
By applying to this campaign, you agree that the following information is handled by the accommodation facility of your choice:
- Full name
- Postal code
- Address
- Nationality
- E-mail address

Your personal information will be used for the following:
- To contact the applicant for purposes related to their stay at the lodging.

Application Form

Please fill out and submit the registration form below. Accommodations will contact winners via email after September 1.

*Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
*Only winners of the giveaway will be contacted.
*If the form below fails to load, click HERE to refresh.

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In cooperation with Amami Onsen Natenen, NIPPONIA Kosuge Genryu-no-Mura, Wakasa-Takahama-no-Yado KAME HOUSE
Main image courtesy of NIPPONIA Kosuge Genryu-no-Mura

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