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Lodge For Free At Momiji-ya In Kyoto - Ready For Japan! Giveaway

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Due to global coronavirus outbreaks, lodging facilities in Japan are facing serious issues with cancellations. However, the cultural allures of Kyoto remain despite this setback. This article features Momiji-ya, a hideaway-like hotel in Kyoto, that is offering free stays to MATCHA readers.


The application period has ended.

For MATCHA Readers: Stay For Free at a Kyoto Hotel

This is a special invitation for MATCHA readers to stay at a hotel in Kyoto, free of charge!

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many lodging facilities in Japan are facing a large number of cancellations. Kyoto is no exception to these major repercussions. While there are noticeably fewer people on the streets, the cultural allures of this city are still the same.

When the current situation significantly subsides, we hope you decide to plan an exciting visit to Kyoto. Momiji-ya, a hideaway-like hotel in the former capital, invites MATCHA readers to stay one night for free at their lodging facility. For details on how to apply, please check the application form at the end of this article.

Momiji-ya: A Lodging Surrounded by Nature in the Takao Area


Picture courtesy of Momiji-ya

Enveloped by nature, Momiji-ya is in the mountainous area of Takao, which is located away from the city center of Kyoto. This area is also a prominent spot to enjoy fall foliage.


Picture courtesy of Momiji-ya

The accomodation is in a great location next to a river. In the summer (June 6 to September 21), guests can have dinner while seated outdoors at the kawadoko (riverside terrace) with the sound of the rushing stream in the background.


Picture courtesy of Momiji-ya

Most of the guestrooms are designed in a traditional Japanese-style aesthetic. All of the rooms have an open-air bath, which allows guests to enjoy the fresh greenery in summer, colorful foliage in autumn, and the snow-covered fields in winter.


The open-air bath in each guestroom. Picture courtesy of Momiji-ya

This hideaway hotel will soothe lodgers with its captivating sceneries of Kyoto throughout the year.

Since it is snuggly situated away from the city center, guests can also enjoy this serene atmosphere while visiting nearby temples and shrines, trekking, and simply relaxing the body and mind.

Official Site:

An Exclusive Invitation for MATCHA Readers

The details are as follows:

Application Deadline: May 31, 2020
Accommodation Period: July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022
Length of Stay: One night, including dinner and breakfast
Winners: Two groups (Max. of two people per group)
Room Type: Guestroom with an open-air bath

Application Form

Please fill out the application form carefully and click the "submit" button. The hotel will contact the winners via e-mail after June 1 (entrants who were not chosen will not be contacted).

Please note that the fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled in correctly, or the form will not submit and display an error.

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In cooperation with Momiji-ya/Chino Yuko/KURIYA
Main image courtesy of Momiji-ya

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