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THE MATCHA TOKYO Cafe - Sweets and Drinks Using Organic Green Tea

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THE MATCHA TOKYO is an organic matcha green tea brand that is focused on health and the environment. At their shops in Omotesando and Shinjuku, you can sample drinks and sweets made with organic matcha tea cultivated at their own farm.

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THE MATCHA TOKYO - Committed to Organic Products


In Japan, there are countless places where you can enjoy a delicious cup of matcha green tea, but very few of those places actually serve organic matcha.

Organic matcha—grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides—is good for the health of consumers and the environment alike!

However, in addition to the need for advanced insect repellent technology, lots of manpower is required to manage the organic cultivation process, making mass production very difficult.


Picture courtesy of THE MATCHA TOKYO

THE MATCHA TOKYO sells drinks and sweets using these rare organic matcha tea leaves.

The shop's products are made with carefully selected tea leaves taken from the first harvesting period of the year. They are picked from various production areas that use organic cultivation techniques. These places include their own tea farm in Kagoshima, as well as Uji in Kyoto and Shizuoka Prefecture.

The craftsmen hand-make matcha from the tea leaves, and their dedication to this traditional process is impressive.

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Popular Products at THE MATCHA TOKYO


THE MATCHA TOKYO, with shops in Omotesando and Shinjuku, has a drink menu with 12 delicious items. These are made with many different kinds of matcha green tea.

On this occasion, our writer sampled a Matcha Chai drink.


The Matcha Chai drink includes organic spices such as sesame seed and cinnamon, and features three distinct layers that are beautiful to look at.

The shop's owner wanted to create matcha beverages that would be good for beauty and health. To this end, they have taste tested countless matcha varieties.


For the Matcha Chai drink (640 yen before tax), multiple varieties of fairly bitter matcha were blended, enhancing the special, rich aroma of the chai.


The photo above shows the refreshing Hot Matcha Latte (580 yen before tax). In order to preserve the drink's nutritional content, low temperature pasteurized milk and Kagoshima prefecture muscovado sugar are used.

Take one sip of this drink and its full-bodied, mellow flavor spreads throughout your mouth.

Enjoy These Matcha Products at Home!


Picture courtesy of THE MATCHA TOKYO

The shop also offers sweets made with organic matcha, including Matcha Castella Sponge Cake, Matcha Protein and Soy Cookie, and Matcha Milk Jam. These products are sold in conjunction with the cafe menu that features matcha drinks and sweets.


Picture courtesy of THE MATCHA TOKYO

The Matcha Castella Sponge Cake is made in cooperation with Quolofune—one of Tokyo's most popular confectionery shops.

Eggs, refreshing matcha, and sugar with a sweet aroma are added to finely powdered flour. These ingredients all blend together, creating a perfectly moist cake (1 box with 6 pieces, 2,100 yen after tax).


The Matcha Protein and Soy Cookie is also one of our writer's favorite sweets.

It uses Japanese soybeans and 100% organic matcha, and is also gluten-free and high protein, with generous amounts of collagen as well. It's pleasant-smelling with a crispy texture, and has a gentle green tea fragrance (1 bag 650 yen after tax).

A Drink That Was Made Just for Tokyo

THE MATCHA TOKYO's matcha drinks are sophisticated and healthy beverages filled with nutrition that will expand your image of green tea. They make the ideal drink for walking around Tokyo: a city that combines traditional culture with cutting-edge technology.

THE MATCHA TOKYO has shops in Omotesando (Japanese), NEWoMan Shinjuku (Japanese), and in LUCUA Osaka (Japanese).

Please stop in for a visit sometime!

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