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Asakusa Suzukien - The Richest Matcha Gelato In The World!

Asakusa Suzukien - The Richest Matcha Gelato In The World!

Translated by Misaki

Written by Ai Yoneda

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Suzukien in Asakusa, Tokyo, is a shops in Japan boasting the richest matcha tea flavored gelato in the world! Sweets lovers can choose from 7 different levels of green tea flavors in their silky, delicious frozen treats. It's a very popular shop worth lining up for!

Rich and Decadent Matcha Gelato! Try Green Tea Treats at Suzukien, Asakusa

When asked to name a taste representative of Japan, many might say soy sauce or miso paste. However, many people would probably also think of matcha green tea.

In fact, matcha tea has always been associated with the image of Japan. This time, we introduce you to a place where you can taste the true flavor of matcha. Suzukien is a shop located in Asakusa, one of the most popular destinations in Tokyo. Here you can try the richest matcha flavored gelato in the world.


Suzukien is a very old teahouse with more than 150 years of history to its name. They sell a wide variety of tea including sencha and gyokuro. Some of these tea variations are believed to be good for health and skin.

The shop is located near Sensoji Temple. Be sure to look out for its green banner.


At Suzukien, you have the opportunity to take a close look at green tea-related merchandise such as the chasen, or green tea whisk, and kyusu, a Japanese teapot.

7 Levels of Green Tea Flavors! Choose Your Favorite Gelato


Pictured above are the different types of gelato. The matcha gelato here is created in collaboration with the matcha sweets factory, Nanaya. Nanaya is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, famous for its green tea production.

In addition to matcha gelato, Suzukien also has other Japanese flavors such as hojicha (roasted tea), genmaicha (tea with grains), black sesame, and dainagon azuki (a type of sweet red bean).

The matcha gelato has seven degrees of richness. No. 7 is said to contain the richest matcha flavor in the world. In the gelato industry, No. 5 is believed to be the richest that can be produced. Here at Suzukien, they exceed this limit with their No. 7 gelato. Try it and enjoy the flavor of the award-winning highest quality matcha gelato in Japan.

Asakusa Suzukien is the only place you can enjoy No. 7 other than the Nanaya retail stores in Shizuoka Prefecture.


The left gelato in the picture is No. 1, and the right is No. 7. You can notice the difference in richness from the color.


Here is our report on the world's richest matcha gelato, No. 7.

As soon as we took a bite, the rich green tea overwhelmed us. This matcha-infused gelato is filled with a deep, refined tea flavor. Instead of the bitterness associated with matcha, it had the sophisticated taste of high-quality green tea powder.

We also tried No.1, which was much lighter and refreshing. Some people find No. 7 to be a bit too rich and too much matcha. We hope you can find the flavor that matches your taste.


You can choose to have a single or a double scoop in a cup or a cone. The prices range according to the flavor you choose.

We recommend ordering a double scoop with the combination of No. 7 and hojicha gelato or genmaicha gelato. The taste will is new and fresh. Be sure to try different flavors to discover your favorite combination.

Suzukien's matcha gelato is very popular, and there are often lines of customers going outside of the store. During rush hours, employees might hand out numbered tickets that they will call. Please be considerate towards other customers and wait your turn to order.

Some customers are so amazed at the delicious gelato that they go home with bags full of matcha products.

Perfect Souvenirs for Visitors - Bring Green Tea Back Home

Here are some items from Suzukien which would make a perfect gift even for those who are not familiar with Japanese tea.


This is NODATE. Even if you don't know how to prepare matcha tea in the traditional way, you can do it with this cute product. All you have to do is to use the shaker that comes with it. You won't even need to buy a whisk.


These are individually packed sencha tea bags for one-time use. They cost around 100 yen, and are popular souvenirs because of their Japanese designs, which include kabuki and Mt. Fuji. If you would like to have more tea bags, we recommend the Fuji-san cans.


You can also find green tea that almost every Japanese family has at home to bring back the flavors of Japan. Ask a staff member to help you find the perfect tea with the right flavor and aroma to suit your palate.


The taste of matcha tea is a flavor deeply associated with Japan. Try the richest gelato and taste the depth of matcha and other Japanese teas at Suzukien.

Suzukien Asakusa

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