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The Richest Matcha Gelato In The World! Only At Asakusa Suzukien

The Richest Matcha Gelato In The World! Only At Asakusa Suzukien

Tokyo 2016.06.07

Suzukien in Asakusa is one of the few shops in Japan where you can enjoy the richest matcha tea flavored gelato in the world! It is a really popular shop but, trust us, it's sure worth lining up!

Translated by Misaki

Written by Ai Yoneda

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When asked to name a taste representative of Japan, many might say shoyu (soy sauce) or miso paste. But I'm certain many will probably think of matcha green tea.

In fact, matcha tea has always been associated with the image of Japan. This time we will introduce you to a place where you can taste the true flavor of matcha . Suzukien is a shop located in Asakusa, the most popular tourist destination in Tokyo. Here you can try the richest matcha flavored gelato in the world.


Suzukien is a very old teahouse with more than 150 years of history to its name. They sell a wide variety of tea including sencha and gyokuro. Some of these tea variations are believed to be good for the health and skin.

The shop is located near Sensoji Temple. Be sure to look out for its green banner.

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At Suzukien you have the opportunity to take a close look at green tea related merchandise such as the chasen, or green tea whisk, and kyusu, a Japanese teapot.

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