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Suzukien Asakusa: The Most Rich-Tasting Matcha Gelato in the World!

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Located in Tokyo, Suzukien is a shop in the Asakusa district boasting the most rich-tasting matcha gelato in the world! Customers can choose among seven green tea flavors blended inside this silky frozen treat. Known for its long lines, this popular shop is well worth the wait!

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Sample Decadent Matcha Gelato at Suzukien Asakusa

When thinking of a taste representative of Japan, some may reply with soy sauce or miso paste. However, a majority would likely imagine matcha green tea.

In fact, matcha tea has always been associated with the image of Japan. In this article, we will introduce a shop where you can taste the authentic flavor of matcha. Suzukien located in Asakusa is a popular destination in Tokyo. Here, you can sample the most rich-tasting matcha gelato in the world.

Suzukien Asakusa: The Most Rich-Tasting Matcha Gelato in the World!

Suzukien is an old teahouse with a history spanning 150 years. Customers can purchase a wide variety of tea, including sencha (non-powdered green tea) and gyokuro (high-grade green tea). Some of these tea variations are even believed to beautify the skin and improve health.

The shop is located near Sensoji Temple. Be sure to keep an eye out for its green banner!

Suzukien Asakusa: The Most Rich-Tasting Matcha Gelato in the World!

At Suzukien, you can take a closer look at green tea-related merchandise, including a chasen (bamboo tea whisk) and kyusu (Japanese teapot).

7 Levels of Green Tea Flavors!

Suzukien Asakusa: The Most Rich-Tasting Matcha Gelato in the World!

Pictured above are the different types of gelato available at Suzukien. The matcha gelato is created in collaboration with the matcha sweets factory Nanaya, located in Shizuoka Prefecture.

In addition to matcha gelato, Suzukien offers other Japanese flavors such as hojicha (roasted green tea), genmaicha (roasted brown rice tea), black sesame, and dainagon azuki (a type of sweet red bean).

Suzukien Asakusa: The Most Rich-Tasting Matcha Gelato in the World!

Customers can select among seven levels of richness when ordering their matcha gelato. No. 7 is said to contain the most rich-tasting matcha flavor in the world. In the gelato industry, No. 5 is believed to be the richest-tasting dessert to produce.

However, at Suzukien, this limit is exceeded with their No. 7 gelato. You will be treated to an award-winning matcha gelato made with high-quality ingredients.

Suzukien is the only place where you can order the No. 7 gelato in addition to the Nanaya retail stores in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Suzukien Asakusa: The Most Rich-Tasting Matcha Gelato in the World!

The gelato pictured to the left is the No. 1 while the right is No. 7. You can immediately notice the difference in richness from the color alone!

Below is our review of the world's most rich-tasting matcha gelato: the No. 7!

Upon taking a bite, the rich green tea overwhelmed our tastebuds. This matcha-infused gelato has a deep, refined tea flavor. Instead of the bitterness associated with matcha, it has the sophisticated taste of high-quality green tea powder.

We also tried No.1, which was much lighter and refreshing. Some people find No. 7 to be packed with matcha flavor but a little too rich-tasting. We hope you can find a flavor that matches your taste.

Suzukien Asakusa: The Most Rich-Tasting Matcha Gelato in the World!

You can choose a single or double scoop in a cup or a cone. The price range varies according to the flavor.

We recommend ordering a double scoop with the combination of No. 7 and either the hojicha gelato or genmaicha gelato. The taste will be unlike anything you've tried before! Be sure to try different flavors to discover your favorite combination.

Suzukien's matcha gelato is very popular, with lines of customers going outside of the store. During rush hour, employees might hand out numbered tickets to those in line. Please be considerate towards other customers and wait your turn to order.

Some customers are so impressed by the delicious gelato that they head home with bags full of matcha products.

Green Tea Makes Perfect Souvenirs

Here are some items from Suzukien that are perfect souvenirs for those who are not familiar with Japanese tea.

Suzukien Asakusa: The Most Rich-Tasting Matcha Gelato in the World!

This product is called NODATE. Even if you're unfamiliar with preparing matcha tea the traditional way, you can do it with this cute product. Simply use the shaker that comes with it. You won't even need to buy a whisk!

Suzukien Asakusa: The Most Rich-Tasting Matcha Gelato in the World!

These are individually packaged sencha tea bags for single use. They cost around 100 yen and are popular souvenirs due to the Japanese designs, including a kabuki motif and Mt. Fuji. If you prefer to have more tea bags, we recommend purchasing a Mt. Fuji tea can.

Suzukien Asakusa: The Most Rich-Tasting Matcha Gelato in the World!

You can also purchase green tea found in typical Japanese households and bring back the flavors of Japan. Ask a staff to help you find the perfect tea with the right flavor and aroma to suit your palate.

Suzukien Asakusa: The Most Rich-Tasting Matcha Gelato in the World!

Matcha tea is a flavor deeply associated with Japan. Try the most rich-tasting gelato for an authentic flavor of green tea and sample other Japanese teas at Suzukien!


Which Asakusa green tea ice cream is best?

Asakusa in Tokyo is renowned for its numerous shops and stalls offering delicious green tea ice cream, known for its rich matcha flavor and creamy texture. Some popular places in Asakusa known for their top-quality green tea ice cream include Suzukien Asakusa, Asakusa Naniwaya, and Kosoan. Each of these establishments offers a unique twist on green tea ice cream, from intensely flavored matcha options to more subtle and traditional varieties. It ultimately comes down to personal preference, so exploring these different shops can be a fun way to discover the best green tea ice cream that suits your taste buds.

What is Matcha ice cream flavor?

Matcha ice cream has a distinct flavor profile characterized by the taste of matcha, a finely ground green tea powder. The flavor is rich, earthy, and slightly bitter, with sweet undertones from added sugar or other sweeteners used in the ice cream's preparation. The unique taste of matcha is often described as grassy or vegetal, with a hint of umami that sets it apart from other ice cream flavors. Overall, Matcha ice cream offers a delicate balance of sweetness and the natural bitterness of green tea, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy the flavor of matcha in a frozen dessert form.

Is Matcha ice cream popular in Japan?

Yes, Matcha ice cream is incredibly popular in Japan. Known for its unique and delightful flavor, Matcha ice cream has become a beloved traditional treat in Japanese cuisine. It's widely available at ice cream shops, dessert cafes, and even convenience stores throughout Japan. The rich, earthy taste of matcha combined with the creamy texture of ice cream creates a refreshing and indulgent dessert that appeals to both locals and tourists alike. Whether enjoyed on its own or as a topping for other desserts, Matcha ice cream continues to be a favorite choice for many in Japan.

Is Matcha Ice good for you?

Matcha ice cream can offer some potential health benefits due to the presence of matcha, which is a type of powdered green tea known for its antioxidant properties. Matcha is high in antioxidants, specifically catechins like EGCG, which have been linked to various health benefits, including improved heart health, enhanced immune function, and potential cancer-fighting properties. Additionally, matcha contains L-theanine, an amino acid that may promote relaxation and improve focus. However, it's essential to consume matcha ice cream in moderation due to its sugar and calorie content.

Does matcha ice cream have caffeine?

Matcha ice cream does contain caffeine since matcha itself is made from finely ground green tea leaves. While the caffeine content in matcha ice cream may vary depending on the specific recipe and brand, it generally contains less caffeine compared to a cup of brewed matcha tea. Consuming matcha ice cream in moderation is unlikely to result in high caffeine intake, especially when compared to other sources of caffeine like coffee.

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