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Access Akihabara From Four Major Stations In Tokyo

Access Akihabara From Four Major Stations In Tokyo

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This article will show you how to reach Akihabara by train from major stations such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ueno, and Tokyo.

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by Ai Yoneda

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Akihabara, Tokyo is known as an "otaku" town. Thanks to the popularity of Japanese anime and manga, the number of tourists from abroad visiting Akihabara has been growing every year.

Due to the complexity of the Japanese transportation system though, some tourists have trouble reaching Akihabara.

In this article, we will show you how to get to Akihabara from the following major stations:Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ueno, and Tokyo.

1. From Shinjuku to Akihabara


Shinjuku Station is said to see the highest number of passengers each day out of all the stations in the world. This station has various subway lines, the JR Lines, and private railway lines, so many passengers switch trains here.

To get to Akihabara from Shinjuku JR Station, board the JR Chuo Line headed for Tokyo. Next, switch to the JR Sobu Line at JR Ochanomizu station. Be sure to check where the trains are headed. The Chuo Line has orange trains and the Sobu Line has yellow trains.

Trains: JR Chuo Line and JR Sobu Line
Change Trains At: JR Ochanomizu Station
Fare: 165 yen, with an IC card
Time: About 12 minutes

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