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Near Universal Studios Japan! 9 Osaka Hotels for Friends and Families

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Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is an amusement park filled with attractions related to Hollywood movies. This article features nine hotels conveniently located near the park in Osaka. Don't miss out on family-friendly hotels with special services for children!

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Accommodations Near Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka has garnered enormous popularity each year.

The amusement park is packed with attractions and rides based on Hollywood blockbuster films. There are also live performances featuring beloved characters and collaborative events featuring fan-favorite animations and video games. In other words, this is a theme park for visitors of all ages.

Choosing a hotel is important when visiting USJ. A nearby accommodation allows visitors to rest immediately after a long day at the park. The fun also continues at hotels featuring guest rooms decorated with USJ characters.

This article features nine accommodation facilities, including official hotels near USJ, offering various benefits for families with children. Those planning a visit or have yet to decide where to stay should take a look!

*Please note that as of October 2022, some hotels have become difficult to book due to the nationwide travel subsidy program. Click here to book an accommodation near Universal Studios Japan!
Agoda: Click here to book an accommodation near Universal Studios Japan!

1. THE SINGULARI HOTEL & SKYSPA at Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan

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The Singulari Hotel & Skyspa at Universal Studios Japan is a five-minute walk from USJ. The hotel is directly connected to Universal City Station, the closest train station to the theme park.

The guest rooms are designed in a modern Japanese style. The interior has a relaxing atmosphere, furnished with a low sofa that turns into a bed.

Slippers, pajamas, and toothbrushes are provided for children, so those traveling with family do not need to pack these items. The hotel is also furnished with coin-operated washing machines.

A USJ ticket booth is located in the hotel, where guests can purchase a studio pass for entry into the park. Additionally, a monitor by the booth shows the attraction wait times.

Skyspa, located on the top floor, offers a great view. Guests can rest their weary bodies while enjoying the scenery of Osaka Bay.

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2. The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan

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The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan is the closest hotel to USJ, located only a minute's walk away from the main gate.

The hotel is centered on the theme of a trip to the U.S.A. The interior is decorated with various design styles from American history.

The bathrooms and toilets are separated in all of the guest rooms. Guests can get a bird's eye view of USJ from the Park View Room and relish in this extraordinary experience.

The hotel has a convenience store, so you can use an ATM or buy daily necessities. Additionally, there has a coin-operated laundry open 24 hours and is furnished with water servers and microwave ovens.

The interior is dotted with photo spots featuring USJ motifs with an authentic American style. There is no shortage of entertainment.

It is ideal for those who want to enjoy the park all day and immerse themselves in USJ's atmosphere after leaving the premises.

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3. Hotel Kintetsu Universal City

Universal Studios Japan

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Hotel Kintetsu Universal City is an official hotel located inside Universal Citywalk Osaka, a shopping facility only a minute's walk away from USJ.

The character rooms, with walls decorated with motifs from popular USJ characters, such as Sesame Street™ and Woody Woodpecker, are a hit. The bathroom and toilet are not separated in most of the guest rooms.

The Universal Studios Store, under the direct management of USJ, is also located in the hotel. Guests can leisurely choose souvenirs when staying here.

The information desk also sells the studio pass, Universal express pass, and tickets for the Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN.

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4. Oriental Hotel Universal City

Universal Studios Japan

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Oriental Hotel Universal City, which opened in December 2021, is a five-minute walk from USJ and Universal City Station.

There are two guest rooms: a simple and calming earth-colored room and one in striking, graphic colors.

On the third floor is the Green Wall Dining, a buffet-style restaurant serving various food that invigorates the mind and bodies of guests. The restaurant offers dishes using carefully selected ingredients in a spacious atmosphere inspired by fresh green leaves.

The breakfast menu inspired by the concept of charging from nature is superb.

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5. Hotel Universal Port

Universal Studios Japan

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Those who love the Minions should stay at the Hotel Universal Port, an official hotel where guests can jump into their whacky world.

The Minions Room is a limited-type guest room filled with these mischievous characters. Guests of all ages will be thrilled at the sight. The maximum capacity is four people, and the minimum rate is 21,000 yen per person after tax.

In contrast, the standard-type rooms are inexpensive compared to neighboring hotels. Budget-conscious visitors should take a look!

All of the guest rooms have a separate bathroom and toilet. The lobby is furnished with a photo spot and a kids' space. The Universal Studios Store and a USJ ticket booth are also located in the hotel.

Feeling the USJ atmosphere throughout the hotel premises will be exciting for guests.

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6. Hotel Keihan Universal Tower

Universal Studios Japan

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It takes two minutes on foot to reach USJ from Hotel Keihan Universal Tower. This modern hotel features a serene atmosphere.

S-Park (pronounced "spark"), located on the 31st floor, is a natural hot spring facility exclusively open to guests. It is furnished with a whirlpool bath, air bubble bath, sauna, and a beauty salon. Guests can spend time luxuriating while enjoying the view of Osaka.

Guests without bathing tickets will need to purchase them. They are priced at 2,000 yen for adults and 1,000 yen for children. The ticket can be used multiple times during your stay. Please note that a child must be at least three years old to enter S-Park. A complimentary drink will be served to first-time bathers.

This hotel, which employs COVID-19 prevention measures, is known for its delicious meals.

The rooms are spotless, with attentive staff to ensure guests enjoy their stay leisurely.

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7. Hotel Universal Port Vita

Universal Studios Japan

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It is a four-minute walk to USJ from Hotel Universal Port Vita. This official hotel boasts several rooms that will make children happy.

The Starry Room is inspired by stars shining in the night. Likewise, the Moco Moco Room is for guests who want to take their shoes off.

All of the rooms have separate bathrooms and toilets. The hotel also has a coin-operated laundry, a convenience store, and a USJ ticket booth.

The buffet-style breakfast offers a variety of menu items, including fresh salad, fruit, and dishes for kids. The pizza, baked in a brick oven, should not be missed!

This hotel is popular among families and has received high reviews on various websites.

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8. Liber Hotel at Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan

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Liber Hotel at Universal Studios Japan is an official hotel located near Sakurajima Station, which is next to Universal City Station.

With 760 guest rooms, it is the largest hotel in this area. Riverside Spa, a natural hot spring facility, and a spacious terrace facing the Aji River will make guests feel like they are at a luxury resort.

There are four types of collaboration rooms, featuring works such as Snoopy and Jurassic World. Everyone can have fun here, regardless of their age.

Guests can enjoy a variety of amenity items and facilities while shopping for USJ items and hotel-made confections at the Universal Studios Store.

Although it is a 13-minute walk to USJ, this hotel is recommended for those who want to have a relaxing hotel stay.

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9. La'gent Hotel Osaka Bay

Universal Studios Japan

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From La'gent Hotel Osaka Bay, a three-storied hotel located close to Sakurajima Station, it takes 10 minutes on foot to USJ.

The guest rooms on each floor are inspired by a flower garden, jungle, and the universe. The interior design will surely keep children happy.

The hotel also has a coin-operated laundry, microwave ovens, vending machines, and a nursing room.

With an adequate amount of amenity items, guests will feel as if they are staying at home. There is also a convenience store nearby.

Since it offers the lowest room rates in the area, this hotel may be an easy choice for many people.

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The Nationwide Travel Subsidy Program

Universal Studios Japan

Picture courtesy of Osaka Irasshai Nationwide Campaign 2022

Those planning to stay at hotels near USJ in 2022 may be eligible for the Osaka Irasshai Nationwide Campaign 2022.

This campaign is aimed at people residing in Japan, offering a 40% discount (*1) per stay on travel fees. There are also coupons (3,000 yen on weekdays/1,000 yen on national holidays) that can be used at various restaurants and shops.

The maximum discount is seven stays per trip, and travelers can use these coupons for multiple trips.

Eligible applicants must be vaccinated at least three times or have a certificate of negative PCR test result for COVID-19. Identification papers will also be required.

The campaign period starts from October 11 (Tuesday) to December 20 (Tuesday). For further information, check the official website (Japanese only).

Please note that this campaign has made it difficult to book some hotels.

*1: The maximum amount is 8,000 yen per stay/person for lodging and transportation travel plans or 5,000 yen for other plans.

Enjoy Your Time in Osaka!

Traveling with children can be stressful for parents since it's important to check sightseeing spots and lodging facilities in advance.

Since this article features hotels for families, our writer hopes it will assist visitors with kids in choosing hassle-free accommodations when visiting USJ. Click here to book an accommodation near Universal Studios Japan!
Agoda: Click here to book an accommodation near Universal Studios Japan!

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