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Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023: Enjoy Seasonal Flowers and Events

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Yokohama, the famous port city near Tokyo, is hosting Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023, a festival showcasing the seasonal flowers that grace the city's parks and gardens alongside events such as ikebana exhibitions. Read on to learn about the highlights that shouldn't be missed.

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Garden Necklace Yokohama: A Celebration of Nature

Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023: Enjoy Seasonal Flowers and Events

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The famous port city of Yokohama will be hosting the World Horticultural Exhibition 2027. Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023 is a series of events held ahead of this major exhibition showcasing Yokohama as a garden city.

The parks and green spaces throughout Yokohama have become venues for amazing displays of seasonal flowers! The unique Western buildings and the entire urban landscape that Yokohama is known for also participate as locations for events within this wonderful project.

Read on to learn about some of the best spots to visit in Yokohama for beautiful flowers and events.

Harmony of Flowers and Vessels 2023: Ikebana Exhibition at Yokohama's Western Buildings

Step into a world of flowers with the amazing exhibition ‘Harmony of Flowers and Vessesl 2023!’

The Western buildings and museums in the Motomachi and Yamate areas are hosting awe-inspiring flower art displays until June 11, 2023.

Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023: Enjoy Seasonal Flowers and Events

Photo by Pixta

The British House Yokohama, the Berrick Hall and Ehrismann Residence in Motomachi Park, the Diplomats' House in the Yamate Italian Garden, and other three Western-style buildings in the area exhibit magnificent works by headmasters of seven ikebana schools. The flowers are arranged using Japanese and Western-style vessels making full use of the ambience of these buildings.

The seven headmasters have created playful and inspiring flower art pieces that can be enjoyed for free.

Wander the building's rooms and be met with elegant installations that adorn the rooms from head to toe!

Take in these amazing and unique art displays, from dangling flowers and plums representing the rain that falls in the rainy season, to large ikebana displayed upon tables bursting with color.

As you walk around the buildings you see gorgeous flowers brightly lit up by the soft lighting from the windows that look out onto lush green grounds. Glimmering with green nature, the whimsical window views look like a painting from a fairytale.

Picture courtesy of PR Times
The stunning works adorn the interior filling each room with color and highlighting the building's beautiful attributes.

Visit this splendid ikebana exhibition by June 11, 2023!

Ikebana Live Performance for Ikebana Day

Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023: Enjoy Seasonal Flowers and Events

One of the events held in the frame of Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023 was an ikebana live performance by the headmasters of three prominent ikebana schools: Ikenobo, Ohara, and Sogetsu. This event was held ahead of Ikebana Day, celebrated annually on June 6.

The show introduced the beauty of ikebana, the traditional Japanese flower arrangements through the art of masters Ikenobo Senko, Ohara Hiroki, and Teshigahara Akane.

Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023: Enjoy Seasonal Flowers and Events

Their creations came to life before the eyes of the audience! Each artist created a work separately using Yokohama's signature flower, the rose. Afterward, the artists took on the stage to create arrangements simultaneously, accompanied by a fun yet unpredictable piano tune, which was also performed live.

Not knowing where the next turn will take us on this wonderful and blossoming journey, we watched in awe as the works came to life while the chiming sounds of the clippers rang through the room and music bounced around the room as displays larger-than-life appeared in front of us.

From the audience, we were able to notice that each individual artist had their own style of ikebana, inspired by different aspects of nature and the environment of the current world. From a light and breezy spring day to a contrasting bold and sturdy display with beautiful regal flowers, it was fascinating to see each performer's world and expression through flowers unfold in front of us.

Highlights of Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023

1. Yamashita and Kannai, a Port Full of Flowers

Picture courtesy of PR Times
The Yamashita and Kannai areas boast beautiful views of refreshing seasonal flowers combined with the shimmering waters of Yokohama Bay.

This area is home to roses, which are Yokohama's official flowers, but also tulips in spring and mixed flower beds. Walking around the port full of flowers, you'll spot Japan Boulevard, a street of flowers adorning the urban pathways leading to Yamashita Park and its amazing fountains and rose gardens. Relax at Yamashita Park viewing seasonal flowers with the local landmarks in the background.

2. Motomachi and Yamate: Western Buildings and Beautiful Views

Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023

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Western buildings that used to be embassies and consulates in the past are scattered across the hill area of Motomachi and Yamate. This multicultural, historical area displays architecture from countries such as Italy, Britain, and America. Spot western elegant buildings that were originally built after the international opening of Yokohama port in 1859. Many of the buildings took damage in the 1923 earthquake and were rebuilt, but now they stand strong surrounded by colorful flowers and harbor views.

Located behind Chinatown, the walk will take you roughly 20 minutes starting from the harbor view park to Yamate Italian Garden. Stop by Cafe the Rose, take a rest and delve into delicious desserts, and explore free sites such as British House Yokohama, Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery, Christ Church, and the Yamate Italian Garden, which is full of beautiful roses.

3. Sankeien Garden in Yokohama: Traditional Japanese Architecture and Seasonal Flowers

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Sankeien Garden is one of Yokohama's most peaceful and relaxing spots, known for its beautiful ponds and seasonal flowers. You can enjoy seeing the garden colors change throughout the year from the soft pinks of cherry blossoms in spring, to the deep royal purple of irises in June and the autumn reds of the fall foliage. Sankeien is also one of the very few spots to enjoy watching fireflies in early Summer (late June).

The remarkable nature that springs to life in all seasons can be enjoyed alongside the garden's historical buildings, including a temple pagoda that was once originally located in Kyoto! Enjoy sitting with green tea as the koi fish gently swim in the ponds in this tranquil area.

4. Yokohama Station: Rose Walk Ways

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Around Yokohama Station, you can find gorgeous flourishing roses at the Yokohama English Garden, with over 2,800 roses of 2200 different varieties blooming in the peak season. This splendid location won the Excellent Garden Award at the 2019 World Rose Conference.

This garden displays amazing scenery even when the rose season has passed, such as the chimes that hang under the rose tunnel during the Tanabata Star Festival or the beautiful blue and pink hydrangeas and a display of colorful umbrellas during the rainy season.

5. Satoyama Garden: Splendid Flower Beds

Satoyama Garden is an expansive flower scenery of 10,000m2 large flower beds. Colors sweep over the spacious garden that grows over 140 flower varieties, from violets to nemophila. The flowers create beautiful colorful petal-shaped art designs across the fields!

The area is known as one of Yokohama's largest flower beds and is great for a day out in nature with one's family. Each year, carp kites float in the sky to celebrate Children's Day on May 5 during Japan's Golden Week holiday.

6. Minato Mirai and Bashamichi: A Cherry Blossom Paradise in Early Spring

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In early spring, the Minato Mirai and Bashamichi areas become a cherry blossom paradise! Pink petals can be seen twirling in the wind from the trees and reflecting off the city's waterscapes, such as the cherry blossoms that arch over the Ooka River, creating a tunnel of flowers.

As you walk around Minato Mirai, many popular and beautiful spots will flourish in pink such as Shinko Chuo Square near the Yokohama Redbrick Warehouses, the Cup Noodle Museum Park, and Sakura Avenue, a walkway of cherry blossoms paving the stylish streets around Yokohama Landmark Tower. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city as it blooms in pink by climbing to the top floor of the tower or relaxing on the Yokohama Air Cabin.

Enjoy Flowers in Yokohama

Yokohama is showcasing magical events throughout the year. Take a look at the Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023 official calendar and bookmark it so you don't miss any new exhibitions!

A multicultural city, Yokohama boasts beautiful nature and stunning architecture. When you are next in eastern Japan, visit Yokohama to relish beautiful flowers, events, food, and history with Garden Necklace Yokohama 2023.

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