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Infinity Pools, Mt. Fuji, and Exquisite Dining! Two Hotels in Tokyo's Tachikawa City

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Tachikawa, a city in western Tokyo, is visited by many for Showa Kinen Park, art museums, and upscale dining. We introduce two excellent hotels in Tachikawa: the fashionable SORANO HOTEL and the understated Auberge TOKITO, which was created from a former restaurant.

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SORANO HOTEL: A Designer Hotel Combining Urban and Natural Elements

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

Picture courtesy of SORANO HOTEL
SORANO HOTEL is situated in the newly developed commercial facility called GREEN SPRINGS, conveniently located near the north exit of Tachikawa Station. Apart from art museums with special exhibitions, the area also boasts 35 shops, including popular dessert shops and restaurants that always attract long queues.

As soon as you step into the hotel lobby, you will be welcomed by an open and spacious design, adorned with simple decorations and large floor-to-ceiling windows that fill the space with natural light. This instantly creates a comfortable and resort-like atmosphere.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

Leading the overall interior design of the hotel is Gwenael Nicolas, a renowned French designer who has previously worked on Tokyo's GINZA SIX shopping complex.

With the aim of allowing guests to truly appreciate the beauty of being surrounded by nature within an urban environment, unnecessary spaces have been deliberately omitted. The decor emphasizes functionality and cleanliness, leaving guests with a sense of comfort and tranquility.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

Picture courtesy of SORANO HOTEL
Located on a higher floor, the SORANO SPA offers exclusive amenities such as a gym, sauna, and an infinity pool that offers breathtaking views of Mount Fuji on clear days.

These relaxing facilities are reserved for hotel guests and members only. Many visitors bring their families and children to experience a new and unique scenery different from what they are accustomed to.

Green SceneryAll Around! Room Types Overview

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

SORANO HOTEL prioritizes sustainable development and environmental friendliness in every aspect, which is why they don't charge any service fees. To reduce disposable waste, they kindly ask guests to bring their own toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other toiletries.

However, they do provide slippers and environmentally friendly bags that guests are welcome to take with them for reuse.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

The mattresses feature a lightweight memory foam design developed by Nishikawa, a renowned Japanese bedding brand. This not only eases the burden on the cleaning staff during maintenance and transportation but also ensures a restful sleep by providing optimal support for shoulders, neck, and waist.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

Each room at SORANO HOTEL is at least 15 square meters (52 square feet), offering breathtaking views of the ever-changing seasons in Showa Kinen Park.

Wake up early in the morning, bask in the sun on the balcony's cozy sofa, and indulge in a cup of carefully selected hot tea from Kyoto's famous tea shop Ipodo.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

Furthermore, they offer a range of room types to cater to diverse needs, including pet-friendly accommodations and rooms with simple kitchen facilities. The room fees are based on the room itself rather than the number of occupants, making this hotel an ideal choice for families or couples traveling together.

Freshly Prepared Meals by Local Producers

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels
Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

Dine at DAICHI NO RESTAURANT on the first floor and relish in the taste of thoughtfully selected ingredients sourced from local farmers and Tokyo's proud agricultural produce.

The hotel staff even cultivates their own original variety of white rice.

In the restaurant, you'll notice open storage cabinets showcasing our wide array of wines, seafood, and fruits and vegetables - a visual testament to their commitment to freshness.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

The menu offers a fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine, featuring Japanese-style soup stock, miso, fried fish, salads, and delightful juices that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages with confidence and satisfaction.

Auberge TOKITO: An Exquisite Japanese Culinary and Accommodation Experience

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

The originally French term "auberge" challenges our conventional perception of a hotel. It emphasizes high-end dining experiences complemented by accommodations, often found in serene suburban locations, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling city.

Just a minute's walk from Nishi-Kunitachi Station, Auberge TOKITO quietly emerged in the spring of 2023, brought to life by a team of Michelin-starred chefs at the former site of restaurant Mumon-an.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

With its roots in Japanese architectural and garden traditions spanning over 80 years, Auberge TOKITO beautifully combines past memories with present endeavors.

Head chef and director Mr. Ishii, who previously led a Michelin-starred kaiseki restaurant in London for five consecutive years, harnesses his unique sense of aesthetics and craftsmanship. He ingeniously incorporates natural elements like earth and wood, sourced during the reconstruction process, to create one-of-a-kind tableware and utensils.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

The dining space offers various options, including bar seating for an up-close view of the chef's culinary mastery (given priority to tenants), as well as elegant and modern halls that allow guests to appreciate the interplay of light, shadows, and seasonal changes.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

In the tea room, you can immerse yourself in tea culture and traditional beauty, savoring a selection of meticulously curated Japanese teas. Additionally, a tea box is provided, enabling you to experience the flavors of each season on your palate.

Indulge in Solitude Surrounded by Vinyl Records and Onsen Bliss: Room Overview

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Nestled behind discreet stone walls and courtyards reminiscent of a hidden sanctuary, you'll find four exclusive lodgings. Instead of conventional room numbers, they bear names such as Dawn, Morning Moon, and Dusk, reflecting the ever-changing sky.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

Each room boasts a private open-air hot spring, a rejuvenating skin care massage bed, and a simple kitchenette. The minimalist and serene design encourages guests to fully immerse themselves in moments of peaceful tranquility.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

For music enthusiasts, the reception hall offers a curated collection of vinyl records. Take your pick and engage in an unrestricted musical experience, relishing the pure and warm sound quality within the comfort of your own room.

Unforgettable Japanese Cuisine by a Michelin-Starred Team of Chefs

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

The meticulous plating philosophy of the chefs is palpable in every dish, even before it reaches your table.

Take, for instance, the flatfish sashimi adorned with Mr. Ishii's own imprinted patterns, served on a skillfully crafted Edo Kiriko plate that effortlessly blends Eastern and Western techniques. The firm yet silky texture keeps you yearning for that last delectable bite, offering the utmost satisfaction.

Tokyo Tachikawa hotels

Prepare to have your taste buds captivated by a sea-and-land extravaganza reimagined by a team of Japanese chefs renowned worldwide. Rich, velvety black tuna elegantly pairs with a luscious veal sauce, accentuated by a dollop of wasabi ice cream. The result is a gastronomic masterpiece, a harmonious fusion of flavors that leaves a lasting impression.

Visit Tachikawa, the Tranquil Side of Tokyo

When planning your next trip to Tokyo, consider adding a touch of nature and uniqueness to your itinerary. Immerse yourself in the elegant tranquility of SORANO HOTEL and Auberge TOKITO, where you can enjoy a vacation experience that harmonizes both mind and body, as if time itself stands still.

We would like to thank SORANO HOTEL and Auberge TOKITO for their assistance with this interview.

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