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Conveyor Belt Sushi in Osaka: 10 Excellent Restaurants

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Osaka is the birthplace of conveyor belt sushi! In addition to popular chain sushi restaurants such as Sushiro, you can find high-quality conveyor belt sushi restaurants loved by the locals. We introduce 10 selected establishments.

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Osaka: The Birthplace of Conveyor Belt Sushi

Conveyor belt sushi started with Mawaru Genroku Sushi in Osaka, revolutionizing the sushi experience by making it more affordable, transparent, and entertaining.

In April 1958, this concept was introduced in Higashi Osaka by Genroku Sushi founder, the late Yoshiaki Shiraishi. Inspired by conveyor belts used in breweries, he developed the sushi conveyor belt system, which reduced labor and costs, successfully transforming the high-end cuisine of sushi into an accessible and popular choice for the general public.

Furthermore, in 1970, during the Japan World Exposition, conveyor belt sushi was catapulted onto the national stage. Even the automatic water supply equipment, a common feature of conveyor belt sushi seats, was invented by Genroku Sushi.

Read on to learn the best 10 conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Osaka.

Top 10 Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurants in Osaka

1. Genroku Sushi
2. Daiki Suisan Conveyor Belt Sushi
3. Ganko Sushi
4. Kaiten Sushi Sakae
5. Kaiten Sushi Ginza Onodera - Osaka store
6. Sashisu Sushi Bar
7. Edo-mae Kaiten Sushi Yaichi
8. Nigiri Chojiro
9. Kaiten Sushi Kantaro
10. Sushi Value

1. Genroku Sushi: The Original Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant

Osaka sushi

Picture courtesy of Genroku Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Thanks to Genroku Sushi, delicious sushi can now be enjoyed by the general public. With branches scattered throughout Osaka, their main establishment is located near the Fuse Station in Higashi Osaka, often regarded as the birthplace of conveyor belt sushi.

Osaka sushi

Picture courtesy of Genroku Sangyo Co., Ltd.

However, what makes the Dotonbori branch of this restaurant particularly special is its eye-catching signboard. It features a giant sign that resembles a sushi chef presenting tuna sushi with one hand, creating a highly immersive experience that attracts many visitors.

You can enjoy a plate of sushi starting at 143 yen (with tax), making it a reasonably priced option. In addition to classic sushi like tuna and sea bream, they also offer sushi using common ingredients such as raw ham sushi and lettuce rolls. Children and those who are not fond of wasabi can have their sushi prepared without wasabi; please inform the chef when placing your order.

Genroku Sushi
Main atore address: Osaka, Higashi Osaka, Ashiro 1-12-1,Map
Dotonbori store address: Osaka, Chuo Ward, Dontonbori 1-6-9 Map

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2. Daiki Suisan Conveyor Belt Sushi

Osaka sushi

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES
The key to the deliciousness of Daiki Suisan's conveyor belt sushi lies in freshness. Since its inception, Daiki Suisan has actively sourced fresh seafood from abundant fishing ports like Sakaiminato in Tottori and has established an independent distribution network to transport the seafood to various urban ports and conveyor belt sushi restaurants.

This supply chain not only ensures the freshness of the seafood but also lowers the prices, allowing more people to savor delicious sushi.

You can also make online reservations for Daiki Suisan's classic tuna dishes!

Daiki Suisan Conveyor Belt Sushi - Kitahama Branch
Address: Osaka, Chuo Ward, Kitanohama Higashi 1-2 River Station Hachikenya 1F

For information on other branches, please check Daiki Suisan's official website.

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3. Ganko Sushi

Osaka sushi

Picture courtesy of Ganko Foodservice Co., Ltd.
Ganko Sushi began as a tiny restaurant in Osaka in 1963. Today, with over 60 years of history, it continues to uphold the motto of "delicious, inexpensive, and enjoyable sushi."

Their guiding principle in business is to be better than anywhere else and cheaper than anywhere else, aiming to surprise customers and create the distinctive character of Ganko Sushi.

Osaka sushi

Picture courtesy of Ganko Foodservice Co., Ltd.

At Conveyor Belt Sushi Ganko, prices start at 120 yen per plate (before tax), with different plate colors indicating varying prices. According to regular customers, the restaurant not only serves delicious sushi but also offers other tasty dishes, such as seasonal specialties like crab and fugu hot pot.

One highly recommended branch is their Ekimaru-Shin Osaka store, located inside Shin-Osaka Station. It's very convenient for tourists traveling to Osaka via the Shinkansen (bullet train) since you can enjoy a meal while waiting for your train.

In addition to the Shin-Osaka branch, Ganko has branches in Osaka's Dotonbori, Kyoto, and various cities in Hyogo Prefecture. Check their official website for more information.

Ganko Sushi Shin-Osaka Store
Address: Osaka, Yodogawa, Nishinakajima 5-16-1, inside Eki Marche Shin-Osaka

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4. Kaiten Sushi Sakae: Osaka's Late-Night Sushi Restaurant

Known as the number one conveyor belt sushi in the Umeda area, Kaiten Sushi Sakae stands out primarily because each plate of sushi is very affordable, and the ingredients are fresh, with generous portions and delicious rice.

During lunch hours, they even serve complimentary red miso soup, adding to the feeling of getting great value for your money. The main branch is open from 17:00 in the evening until 5:00 a.m. the next day, while the Mitsudera branch operates 24 hours, making it a perfect choice for a late-night snack.

Kaiten Sushi Sakae Mitsudera Branch
Address: Osaka, Chuo ward, Higashi Shinsaibashi, 2-3-17 Map

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5. Kaiten Sushi Ginza Onodera Osaka Branch: Try Michelin-Quality Sushi

Osaka sushi

Kaiten Sushi Ginza Onodera is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant that originated in Tokyo. Why are we bringing up Tokyo when discussing Osaka's conveyor belt sushi? Well, it's because this particular conveyor belt sushi restaurant is truly exceptional and can currently only be found in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka!

Kaiten Sushi Ginza Onodera operates with the motto "From Ginza to the World." The establishment is dedicated to spreading the love of sushi to various corners of the world. They have successfully secured the highest-quality tuna through auctions held at the Toyosu Market in Tokyo for three consecutive years, all to provide the finest ingredients to their customers.

Osaka sushi

The Osaka branch of Kaiten Sushi Ginza Onodera is strategically located in the bustling area of Shinsaibashi.

Inside, you'll find a spacious dining area with a central stage-like open kitchen and a large water tank. The walls adorned with Nishijin silk exude a luxurious and upscale atmosphere, making it hard to believe that this is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

One distinctive feature of Kaiten Sushi Ginza Onodera is the pale red sushi rice. They prepare it by simmering it in kelp broth and then mixing it with the type of vinegar characteristic of Edo-style sushi, creating a perfect complement to the sushi fillings. While a single plate is priced higher than typical conveyor belt sushi, starting at around 600 yen or more, many connoisseurs and foreign travelers are still drawn to the restaurant due to its balance of price and quality.

Kaiten Sushi Ginza Onodera - Osaka Branch
Address: Osaka, Shinsaibashi (*scheduled re-opening date: October 2023)

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6. Sashisu Sushi Bar

Osaka sushi

Unlike other establishments, the sushi bar Sashisu operates with the concept of being a "sushi snack bar" where you can enjoy fine sake and wines. Due to its beautifully crafted rolled sushi and authentic sushi made by the chefs on-site, all at affordable prices, it quickly gained popularity and became a hot topic among diners.

Osaka sushi

The menu at Sashisu is truly unique and stands out! For example, they offer the Ebi 7 sushi, a luxurious creation featuring seven shrimps and egg yolks.

There's also the Unagi Katsu Sandwich, in which deep-fried eel is sandwiched between rice in a dish reminiscent of a tonkatsu (pork cutlet) sandwich. Additionally, the Sashisu Chawanmushi with cheese is another famous must-try dish, adding a delightful twist to traditional chawanmushi (steamed egg custard).

Sashisu Sushi Bar
Address: Osaka, Kita ward, Umeda 1-1-3-B100 Osaka Station Front Building B1F-68 Map

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7. Edo-mae Kaiten Sushi Yaichi: Exclusive to Wakayama and Osaka

Osaka sushi

Picture courtesy of Fashion Press
Edo-mae Kaiten Sushi Yaichi, also known as Sushi Yaichi, places significant emphasis on using seasonal Japanese ingredients, and they spare no effort in sourcing high-quality ingredients from Wakayama and various regions and fishing grounds across Japan. They believe that not only fresh ingredients but also the balance between the ingredients and the rice in sushi is equally important.

Regarding rice, they adhere to the principle of local production for local consumption and use the Hinomaru and Kinuhinomaru types of rice, both of which are produced in Wakayama Prefecture, in a unique blend. To adjust the texture, they use exclusive red vinegar made from sake lees as seasoning vinegar.

Edo-mae Kaiten Sushi Yaichi - Hankyu Umeda Main Store
Address: Osaka, Kita, Kakudacho 8-7, Hankyu Umeda Main Store 12F Map

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8. Nigiri Chojiro: Speed, Attitude, and Freshness

Osaka sushi

At Nigiri Chojiro, when you place an order, you can witness the chefs swiftly and precisely handling freshly caught fish, using their impeccable sushi-making skills to blend freshness, seasonality, and deliciousness into each piece of sushi.

In addition to the delectable sushi, the lively atmosphere is another feature of their stores. The chefs stand beside the conveyor belt, valuing interaction and communication with customers. Even first-time visitors are made to feel like regulars, creating a warm and welcoming dining experience.

Niigiri Chojiro - Minoh Branch
Address: Osaka, Minoh, Shingu, 2-2-18 Map
For information on other branches, please check their official website.

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9. Kaiten Sushi Kantaro: Sushi from Hokkaido

Osaka sushi

The conveyor belt sushi restaurant Hakodate Kantaro, beloved by the citizens of Hakodate in Hokkaido, has expanded into the Kansai region for the first time. They directly deliver fresh seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido to their Kansai branches through courier services. The fish delivered on the same day is skillfully prepared by the chefs and served as freshly made sushi to customers.

In addition to the Hokkaido ingredients, the Kansai branches offer a wider variety of choices, as they also feature fish personally selected by the head chef from the Osaka fish market, further enriching the menu.

Kaiten Sushi Kantaro - Umeda store
Address: Osaka, Kita, Ofukacho, 4-20 Grand Front Osaka South Building 7F Map

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10. Sushi Value: Affordable Prices and Fresh Sushi

Sushi Value is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Osaka with only one branch in Minoh. Their main philosophy is to offer better value for price than anywhere else. To meet the needs of their customers, they price approximately 70% of their menu items at just 100 yen.

To ensure the freshness of their ingredients, they have large fish tanks in the restaurant where they keep larger fish like flounders. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is on par with larger chain conveyor belt sushi restaurants.

If you visit this place, it's highly recommended to try sushi made with the belly part of yellowtail (buri), which is not commonly seen in other places, as they serve it generously.

Sushi Value
Address: Osaka, Minoh, Yanagimachi 20-11 Map

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What is the best affordable sushi restaurant in Osaka?

One highly recommended affordable sushi restaurant in Osaka is Endo Sushi. Located within the Kuromon Ichiba Market, Endo Sushi offers delicious, fresh sushi at reasonable prices. The market atmosphere adds to the dining experience, making it a popular choice among locals and tourists looking for quality sushi without breaking the bank. Be sure to try their assorted nigiri sushi and sashimi platters for a taste of authentic and affordable Osaka sushi.

Is Osaka known for sushi?

While Osaka is famous for its vibrant street food culture and iconic dishes like takoyaki and okonomiyaki, it is not traditionally known as a hub for sushi like cities such as Tokyo. However, Osaka still offers a wide variety of sushi restaurants ranging from budget-friendly conveyor belt sushi spots to upscale establishments. Visitors to Osaka can enjoy fresh and delicious sushi options amidst the city's diverse culinary scene, though sushi is not as central to Osaka's food identity as some other Japanese cities.

What is the famous food that locals love to eat in Osaka?

In Osaka, locals cherish a vibrant array of iconic dishes that highlight the city's rich food culture. Takoyaki, the savory octopus balls topped with special sauces and bonito flakes, stand out as a popular street food snack. Okonomiyaki, a customizable savory pancake laden with various fillings and sauces, is a beloved comfort food choice. Kushikatsu offers deep-fried skewers of meats and vegetables served with flavorful dipping sauces, while Kitsune Udon provides a simple yet comforting noodle soup adorned with sweet fried tofu. Yakitori's grilled chicken skewers and the winter specialty Tecchiri featuring fugu hot pot round out the diverse and flavorful culinary offerings enjoyed by locals in Osaka.

Is Osaka food cheaper than Tokyo?

Overall, food in Osaka is often considered more affordable than in Tokyo. While both cities offer a wide range of dining options catering to various budgets, Osaka is renowned for its street food culture and more budget-friendly eateries. You can find delicious and satisfying meals at reasonable prices in Osaka, whether you're indulging in local specialties at food stalls, dining in casual eateries, or enjoying a meal in a traditional restaurant.

Is Osaka the food capital of Japan?

Osaka is indeed considered by many to be the "Kitchen of Japan" or the "Nation's Kitchen," emphasizing its status as a major culinary destination within Japan. While Tokyo also holds a strong claim to being a food capital, Osaka's distinct food culture, street food scene, renowned markets like Kuromon Ichiba Market, and signature dishes such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki contribute to its reputation as a vibrant gastronomic center in Japan.

Enjoy Sushi in Osaka!

Osaka's conveyor belt sushi scene offers a delightful sushi journey for both locals and travelers alike, characterized by fresh ingredients, unique creativity, and warm hospitality. It's an experience that allows everyone to savor delicious sushi.

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