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Top 5 Convenience Store Sweets in Japan 2024

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Japanese convenience stores offer many types of products, including high-quality, tasty treats at great prices. This article features our top five convenience store sweets. You'll learn about popular smoothies and fan-favorite snacks like gummy candy and chocolate.

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Japanese Convenience Stores: A Treasure Trove of Delicious Sweets!

Japanese convenience stores can be considered a sweets battlefield, where only the most popular desserts survive.

Store shelves are lined with sweets from the past and present. Undisputed confectionery champs are just as popular today with an assortment of recently released favorites. All of the winners of this hard-fought battle are the highest quality and simply delicious.

With that in mind, this article introduces the top five Japanese convenience store sweets. Do give them a try!

1. Country Ma'am: Irresistible Chocolate Cookies

Country Ma'am

Country Ma'am are chocolate cookies with a moist texture. This popular confection has been a long-running favorite in Japan for the last 40 years.

By adding chocolate to this classic cookie, a new product called Country Ma'am Choco Mamire—a product literally called "drizzled in chocolate"—was created.

The packaging is decorated with Mamire-san, who is 100,036 years old and lives in a chocolate swamp. His surreal expression makes him a memorable character.

You'll soon be reaching for one of these cookies without realizing it!

Official Website: Country Ma'am Choco Mamire (Japanese)

2. Make Your Own Smoothie at Convenience Stores!

Smoothie at Convenience Stores

7-ELEVEN is Japan's most famous convenience store, with locations nationwide.

In recent years, the hot topic at 7-ELEVEN has been the make-your-own-smoothies service. Customers can have fun operating a special machine and making a delicious frozen smoothie.

You can choose among four different flavors, such as soy milk and yogurt. The smoothies contain a variety of ingredients―even kale.

The blended beverages are reasonably priced at about 300 yen, so by all means, please try one on a hot summer's day!*

*Please note that some 7-ELEVEN locations do not offer this product.

Smoothie at Convenience Stores

Official Website: 7-ELEVEN Smoothie (Japanese)

3. Takenoko no Sato VS Kinoko no Yama: Which Snack is Better?

Takenoko no Sato

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES

Takenoko no Sato and Kinoko no Yama are chocolate confections that many people in Japan are familiar with.

Both treats feature a combination of biscuits coated in chocolate. However, Takenoko no Sato's biscuit has a crunchy texture in contrast to the crispy texture of Kinoko no Yama.

The taste preference for these two sweets is so divided in Japan that a Japanese Nationwide Survey (Japanese) was conducted in 2020.

The survey results showed that Takenoko no Yama was the clear favorite!

Please try these snacks and do your own taste comparison when visiting Japan.

Takenoko no Sato

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES
Official Website: Meiji Chocolate Snacks (Japanese)

4. Juicy Gummy: An Addictive Fruit Flavor

Juicy Gummy

Picture courtesy of PR TIMES

Juicy Gummy is a popular gummy candy. The fruity flavor will spread throughout your mouth when you chew the candies.

To preserve the original flavor and fruit color, the company is particular about not using artificial coloring agents during production.

Juicy Gummy comes in a wide range of flavors. They offer favorites such as grape, muscat, and mikan orange to special seasonal flavors.

The candy has an enjoyable texture that you can't stop eating one after the other!

Official Website: Juicy Gummy

5. Premium Roll Cake: The King of Convenience Store Sweets?

Premium Roll Cake

Lawson is a convenience store known for its focus on developing new confectionery products.

They are famous for selling a wide variety of extremely delicious sweets. One exceptionally popular treat is their Premium Roll Cake.

This delectable snack is a moist sponge cake filled with melt-in-your-mouth fresh cream. One taste, and you won't be able to forget this luxurious flavor!

Official Website: Lawson Premium Roll Cake (Japanese)

Try the Treat That Most Appeals to You!

We introduced five popular sweets you can easily buy at Japanese convenience stores. All of these sweets are reasonably priced, so please try one that catches your eye!


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