[Hyogo] Experience the world's oldest traditional art "Noh" at "Nishinomiya Noh Theater"! Experience 700 years of history

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At Nishinomiya Noh Theater, you can not only watch the performance from the audience seats, but also go up to the stage and experience the profound spirit and world of Noh through experiences such as shuriashi, wearing a Noh mask, and wearing costumes. My first time at Noh! You can experience Japane...

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Noh, the world's oldest traditional art

Nohgaku has been passed down for about 700 years. It is the world's oldest traditional art, and has had a great influence on later generations of Ningyo Joruri Bunraku (Ningyo Joruri Bunraku), Kabuki, and even modern artistic activities.

"Nohgaku" is a collective term for "Noh" and "Kyogen." ``Noh'' is a traditional performing art in which a story unfolds on a very simple stage, with ``utai'' sung and ``hayashi'' (music accompaniment). Noh masks delicately express people's emotions, such as joy, anger, sadness, and joy, and liven up the progress of the story and the atmosphere of the stage. On the other hand, ``Kyogen'' is a comedy that focuses on dialogue, and uses dialogue to tell various humorous stories from the lives of common people.

Nishinomiya Noh Theater where you can experience Noh

Nishinomiya Noh Theater not only regularly performs Nohgaku, but also offers experience menus related to Noh. We offer a wide range of menus to suit the needs of our visitors, including Noh mask-wearing and singing experiences, as well as costume-dressing workshops. You can experience Japan's authentic "traditional performing art, Noh" with all five senses.

In addition, during the Noh experience at Nishinomiya Noh Theater, we also offer additional options tailored to the needs of our visitors, allowing them to fully enjoy traditional performing arts and Noh. This time, we will introduce the basic ``Experience Program Basic Course'' and additional ``Options''.

"Experience program" where you can enjoy "Noh" with all five senses

Nohgaku explanation by watching DVD (history, Noh stage, Noh masks, Noh fans)

First, while watching the DVD, listen carefully to the history of Noh and the structure of the stage. You can feel the depth of 700 years of history. It comes with English subtitles and commentary, so people from other countries can also watch it.

You can actually hold a Noh fan, which is a Noh play tool, and take a close look at it.

Sliding foot experience

The basic walking movement of Noh, ``suriashi'', involves moving smoothly while keeping the center of gravity of the body parallel to the ground, without moving the upper body. It is said that similar movements are used not only in stage performing arts such as Noh, but also in martial arts.

The experience of ``sliding'' on stage is quite a difficult opportunity, but by walking slowly and calming your mind, you can enjoy the experience.

Noh mask explanation and Noh mask experience

One of the characteristics of Nohgaku is the Noh mask. Among the approximately 60 types and 250 shapes of Noh masks, the most representative ones have been selected. They are not imitations for the experience, but real ones that are actually used on stage, so you can experience each historical piece one by one. Noh masks are tools that express emotions and expressions through subtle changes in angle, up and down, left and right. After listening to explanations about each person's role and the program used, they put it on their face and walk on stage.

Originally, ``suriashi'' is difficult. It feels even more difficult when wearing a Noh mask. Walking is more difficult because visibility is limited. I once again feel the greatness of Noh actors.

Uta experience

You sit in your seat and listen to the Noh performer's guidance on the Noh song ``Hagoromo.'' You can enjoy even difficult songs by experiencing Noh music closer to you!

break time

During the experience, there will be time for you to take your time and sample the sake. The sake served is local sake from Nishinomiya City, where the Noh Theater is located. You can enjoy the unique characteristics and characteristics of local sake that has inherited history and tradition. *As an option, you can choose from three types of historical local sake.

For those who cannot drink sake, Japanese tea is available. Enjoy the taste and aroma and experience Japanese culture. *As an option, you can choose from three types of local Japanese tea.

Kamishibai Screening

Look at the picture-story show of ``Hagoromo'' on the slide. Learn about the legend of Hagoromo, which has been passed down from ancient times in Japan, and learn the plot. There is also English audio, so people from other countries can also enjoy it.

Appreciation of the dance “Hagoromo”

A Noh performer wearing a crest performs the final dance on a beautiful stage. By taking your time to enjoy the performance, you can get a better feel for the traditional Japanese performing art of Noh.

Additional ``options'' that allow you to enjoy the depth of Noh

Nishinomiya Noh Theater's ``Experience Program'' allows you to have a valuable experience of enjoying Japanese culture. By adding your desired options, you can enjoy Noh even more.

Workshop on wearing costumes *Optional

In the costume experience, participants will try on the Noh "Hagoromo" costume. You will be dressed in kimono by a Noh performer.

In the costume dressing experience, you can wear Karaori and take photos while listening to the explanation of the costume experience!

Hayashi (hayashi) musical instrument explanation and experience *Optional

There are four types of instruments used in Nohgaku: flute, small drum, large drum, and taiko. Each instrument has its own unique score and playing method. The performer will carefully explain the instrument and teach you how to play it. Even beginners can enjoy playing musical instruments.

Access to Nishinomiya Noh Theater

The Nishinomiya Noh Theater is located in Naruo, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, which also appears in the story of Takasago. Easy to access, 5 minutes walk from Naruo Station on the Hanshin Main Line and 10 minutes walk from Koshien Station.

If you would like to know more about how to get to Nishinomiya Noh Theater and the experience menu at Nishinomiya Noh Theater, please click on [Official Website].

[Official website] Nishinomiya Noh Theater

Hirabayashi Hall Nishinomiya Noh Theater

Address: 3-6-20 Naruo, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture 663-8184



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