[Hyogo Awajishima] Experience the "whirlpools of the Naruto Strait" up close! The world's largest at 20 meters in diameter

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If you want to experience the world's largest ``Naruto Strait whirlpool'' right in front of your eyes, we recommend taking a cruise! You can enjoy the whirlpool from various perspectives, such as the retro hull modeled after Japan's first steam warship and the digital attractions on board.

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One of the world's 3 largest whirlpools, ``Naruto Strait whirlpools''

The Naruto Strait whirlpool is the largest in the world!

There are whirlpools all over the world. Norway's Saltstramen Strait, France's Rheims Estuary, and Japan's Naruto Strait. Among the three largest whirlpools in the world, the one where you can see the largest whirlpool up to 20 meters in diameter is the Naruto Strait Whirlpool.

The best time to see whirlpools is in spring and autumn.

The swirling, violently flowing seawater known as ``whirlpools'' can be seen all year round. However, the best time to see them is in spring and autumn. During spring tides, large whirlpools up to 20m in diameter appear.

In spring, when the flowers are in full bloom, and in autumn, when it's a nice day for a walk, "Uzushio" is a highly recommended travel destination.

Also, for those who want to see the impressive whirlpools up close, we highly recommend boarding the ``Whirlpool Cruise''!

Experience the charm of Uzushio even more on a cruise!

Retro hull "Kanrin Maru"

The Kanrin Maru was Japan's first steam warship, built by the Edo Shogunate and ordered from the Netherlands. The Kanrin Maru, the first Japanese ship to cross the Pacific Ocean, is a symbol of a new era. The Uzushio Cruise was modeled after the Kanrin Maru and recreated its appearance at the time.

Tourist-friendly design

The Shinkanrin Maru has a universal design and has a barrier-free structure that can comfortably accommodate wheelchair users, and the ship also has facilities such as a kids' corner and a nursing room. With a wide range of facilities, everyone can enjoy their time on board.

digital attraction

There is an experiential digital attraction on board that uses images and sounds, and you can learn about how whirlpools work using fun digital tools. Discover the fish that live in the Naruto Strait, whirlpools, and other undiscovered attractions of Awaji Awajishima with tools such as the Digital Aquarium and Awaji Sky View.

Flight route and time

We will introduce the flight routes and flight times. The ``Whirlpool Cruise'' departs from Fukura Port on Awajishima, cruises around the impressive whirlpools in the Naruto Strait, and returns in approximately 60 minutes. Please see below for times when large eddies are likely to occur and flight timetables.

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Access to “Uzushio Cruise”

``Uzushio Cruise'' departs from Fukura Port on Awajishima. 1 hour and 20 minutes by car from Sannomiya, Kobe. 2 hours by car from Umeda, Osaka. If you take the bus, it takes about 90 minutes from Kobe Sannomiya Bus Terminal to the nearest bus stop, and it takes just 2 minutes on foot to get to the counter/boarding area. It is convenient to rent a car and use public transportation. Please also refer to the official website below for access, trial fees, reservations, etc.

“Uzushiro Cruise” official website

[Official website] Hyogo prefecture tourism site “HYOGO! Navi'

The official website of Hyogo Tourism Headquarters, which provides tourist information for Hyogo Prefecture (Kobe, Himeji, Kinosaki, Awajishima, etc.). In addition to introducing spots where you can enjoy seasonal scenery, we also introduce a lot of recommended travel information such as gourmet food, events, and experiences, so be sure to check it out!

HYOGO! Check your navigation now!

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Welcome to Hyogo Hyogo is a gateway to the Kansai region, which nurtures the blessed land that connects the Sea of ​​Japan, the Chugoku Mountains, and the Seto Inland Sea, as well as the blessed climate. There are many spectacular views that will catch your eye, such as Himeji Castle, a World Heritage Site that was selected as one of the 100 Best Cherry Blossom Spots, and the panoramic night view from Mt. Rokko. The world-famous Kobe brand, KOBE BEEF, which is synonymous with Tajima beef, is one of Japan's leading beefs, and the sake rice ``Hyogo Yamada Nishiki'' is a gem that will surprise your tongue. Arima Onsen is a famous hot spring, and Kinosaki Onsen has appeared in many literary works. Surrounded by nature, you can relax your mind and body. You can come across memorable sounds such as the thunderous sounds of the whirlpools of Naruto on Awaji Island, and the dynamic sounds of the fireworks festivals held in various places in the summer. In the herb gardens and botanical gardens in the prefecture, you will be healed by the gentle and pleasant scent of herbs and flowers throughout the four seasons. Enjoy a new journey in Hyogo that stimulates the five senses of sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell.

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