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Top 4 Most Popular Crepe Stores In Harajuku

Top 4 Most Popular Crepe Stores In Harajuku

Translated by Briony Dunbar

Written by OsawaKimie

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Crepes attract visitors to Harajuku with their sweet smell, taste, and astonishing variety. In this article we'll introduce you to 4 of the most popular stores.

Crepes attract visitors with their gorgeous looks and sweet smells as popular sweets in Harajuku. Not only are whipped cream and fruits used; cakes, cookies, as well as a whole variety of other ingredients are wrapped in a thin pancake, producing a delectable Harajuku crepe that is popular with both tourists and students looking to fill their stomachs while shopping. We will introduce the top four most popular crepe stores in Harajuku amongst the many famous crepe stores.

1. Santa Monica Crepes


Santa Monica’s luxurious crepes are baked with high quality flour and premium butter. They are a takeout crepe store with two stores just on Takeshita street.


There are crepes loaded with toppings like cake and fruits lined up in the display cabinet. The popular item which is ordered by one in three people is the strawberry banana ice, which is a crepe with strawberries, banana and vanilla ice cream, as well as fresh whipped cream and chocolate sauce. There is no doubt that eating one whole crepe from Santa Monica's plentiful assortment will fill your stomach to the brim.


People who have a sweet tooth should order a crepe with double the serving of fresh whipped cream. They will also love the luxurious crepes topped with brownies and pudding.

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