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Harajuku-Omotesando: 27 Fun Things to Do, Shopping, and Food

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A shopping lovers paradise, Harajuku and Omotesando are brimming with a variety of fashion shops and cuisine, full of the world's latest trends! Explore the area to the fullest with our guide on the best 27 things to do in the area and shop till you drop.

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Harajuku and Omotesando: Tokyo's Leading Fashion Hub

The birthplace of kawaii ("cute") culture, Harajuku is a sacred ground for unique fashion trends.

On the other hand, Omotesando, the avenue connecting Meiji Shrine to Aoyama and Omotesando Station, is filled with high-end brand stores.

A visit to the Harajuku-Omotesando area of Tokyo can give you a glimpse of global fashion trends. This time, we've compiled 27 places to visit in Harajuku and Omotesando, with a focus on shopping facilities, fashion, and cafes.

27 Things to Do in Harajuku-Omotesando by Area

Harajuku Station and Takeshita Street Area

harajuku station

Harajuku Station has undergone renovations and was reopened in March 2020. The new station still maintains its original Western architectural style while bringing back memories of the past. With expanded ticket gates, additional elevators, and restrooms, the station has become more convenient for visitors to the area.

1. @cosme Flagship Store: Find the Latest Beauty Items


Picture courtesy of Fashion Press
Japan's largest beauty and cosmetics comprehensive website, @cosme, has gained popularity due to its reviews and evaluations from people who have actually used products. It has become a primary reference website for Japanese girls when purchasing cosmetics.

@cosme has several physical stores in Japan, and its flagship store officially opened in front of Harajuku Station on January 10, 2020. In addition to having a makeup product trial area, the third floor is exclusive for members. By downloading the official @cosme app, you can use this floor for free.

2. WITH HARAJUKU: A New-Style Mall at Harajuku Gateway


Picture courtesy of Fashion Press
WITH HARAJUKU, a 13-story shopping complex just across Harajuku Station, had its grand opening in April 2020.

Major fashion and cosmetics brands operate innovative storefronts within this large building. It serves as a platform for subcultures born in Harajuku to shine on the stage that is Tokyo.

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3. GU STYLE STUDIO: High-Tech Shopping


The GU store on the second floor of HARAJUKU QUEST is not your typical store; it's a high-tech, new-generation store called GU STYLE STUDIO. You can use the panel inside the store called GU STYLE CREATOR STAND to create your own AVATAR character and experiment with various clothing styles.

If you find something you like, you can not only specify a time to pick it up but also purchase it directly online, eliminating the need to carry shopping bags while exploring Harajuku.

4. Takeshita Street


As soon as you step out of Harajuku Station's Takeshita Exit, you'll find Takeshita Street, which has given birth to countless trends and subcultures, primarily centered around students.

Some may think that the shops in this area are too focused on individual styles and are not suitable for themselves. However, the shops in this area cater to a wide range of tastes, making them popular among visitors of all ages and ensuring that there's something for everyone.


Two of the most popular stores on Takeshita Street are Kutsushitaya, known for its two-day socks production, and Tutuanna, a brand of underwear and home wear.

One of the things that shouldn't be missed out on here is the Takeshita Street specialty: crepes. These crepes come in various flavors and have a distinct creamy taste that has won the hearts of many visitors, offering a different experience from what you might find in your home country.

Additionally, just across the street from Harajuku Station's Takeshita Street exit, you'll find the Harajuku Tourist Information Center, which not only provides information but also sells Japanese souvenirs.

5. Laforet HARAJUKU


Laforet HARAJUKU is the epicenter of Harajuku's fashion culture. Opened in 1978, Laforet is the birthplace of Harajuku's distinctive pop culture.

The building has a total of 13 floors and features a rare stepped structure and an elevator system designed in a zigzag pattern.

The stores in Laforet Harajuku offer a wide range of products, including women's and men's clothing, shoes, accessories, and items catering to unique fashion styles such as Lolita. One of the most significant attractions of this facility is the biannual sales held in July and January, during which fashion items are often discounted to well below their original prices, attracting many shoppers looking for great deals.

On the sixth floor, you'll find the entrance to the Laforet Museum, which hosts various types of art exhibitions periodically. Some notable events held there include the Pixar exhibition, exhibitions by photographer Mika Ninagawa, and others.

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6. LUSH Harajuku

Harajuku-Omotesando: 25 Fun Things to Do, Shopping, and Food

Picture courtesy of LUSH Japan

If you walk down Omotesando Avenue from Harajuku Station, you'll probably feel a lovely scent in the air. No, it's not one of Harajuku's crepe stores. The scent is likely coming from LUSH Harajuku, a specialty bath bomb and bath goods store operated by LUSH FRESH HANDMADE COSMETICS.

You'll find here an amazing range of bath bombs of various shapes, scented with blissful fragrances. After a long day walking in the city, why not pamper yourself with a deeply relaxing bath? Some of the items are exclusive to this shop and cannot be found online or anywhere else in the world.

7. Chicago Harajuku Store


Many people are aware that Harajuku is a treasure trove for discovering second-hand clothing. Chicago is particularly famous among thrift stores for its extremely low prices, with some items priced below 1,000 yen!

The store offers a wide variety of items, from T-shirts to traditional Japanese kimonos. There are currently three Chicago stores in the Harajuku area: the Harajuku store, the Takeshita store, and the Jingumae store.



The world's first dessert shop with a rainbow theme! RAINBOW SWEETS HARAJUKU offers a variety of treats, including popular rainbow ice cream rolls, fruit frosty ice cream, and rainbow cotton candy.

They use high-quality Hokkaido vanilla ice cream and fresh cream in their creations, making them a delightful choice for anyone. Don't forget to take out your camera and capture these colorful delights in photos!

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9. Daiso 100-Yen Shop Harajuku Branch


The popular 100-yen shop Daiso, located on Takeshita Street, is hard to miss with its eye-catching pink exterior. Inside, you can find a wide range of products, including Japanese knick-knacks, snacks, stationery, and even traditional crafts. At this store, you might even discover limited-edition items featuring collaborations with popular idols!

10. THINK OF THINGS: Lifestyle Shop and Cafe Operated by Kokuyo Stationery


Kokuyo Stationery is a brand that is well-known and used by people all over Japan. They have opened a lifestyle shop and cafe near Harajuku. At THINK OF THINGS, they sell the popular series of stationery products and office supplies, as well as new original items.

The cafe offers coffee made with freshly roasted beans and light snacks; the menu includes hot dogs and sandwiches.

11. Cookie Time Harajuku: Delicious Desserts!

Harajuku-Omotesando: 25 Fun Things to Do, Shopping, and Food

Cookie Time is a cookie bar near Harajuku Station that offers delicious edible cookie dough, fresh cookies, and cookie shakes.

The edible dough menu includes specialties like classic chocolate chunks, fudge brownie cheesecake, chocolate bar fudge and cream cheese, and Nutella white chocolate brownie. The cookie shakes are available in many different flavors, including seasonal flavors and hot cocoa varieties in winter.

This shop is a must-visit for those with a sweet tooth.

12. Sweets Paradise Harajuku in Takeshita Street

Harajuku-Omotesando: 25 Fun Things to Do, Shopping, and Food

Sweets Paradise, a highly popular chain of all-you-can-eat buffet-style dining establishments in Japan, offers a diverse menu centered around cakes, ice cream, and various sweet delicacies that can be savored within a set time frame (ranging from 70 to 100 minutes based on the selected menu).

Featuring an array of approximately 30 dessert options, including seasonal cakes and exclusive creations in partnership with notable figures from popular culture, Sweets Paradise ensures a delectable experience for all.

Beyond sweets, their menu includes pasta dishes, curry rice, and salads, catering to those seeking savory alternatives. Whether visiting with a companion less inclined towards sweets or with a group of friends, this cozy eatery provides a delightful dining experience.

Situated in Takeshita Street, the Sweets Paradise Harajuku Store is one of the five Sweets Paradise stores in Tokyo.

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Meiji-Jingumae Station - Meiji Street - Cat Street


Whether it's Meiji Street with its independent brand stores or Cat Street known for its collection of handmade item shops, the atmosphere in this area is quite different from the bustling Takeshita Street. It's a great place to slow down and explore one shop after another at a leisurely pace.

13. Tokyu Plaza Harajuku HARAKADO

Harajuku-Omotesando: 25 Fun Things to Do, Shopping, and Food

Picture courtesy of PR Times
Tokyu Plaza Harajuku HARAKADO is a new shopping, dining, and creative hub that opened on April 17, 2024, just across the street from the popular Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku.

The facility aims to become a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the latest trends of Harajuku culture through innovative shops and dining facilities.

The 5th to 7th floors comprise the dining area called HARAJUKU KITCHEN & TERRACE. On the 6th floor, designed in a food court style, visitors can relax in a verdant lawn section and an expansive rooftop terrace. You can browse the menus of various eateries and place your orders via your smartphone.

14. Kiddy Land Harajuku Store


Many people come here specifically to find merchandise related to their favorite anime characters! Kiddy Land Harajuku offers one of the largest selections of character merchandise in Japan in addition to all kinds of toys and games for children. What's even better, they also provide tax-free shopping services.

15. Cat Street: Walk into a Fashion Magazine Photoshoot

cat street

Cat Street is a nickname for the pedestrian street that connects Harajuku and Shibuya, leading to Miyashita Park on Meiji Avenue.

There are many well-decorated beauty salons and hidden cafes along Cat Street. Compared to Omotesando and Takeshita Street, it tends to be less crowded, making it a more relaxed shopping experience.

Cat Street is a place for everyone who wishes to enjoy shopping in a peaceful environment, discover unique stores, and leisurely stroll along the streets of Harajuku.

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16. Number Sugar: Savor Sweet Milk Candy

cat street

Besides the fiercely competitive crepes and popcorn, caramel has also become a trend in Harajuku. Number Sugar is a milk caramel specialty shop; in addition to their Jingumae store, they also have branches in the Daikanyama and Marunouchi districts of Tokyo.

Their milk caramels are handmade, free from preservatives, and do not contain any artificial flavors or chemicals, emphasizing the purest flavor. Such pure and exquisite milk caramels are probably only available here. Enjoy!

17. Iyoshi Cola: A Craft Cola Specialty Store

cat street

In April 2021, Japan's famous craft cola brand Iyoshi Cola opened its second store in the somewhat quieter Cat Street. The store offers two types of freshly made cola: their signature cola called THE DREAMY FLAVORmade with a craft cola base, carbonated water, lemon, and black pepper, as well as a milk cola.

Iyoshi Cola uses natural spices in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine to prepare their beverages; this is why their drinks feel less burdensome on the body when consumed. Their craft cola has a nostalgic yet fresh flavor that's quite unique.

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18. TORNADO MART: A Stylish Men's Brand

cat street

Shopping on Cat Street isn't just for girls; guys can also enjoy the thrill of shopping here. You'll find several men's clothing stores, like TORNADO MART, which caters to slim and tall body types, with a strong emphasis on fashion-forward and diverse styles.

If you're looking for unique pieces that set you apart from others, this is the place to discover hidden gems.

19. THE NORTH FACE KIDS: Enjoying Fashion from a Young Age

cat street

THE NORTH FACE's first-ever kids' clothing store, THE NORTH FACE KIDS, allows children to get closer to the great outdoors. While it's a leisure and sports brand, its designs are full of style, making even adults envy the collection.

20. Niko and... on Meiji Avenue


Next up on Meiji-dori Avenue, you'll find niko and..., a flagship store that combines fashion, coffee, dining, and a bookstore all in one.

The entire store offers free Wi-Fi and charging, allowing you to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee, and browse through books. The store changes its theme and interior design every 45 days. Just like reading a magazine, each visit brings a fresh experience.

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Omotesando Station to Aoyama Avenue

If Harajuku's Takeshita Street is considered a hub for spreading Japanese pop culture and kawaii fashion worldwide, Omotesando is the place where Japan receives the most cutting-edge fashion elements from around the world.

A visit to Omotesando is like taking a tour of fashion capitals like Milan and Paris, making it a hotspot for fashion enthusiasts.

21. Omotesando Hills

Harajuku-Omotesando: 25 Fun Things to Do, Shopping, and Food

Photo by Pixta

Designed by renowned architect Tadao Ando, Omotesando Hills remains popular even after more than a decade since its opening. Many international brands opened their first Japanese store or flagship store here.

For example, brands like Y-3 by Adidas and The Organic Pharmacy, an organic cosmetics brand, have established their presence in this commercial facility. The annual Christmas lights display during the winter season is also highly anticipated by everyone.

22. Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

Harajuku-Omotesando: 25 Fun Things to Do, Shopping, and Food

Photo by Pixta
Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku is located at a crossroads of Meiji Avenue and Omotesando Street, mid-way between Harajuku and Omotesando. With its stylish mirror facade that you can see up-close as you ascend the building with the elevators, it feels like entering a portal to another dimension.

Compared to Laforet HARAJUKU across the street, Tokyu Plaza is home to more international brands like American Eagle and Tommy Hilfiger. Of course, you can also savor the delicious pancakes from the famous Bills restaurant.

Additionally, there is a green oasis on the rooftop called Omohara no Mori; this is an open garden area that anyone can enjoy. If you get tired from shopping, take a break in this lush space, unwind, and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

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23. SOU・SOU Aoyama Store: Modern Lifestyle Goods Made with Japanese Craftsmanship

Sou Sou

SOU・SOU is a Japanese lifestyle and clothing brand renowned for its innovative use of traditional Japanese textiles and patterns.

At their Aoyama store, they offer a wide range of products and a welcoming atmosphere, inviting both their fans and those who may not yet be familiar with SOU・SOU but have an interest in Japanese culture. This store offers exclusive items not available on their official online shopping platform, as well as a tea room experience, making it a charming destination for visitors to Japan.

24. 3COINS Flagship Store

3COINS flagship store

3COINS is one of the most popular budget chain shops for household items, with all their products priced at 300 yen (330 yen with tax). The household items you can find at 3COINS are more fashionable and often more durable than those sold at 100-yen shops.

The 3COINS flagship store in Harajuku has a flower shop - the brand's first attempt at selling fresh flowers, which are also priced at 330 yen. Inside, you can also find a section dedicated to the products of 3COINS' sister brand, ASOKO.

The store also offers the GOOD MOOD FOOD product line, featuring stylish packaging. These affordable items make excellent gifts for coworkers and friends.

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25. Santa Monica Harajuku Store

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is another thrift store with a large fanbase in Japan. At their bright and inviting Harajuku store, they primarily sell second-hand trendy T-shirts for both men and women at very reasonable prices. Most of the shirts are priced at around 2,000 - 4,000 yen.

In addition to clothing, you can find a rich selection of exclusive goods and decorative items, making it a great place to shop for unique fashion pieces and accessories to create your own style.

26. REISSUE Coffee: Superb 3D Latte Art!

cafe in Harajuku

At REISSUE Coffee, a Japanese latte art maestro diligently crafts unique latte art for customers. He creates both 2D and 3D latte art, and there's no challenge too big for him when it comes to latte art designs.

27. The MATCHA TOKYO Cafe Omotesando Store

Harajuku-Omotesando: 25 Fun Things to Do, Shopping, and Food

THE MATCHA TOKYO is an organic matcha green tea brand that focuses on health and the environment. The tea used in their food products and beverages is cultivated at their own tea farm.

THE MATCHA TOKYO operates several cafes in Tokyo, as well as in Osaka and overseas. At their Omotesando store, you can taste a wide range of drinks made with organic green tea, including their healthy matcha shakes, as well as Japanese confectionery that goes well with tea. They also sell sweets and protein drinks made with matcha green tea.

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Enjoy Your Walk in Harajuku and Omotesando

Harajuku and Omotesando are home to many unique shops and cafes. We hope that our guide serves as a starting point for those who wish to explore this vibrant area of Tokyo.

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