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Tadao Ando, Japan's Famous Architect - Four Works In Tokyo

Tadao Ando is one of Japan's prominent architects. There are around 35 buildings in Tokyo that were designed by him. In this article, we introduce four of Ando's works that are publicly available for viewing.


Tadao Ando's Architecture in Tokyo

Tadao Ando, Japan's Famous Architect - Four Works In Tokyo

Picture from Shopping in Omotesando Hills, Where Japanese Trends Are Born

The works of the prominent Japanese architect Tadao Ando are known worldwide for their characteristic unique space created using bare concrete walls and geometric shapes.

Mr. Ando is highly regarded not only in Japan but in international circles as well. In 1995, he received the Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is regarded as "the Nobel Prize" in the world of architecture.

Out of the 41 buildings in Tokyo that were designed by Tadao Ando, 35 are still standing. However, please note that many of them are private residences, schools, hospitals, and company buildings.

Let us introduce to you four selected works by Tadao Ando in Tokyo that are publicly available for viewing.

1. Shibuya Station Building (Tokyu Toyoko Line)


Picture courtesy of Tokyu Cooperation

The design concept of the Tokyu Shibuya Station is that of an "underground spaceship". It was created to be not just a train station, but a place that leaves a strong impression in the minds of everyone passing through it.


Picture courtesy of Tokyu Cooperation

There is a large opening at the center of the station, which reaches down to 30 meters below the ground level, where the trains are running. This design feature adds spaciousness to the underground station.

2. Kaminoge Station (Tokyu Oimachi Line)

Tadao Ando, Japan's Famous Architect - Four Works In Tokyo

From Shinjuku Station, it takes about 40 minutes by train to reach the Kaminoge Station on the Tokyu Oimachi line. A large roof unites the two station buildings, with the road running between them. The roof has a round opening in the center, to shed light on the road.

The glass-covered station building is also filled with light.

Kaminoge Station
Address: Tokyo, Setagaya, Kaminoge 1-26-6 Google Map


Tadao Ando, Japan's Famous Architect - Four Works In Tokyo

21_21 DESIGN SIGHT is an exhibition hall inside Tokyo Midtown, located in Roppongi. This work is based on the idea of "a single piece of fabric", suggested by fashion designer Issey Miyake, who is also one of the directors of the hall. The roof, which looks as if it were made by folding a single sheet of metal, really stands out.

Most of the interior was created using bare concrete, which is a characteristic of Ando's works.

Address: Tokyo, Minato, Akasaka 9-7-6 (within the Tokyo Midtown Garden) Google Map

4. Omotesando Hills

Tadao Ando, Japan's Famous Architect - Four Works In Tokyo

Many people visit Omotesando for shopping or relaxing in a cozy cafe. Omotesando Hills, a multi-purpose commercial facility designed by Tadao Ando, is located here.

There is an atrium at the center of the building, connecting the three underground floors and the three aboveground floors, with a glass ceiling that illuminates the interior space.
The streets in Omotesando form a gentle slope, and the building floors are connected by slopes, with the same gradient as Omotesando's streets, which surrounds the atrium like a spiral. The total length of the interior slopes, believe it or not, adds up to 700 meters.

Omotesando Hills
Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae, 4-12-10 Google Map

Tadao Ando's Works in Tokyo

Out of the other many works of architecture by Tadao Ando in Tokyo, we could also mention the Fukutake Hall of the University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus), the building of the International Library of Children's Literature (National Diet Library), or Sengawa Theater in Chofu City.

Even those who aren't especially interested in architecture will be amazed by these buildings. Take a look at his works, and you will feel the power of their innovative design.

Pictures from Pixta

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