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Cross-Dressing Maid Café: Akihabara NEWTYPE

Cross-Dressing Maid Café: Akihabara NEWTYPE

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Reiko Ichikawa

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Maid cafés are common in Tokyo's Akihabara area, Japan's anime, gaming, and electronics capital. Otokonoko Cafe & Bar NEWTYPE offers a unique experience with adorable cross-dressing servers. Learn more about this special maid café in this article.

Akihabara NEWTYPE: A Tokyo Maid Café with Cross-Dressing Guys

Akihabara NEWTYPE

Located away from the busy city center of the Electric Town in Akihabara, approximately 10 minutes from the station, on the third floor of a building there is a slightly unique café and bar.

In Akihabara, there are many thematic maid cafés where girls in maid costumes cater to customers as though they were masters. NEWTYPE at first appears to be a standard maid café, but they have a very unique trait.

Surprise! All the maids working in this shop are actually guys! They are all serving customers while cross-dressing as maids.

In Japan, a term to describe men who cross-dress is referred to as otoko no ko (男の娘). It is a word pun that is read as "boy," but written with the characters for "boys as girls." Therefore, NEWTYPE is referred to as an otoko no ko cafe.

NEWTYPE is a prominent cross-dressing café and bar for cross-dressing men and has been in business for several years in Akihabara.

cafe newtype akihabara

The cafe has been featured several times in Japanese media outlets. Some of the maids that work there currently saw NEWTYPE on television as students and decided to apply for a job there afterward.

In the store, cute cross-dressing maids attend to you very kindly, creating a wonderful time.

Manners When Visiting NEWTYPE

The majority of the workers at NEWTYPE are cross-dressers. They dress as maids in the café, but wear normal street clothing outside of this work. One of the most important rules to follow when at the café is that you may not ask for the maid's personal contact information nor take photos of the maids without their permission. If you follow these simple rules, you can really enjoy your time in the store.

Please note that most of the maids can only speak Japanese.

Ordering System at NEWTYPE - Omurice and More


The ordering system at NEWTYPE is a bit different from standard cafés. First, you begin by paying an entry fee (1,500 yen) that comes with one drink and sixty minutes of time at the cafe. After your first beverage, you will have to pay for any additional drinks or foods you order. Guests wanting to stay longer than one hour will have to pay extra, charged at a rate of 300 yen per 30 minutes.

At NEWTYPE, not only can you see and chat with cute cross-dressing maids, but there are plenty of foods and drinks to choose from.

This time, the writer tried the popular omurice (omelet rice).


One of the maids drew a picture for the writer with ketchup. You can let them choose what to draw, but you are welcome to request an illustration of your choice as well.

An Otokonoko Maid Café Enjoyed by Both Guys and Girls


Many of the customers of NEWTYPE visit to chat with the maids or to attend events held in the café: some visit while touring around Akihabara, but there are also regulars. There are plenty of guys, girls, students, workers and all sorts of people visiting this fun, original café.

Why not stop by NEWTYPE in Akihabara to experience a different side of Japan?

Otokonoko Cafe & Bar NEWTYPE

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