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6 Local Gourmet Foods You Must Try When Visiting Tomioka Silk Mill

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Tomioka Silk Mill, a World Heritage Site, is located in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture. In addition to the Tomioka Silk Mill, Tomioka is also home to Mt. Myogi, one of Japan's top three scenic spots, and is visited by tourists from all over the world.

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6 gourmet foods you can eat around Tomioka Silk Mill

Tomioka City, where the Tomioka Silk Mill is located, has gourmet food related to the Tomioka Silk Mill , such as sericulture and factory girls , as well as a cafés that are popular among locals. In this article, we will introduce 6 recommended gourmet dishes!

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Gourmet ① Okkikomi

A local dish that has been loved in Gunma Prefecture for a long time. It became established as a time-saving dish for families who were busy with the sericulture industry. Around Tomioka Silk Mill, you can eat it at Hayami, Minosuke Chaya, Ozawaya, Ichinoya, etc. They are also sold as souvenirs at the Otomichan's House tourist souvenir shop.

Gourmet ② Curry loved by factory girls

This is the signature menu of Takata Shokudo, a long-established restaurant run by a third-generation owner. As the name suggests, when the Tomioka Silk Mill was in operation, factory girls often came here to eat. They are particular about using ingredients that are safe to eat, and their retort pouches are also popular as souvenirs.

Gourmet ③ Horumon-age

It's conveniently sized and served on skewers, making it perfect for eating while walking. The contents are not offal, but fish paste ! Originally, offal were used, but fish paste became popular because it was easily available and easy to eat. It is sold at stores such as "Okaju Butcher" and "Kurasanchi".

Gourmet ④ Pudding "Soko ga miso"

Café Drome, an old folk house café located on the street in front of the Tomioka Silk Mill, has a very nice atmosphere and is often used as a resting place. As the name suggests, "Pudding Soko ga miso'' has a special miso caramel sauce on the bottom, which goes surprisingly well ! We recommend the set menu, which comes with a drink of your choice.

Gourmet⑤Silk soft-shelled turtle soup

This gourmet dish is also SDG-friendly by using soft-shelled turtles grown using silkworm pupae that would normally be discarded. This soup is good for your beauty because it uses soft-shelled turtle extract that contains collagen. It is sold at the Kinu Kobo shop in front of Tomioka Silk Mill. The store also sells silk products as souvenirs.

Gourmet ⑥ Tomioka Crepe

France has a deep connection with Tomioka Silk Mill. Crepes and galettes, which originated in France, have become Tomioka's new gourmet food as "Tomioka Crepe". In fact, the origin of the word crepe comes from the textile industry, and it is said that the name came from the silk fabric itself. Around the Tomioka Silk Mill, you can eat it at places such as "Clin.Clin." and "Merci Cocon & Café".

For the latest information on “Tomioka Crepe”, please check the “Tomioka Crepe” official Instagram .


There are many shops and restaurants around the Tomioka Silk Mill, and it is a town where you can have lunch, take a break, and eat while walking. In this article, we introduced gourmet restaurants and restaurants that are popular among locals, such as Okkirikomi and curry loved by factory girls. There are many more shops that we haven't been able to introduce here, so please also take a look at the official website or take a look at "Tomioka FOOD & SWEETS E-Book".

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