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"Takada Shokudo'', a place where you can still enjoy the taste loved by the factory girls of Tomioka Silk Mill, a world heritage site.

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"Takada Shokudo'' is located along a street called Ginza Dori, near the Tomioka Silk Mill, which supported Japan during the Meiji period, and was once enjoyed by the women who worked at the Tomioka Silk Mill. We asked the owner about his commitment to his signature curry and rice, his memories from ...

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A restaurant on Ginza Street that retains the Showa era atmosphere.

Takada Shokudo is located near the Tomioka Silk Mill.

It is located on Ginza Street on the way from Joshu Tomioka Station to the Tomioka Silk Mill.

Ginza-dori is a downtown area that connects Joshu Tomioka Station to the Tomioka Silk Mill, and the number and concentration of shops still retains the vestiges of those days.

I walked straight from the entrance and soon arrived at the store.

Curry and rice used to be loved by factory girls, then by neighbors for many years.

The restaurant, which was started by the previous owner around 1954, continues to offer the same taste since its founding.

The menu includes curry, cutlet curry, cutlet on rice, and ramen, but the most recommended is the curry rice (650 yen).

The spicy and dry curry with a strong presence of pork is a very popular menu item with large toppings and a creamy roux.

Manager  Mr. Takada says that the curry and rice served at the restaurant are "foods that I want to eat and things I can eat with peace of mind.''

All of the ingredients used at the restaurant are good enough to be served on your dining table at home.

The price remains the same, and you can feel that they want you to feel free to eat delicious food.

When the Tomioka Silk Mill was still in operation, it is said that many deliveries were made almost every day.

At the peak of the season, motorcycles alone were not enough, and there was a time when they had a dedicated delivery vehicle. From this story, we learned about the bustle of the Tomioka Silk Mill that supported Japan's modernization and continued to operate for a long time.

Although they are no longer delivering, you can still enjoy the flavor that was loved by factory girls and other people who worked at the silk mill.

It is sold as a retort curry, so it is recommended as a souvenir from Tomioka.

"Curry loved by factory girls '' remembering Tomioka Silk Mill is also available as a retort product and is popular as a souvenir for sightseeing as well as a gift among locals.

In addition to Takada Shokudo, you can also purchase it at nearby souvenir shops and convenience stores.

In recent years, many tourists from overseas have been visiting, and the other day a tourist from France visited.

It is said that some people actually stop by to eat and buy retort-packed curry as souvenirs.

The woodblock print featuring the Tomioka Silk Mill will help you convey the memories of your trip to your family and friends.

Along with the town that begins to change while retaining its original atmosphere.

The store manager, Mr. Takada, has served as a director of the Shopping District Association and is enthusiastic about seeing the town change.

"The number of meetings to welcome overseas tourists has increased, dormitory-type accommodation facilities have been opened, and recently we have started providing services such as rickshaw rides. I think this will continue to expand.'' He spoke positively about the expansion of the tourism business he has invested in.

"Takada Shokudo" basic information

Address: 22 Tomioka, Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture

TEL: 0274-62-0469

Business hours: 11:30-13:30

Regular holidays: Please check the store calendar

Parking: 2 cars

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The Tomioka City Tourism Association utilizes the tourism resources of Tomioka City, including the Tomioka Silk Mill and Mt. Myogi, in order to increase the number of visitors while contributing to the development of the local economy.

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