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Disney Store's Cherry Blossom Season 2024: Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, and More

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Every year during Japan's cherry blossom season, the Disney Store releases seasonal limited edition related products, and 2024 is no exception! Let's take a look at the cherry blossom season limited edition Disney products that are worth collecting this spring!

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Cherry Blossom Season 2024: Disney Store's Special Items

Disney Store 櫻花季 2024

The Disney Store cherry blossom season 2024 products have been officially released on January 26.

This year, a series of limited edition items will be introduced with the design concept of 'admiring cherry blossoms in full bloom and nodding off under the warm spring sun.'

Disney Store Cherry Blossom Season Limited Edition: Plushies

日本迪士尼Disney Store櫻花季限定 維尼

First up are the plushie versions of Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Marie Cat, and Stitch. They feature a light pink color and sleepy half-closed eyes, with details such as tails or body parts adorned with cherry blossom petals.

They exude an adorable laziness that makes you want to bask together in the spring sun. Their cuteness is off the charts! (4,200 yen)

迪士尼商店 櫻花季史迪奇

Disney Store Cherry Blossom Season Limited Edition: Keychain Dolls

Disney Store櫻花季限定 維尼3

Palm-sized keychain dolls featuring not only Disney cartoon stars such as Winnie the Pooh and Stitch, but also characters like Piglet and Eeyore from "Winnie the Pooh," Lotso from "Toy Story," and Meimei from "Youth."

Each doll's detailed expression, posture, and the adorable lazy feeling that fits the theme are noteworthy features.

Disney Store櫻花季限定小豬
迎接2024年櫻花季!Disney Store櫻花色維尼、史迪奇,浪漫上市

Other Cherry Blossom Season Limited Edition Items

2024櫻花季商品 迪士尼商店

Also being released are the cherry blossom petal-shaped coffee cup and saucer set featuring Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, as well as limited edition items such as the delicate pink Winnie the Pooh doll tissue holder, the cherry blossom season eco-bag, and pen case.

Disney Store櫻花季限定 杯盤

The cup and saucer set is priced at 2,500 yen.

小熊維尼 面紙套

Tissue box cover (4,400 yen)


Eco-friendly shopping bag (1,400 yen)

Disney Store櫻花季限定 維尼2

Pen case (3,000 yen)

Disney Store櫻花季限定商品

In addition, this time, Disney Store has a special collaboration with the Uji green tea specialty store Gion Tsujiri from Kyoto, featuring cherry blossom season packaged matcha-flavored POLCOCON cookies. (1,600 yen)

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Release Date: From January 26, 2024
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©Disney Based on the “Winnie the Pooh” works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.

Information and photo source: PR TIMES

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