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Eat! Play! Experience! You're sure to find your favorite spot in Osaka's shopping districts, with plenty of great places to visit! "Eeyan! Osaka Shopping District" portal site

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Introducing the "Eeyan! Osaka Shopping Streets" portal site, where not only people living in Osaka but also domestic and foreign tourists can learn about the shopping streets of Osaka Prefecture.

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What is "Eeyan! Osaka Shopping Street"?

When foreign tourists hear "Osaka's shopping districts," the first things that come to mind are food, such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, ramen, and kushikatsu, activities such as Universal Studios Japan, and tourist spots such as Osaka Castle and the ancient tombs.

Among these, words related to "food walking," which is also common in Korea and Southeast Asia, received many responses as something they would like to experience in the city of Osaka.

Not only people living in Osaka, but also domestic and foreign tourists can get to know Osaka Prefecture's shopping streets. What kind of places are Osaka's shopping streets? Where should I go? Where are the delicious restaurants? What are the best places to go?

"Eeyan! Osaka Shopping Street" was created with the aim of being a site that answers questions from people visiting Osaka for the first time and those who want to visit lesser known spots.

Foreign tourists: "I'm not very good at reading Japanese..."

"Eeyan! Osaka Shopping Street" is available in a variety of languages, including not only English, but also the highly popular Chinese languages ​​in both "Simplified" and "Traditional", Korean, French and Thai.

"I want to go to the shopping district, but where is it?" "I don't know how to get there!"

"Eeyan! Osaka Shopping Arcade" is also linked to Google Maps, so you can check the location on the map before you leave or even while you're on the move.

Is there that restaurant you've always wanted to eat at or that spot you've always wanted to go to?

You can also view information about the shops in each shopping street from the individual shopping street pages!

Each store's page lists not only the address and phone number, but also opening hours, regular holidays, cashless payment options, and official social media accounts, so you won't feel anxious when visiting the store for the first time.

On each shopping street's individual page, we introduce our favorite spots and recommendations so you can get to know the street better!

The stories of the shopping district told by people who know it better than anyone else are full of not only familiar places and topics, but also stories that can only be heard here.

Before and after visiting Osaka's shopping streets, you'll want to try more eating and playing.

I want to experience Japan's seasonal events!

Japan also has seasonal events. On this event information page, you can experience "mochi-pounding" and delicious "serving" in the shopping arcade, experience the food stalls of the summer festival and Halloween costumes, walk through an arcade decorated with Christmas lights, go shopping and try your hand at a raffle. There is also a wealth of information on experiences you can have in the shopping arcade depending on the season you visit!

We will continue to enrich the content and promote Osaka Prefecture's shopping districts to the world.

Be sure to check out the "Eeyan! Osaka Shopping District" portal site to accompany you on your trip to Osaka.

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Osaka's shopping streets support the lives and employment of the prefecture's residents, play an important role as regional infrastructure, and are attractive as places for local people to interact. With an eye on the 2025 Osaka-Kansai Expo, we have opened the portal site "Eeyan! Osaka Shopping Streets" as an initiative to promote the appeal of Osaka's shopping streets and stores and digitize them. "Wow, there's a shopping street like this! I'll go check it out next time!" Please use "Eeyan! Osaka Shopping Streets" to discover new aspects of shopping streets you didn't know about or your local shopping street, and to have wonderful encounters with shopping streets.

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