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- Enjoy sightseeing at Mt. Aso! - Experience the night museum that is usually closed to the public & get information on Aso trekking!

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We will inform you of the Aso Volcano Museum's event information and Aso mountain climbing information!

Latest update :

Star Museum Spring Event

You can now see night footage of Nakadake Crater, which is now open to the public!

Mini-theater, VR experience, caldera experiment,

You can visit the underground storage facility and enjoy stargazing with a guide.

We offer content that you cannot experience at regular museums.

Please join us!

Dates: May 4, 5, 18, 25

Time: 18:00-20:00

For details and to apply, click here

A special exhibition is being held in the special exhibition space on the 3rd floor.

Our spring special exhibition, Takimuro-zaka "Time Tunnel: A 450,000-Year Journey" is currently being held.

Implemented by the Kumamoto River and National Highway Office of the Kyushu Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

As a result of the excavation work for the "Takimuro-zaka Tunnel," the pre-Aso volcano and

It penetrated almost all of the pyroclastic flow deposits from the Aso Caldera formation period.

The various information obtained from this is extremely important in considering the formation process of Aso volcano.

As the Aso Volcano Museum, we will introduce the ferocity of the giant eruptions that formed Aso Volcano and the mysteries of the workings of the Earth.

I will try to explain it as clearly as possible.

The event will run until July 15th. Please come and visit us.

Aso trekking

Aso has five mountains, centered around the famous Nakadake crater.

Nakadake is still volcanically active and spews smoke, and Takadake is the highest peak in Aso at 1,592m.

Other relatively beginner-friendly peaks include Mt. Eboshi and Mt. Kishima.

Mt. Nekodake is characterized by its jagged appearance, and these five mountains and the outer rim of the crater are collectively called Mount Aso.

Mount Kishima

The round trip to the summit of Mt. Kishima takes about an hour and a half, and the trail is paved and has many stairs, so

You can climb to the top in sneakers.

If you go around the crater from the summit, it takes about 2 hours in total, and you will be on a mountain path, so you should wear trekking shoes.

It seems better to wear them.

On a clear day, you can see a 360-degree view of Aso from around the crater, including the Ariake Sea, Mount Unzen and Mount Fugen, Aso city, and Mount Nakadake.

The 800 steps are a little tough but the views are spectacular!

Mount Eboshi

Crossing Kusasenrigahama Beach and climbing up the mountain path, it takes about two hours to go around Mt. Eboshi.

The trail is gentle so even small children can climb it.

Around mid-May, the bright pink Miyamakirishi flowers are very beautiful and popular with hikers.

Be careful as the ground can get slippery after rain!

Mount Nakadake and Mount Takadake

This course takes you to the top of Mt. Takadake, the highest peak in Aso, while overlooking the crater of Mt. Nakadake.

From the parking lot on Mount Aso, walk across Sand Senrigahama Beach and then climb a steep slope.

You can climb the mountain while looking down on the rugged rock faces, the deep black earth, and the still active crater.

The round trip to Takaoka takes about 6 hours.

Please enjoy the Aso atmosphere at your leisure.

Mt. Neko

Mt. Nekodake has an impressive jagged and pointed shape.

Currently, you can climb the mountain via the Hakoishi Tsurii Ridge route.

In autumn, the leaves turn red and fall, making it a popular spot among mountaineering enthusiasts.

There are a lot of people climbing mountains.

There are many steep slopes and it becomes slippery after rain, making it unsuitable for climbing.

Round trip takes approximately 3 hours.

For more information on climbing Aso, please see

Please see the URL for Aso City.

The best time to see Miyamakirishima flowers is expected to be from mid-May onwards.

(Please note that this may change depending on the weather and temperature each year.)

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Mount Aso is an active volcano that represents Japan. Depending on the direction of the wind, there may be restrictions on entering the area around the crater, or it may not be possible to tour the crater depending on the weather, but our museum has two cameras installed on the Nakadake crater wall and a crater wide screen that allows you to observe the crater situation in real time. there is. You can also listen to the sounds of the crater at the same time, so you can enjoy an immersive crater tour. In addition, the museum's permanent exhibitions include exhibits on the origin, topography, and geology of Aso Volcano, volcanoes in Japan and around the world, volcanic activity at Mt. Nakadake, the relationship between grasslands and people, flora and fauna, and more. You can watch movies about people's lives.

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