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Bunkyo Blooms: 3 Must-Visit Spots in the Birthplace of Kurono Tokyo

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Bunkyo, Tokyo is famous for its serene gardens, historical depth, and being the birthplace of Kurono Tokyo timepieces. Renowned for its picturesque garden landscapes and commitment to preserving traditional arts and crafts, Bunkyo, Tokyo epitomizes a fusion of natural beauty with rich culture.

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1. Rikugien Gardens

A 7-minute stroll from Komagome Station lies Rikugien Gardens - known for its beautifully preserved landscape scenery and one of Tokyo's most enchanting natural spaces. Its man-made hills and pond hold significance in Waka poetry. 'Rikugien' translates to 'The Garden of Six Poems' and it features miniature reproductions of 88 scenes inspired by famous Japanese poems. Visitors can enjoy traditional Japanese matcha and wagashi (sweets) in the tea houses from the Meiji Era for about 800 - 1000 yen. During the cherry blossom season, a special illumination takes place, beautifully lit up the famous weeping trees which is a must-visit.

2. Nezu Shrine

Nezu Shrine is a timeless sanctuary that beckons travelers seeking both spiritual solace and cultural enchantment - located just a 3-minute stroll from Nezu station. Stepping through the torii gate and into the shrine's sacred precincts, you'll find yourself transporting to a realm where ancient traditions coexist harmoniously with contemporary Tokyo. One of Nezu Shrine's most enchanting features is the azalea garden and during the months of Spring, the garden bursts into a riot of colors as thousands of azalea bushes bloom in a breathtaking display.

3. Koishikawa Korakuren

Located 3-minutes away from the Suidobashi station, Koishikawa Korakuen - one of Tokyo's oldest traditional gardens, offers visitors a peaceful retreat amid the city's fast pace. Established during the Edo period by the Tokugawa family, this garden is a masterpiece of Chinese and Japanese landscape design, embodying the concept of pleasure and communal happiness.

Its name is translated to the 'Garden of Enjoyment' and is fitting as it features landscapes inspired by literature and offers stunning views. Particularly during the cherry blossom season, its entrance is adorned with blooming weeping cherry trees. Koishikawa Korakuen stands as a vibrant testament to Japan's rich cultural and natural heritage, inviting exploration and reflection.

Kurono Tokyo

A distinguished 'Gendai no Meiko' master and celebrated AHCl watchmaker, Hajime Asaoka is globally recognized as the pinnacle in Japanese craft with multiple GPHG nominations. Established in Bunkyo, Tokyo, its location inspired Kurono Tokyo's first-ever timepiece.

The Kurono Bunkyo Tokyo was introduced in 2019, symbolizing the vision of creating more accessible and affordable timepieces that share the same design DNA as Hajime Asaoka. Though sold out, its timeless allure can still be experienced at the Kurono Tokyo Aoyama Salon.

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Gather at the Japanese Independent Watchmaker, Hajime Asaoka's first and only Kurono Tokyo Salon, located just 4 minutes away from Gaienmae Station and within walking distance from Omotesando and Harajuku! It's a physical hub that welcomes fans and friends of the brand who visit Tokyo. Just like the watches, the Aoyama salon is personally designed by Hajime Asaoka. It is our hope that you will enjoy your visit to the salon and experience Kurono Tokyo. We cannot wait to host you!

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