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How to Get from Shin-Osaka Station to Osaka: JR Line or the Subway?

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Shin-Osaka Station and Osaka Station are different stations. The Shinkansen does not stop at Osaka Station, so after arriving at Shin-Osaka Station, you need to transfer to another mode of transportation to reach Osaka Station (Umeda area). Read on to learn the fastest and most cost-efficient ways.

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Route 1: Transfer to JR Local, Rapid, or Special Rapid Trains


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In general, passengers who arrive at Shin-Osaka Station by Shinkansen will go to Osaka Station by taking a JR local train on the Kyoto Line, Kobe Line, Takarazuka Line, or Fukuchiyama Line.

The main platforms for boarding are platforms 7, 8, and 9 (only before noon). Shin-Osaka Station and Osaka Station are major stations where all types of trains stop, so passengers can board any train, with a travel time of approximately 4 minutes.

Starting in 2024, Osaka Station's underground platforms opened, extending the Osaka Higashi Line into Osaka Station. From platform 1 at Shin-Osaka Station, passengers can board the Osaka Higashi Line to Osaka Station. However, the Osaka Higashi Line's Osaka Station is located on an underground platform, quite a distance from the actual Osaka Station, so it is not recommended for travelers heading to Osaka Station.

According to JR West Japan's official website, the estimated transfer time from the Shinkansen platform to the JR local line platform is about 10 minutes, so passengers in a hurry should pay attention to the time.

Route 2: Transfer to the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line to Umeda Station


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JR's Shin-Osaka Station and the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line's Shin-Osaka Station are interconnected, but the JR floors are located on the 3rd and 4th floors, while the Midosuji Line's Shin-Osaka Station is at the bottom of the 2nd floor, with a considerable distance between them.

It only takes 6 minutes from the Midosuji Line's Shin-Osaka Station to Umeda Station, making it quite fast.

According to JR West Japan's official website, the transfer time from the Shinkansen platform to the Osaka Metro platform is approximately 17 minutes.

If your destination is just Osaka Station, taking JR is faster. However, if you are continuing to the heart of Osaka (places like Shinsaibashi, Namba, etc.), transferring to the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line at Shin-Osaka Station would be smoother.

Extra Tip: How to Get from Hankyu Osaka-Umeda Station to Shin-Osaka Station?


The Hankyu Railway is a popular transportation option for many passengers, but is it necessary to transfer to JR or the subway to reach Shin-Osaka Station?

Actually, by taking the Hankyu Kyoto Line's local or semi-express trains from Hankyu Osaka-Umeda Station to Minami-Itami Station, and then walking for about 10 minutes, you can easily reach Shin-Osaka Station.

This method is a common route known to residents along the Hankyu line and can be a convenient option for passengers using the Hankyu Railway.

Enjoy Exploring Osaka

The transportation from JR Shin-Osaka Station to Osaka Station (Umeda) is straightforward and clear for locals, but it may lack sufficient information for travelers from outside the Kansai region or foreign tourists.

We hope that this transportation guide can assist visitors to Osaka and provide them with the information needed to navigate between these two key stations.

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