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Shin-Osaka Station 2024 Guide: Transfers, Dining, Shops, and Hotels

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Shin-Osaka Station is one of Japan's most important transportation hubs, serving as a gateway to Osaka via the Shinkansen. This article provides detailed information about the Shinkansen platforms with floor descriptions, food and souvenir shops, and nearby hotels.

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Shin-Osaka Station: The Gateway to Western Japan

Shin-Osaka Station serves as a crucial gateway for accessing the Kansai region via the Shinkansen and is one of the particularly important stations in Japan.

With the Sanyo Shinkansen (connecting to Okayama, Hiroshima, and Hakata), the Tokaido Shinkansen (to Nagoya and Tokyo), and the JR Tokaido Main Line (Kyoto Line and Kobe Line) among its many key routes, the station functions as a major terminal linking Osaka with various parts of Japan.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Shin-Osaka Station with information about its Shinkansen platforms, various floors, transfer options to the subway, dining spots and shops, as well as nearby accommodation facilities.

Shin-Osaka Station Guide

Where Is Shin-Osaka Station Located?
The Difference between Shin-Osaka Station and Osaka Station
Transferring from JR Shin-Osaka Station to Osaka Metro
JR Shin-Osaka Station Platforms
Dining at Shin-Osaka Station
Souvenir Shops at Shin-Osaka Station
Hotels near Shin-Osaka Station

Where Is Shin-Osaka Station Located?

Shin-Osaka Station

Photo by PIXTA
Shin-Osaka Station is the only Shinkansen station within Osaka Prefecture, serving as the terminus of the Tokaido Shinkansen and the originating and ending point for the San'yo Shinkansen.

Numerous Shinkansen shuttle buses operate from here as well. Direct buses to Okayama and Fukuoka are available, along with multiple local and express train services making it one of the most significant stations in Japan.

Currently, the area around the station is primarily composed of commercial offices and business hotels, making it a very convenient hub for travelers seeking accommodation.

The Difference Between Shin-Osaka Station and Osaka Station

Shin-Osaka Station

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Shin-Osaka Station is a separate station located 3 km north of Osaka Station. Shinkansen services are not available at Osaka Station; to board a Shinkansen, one must go to Shin-Osaka Station.

The reason why Osaka Station is distant from the Shinkansen hub is because there was not enough land near Osaka Station to build a Shinkansen station.

Additionally, the station was constructed as an interchange point, considering the straight-line extension of the San'yo Shinkansen route. During that time, it developed as a shopping district, leading to the surrounding areas evolving into commercial neighborhoods.

Transportation from Shin-Osaka to Osaka (Umeda Area)

To reach central Osaka from Shin-Osaka Station, you can take JR trains bound for Osaka or Kobe, as there are frequent services.

If you wish to go to places like Shinsaibashi, Namba, or Tennoji, take an Osaka Metro line from Shin-Osaka Station.

Transferring from JR Shin-Osaka Station to Osaka Metro

Shin-Osaka Station

Once you exit through the third-floor ticket gates, take the escalator down to the second floor.

Shin-Osaka Station

Proceed straight in the direction indicated by the sign that reads "Midosuji Line" and you will find the entrance to the Osaka Metro platforms located below.

Shin-Osaka Station

Photo by PIXTA
It takes approximately 15 minutes to walk from the Shinkansen platforms to the metro lines at Shin-Osaka Station. If you plan to transfer, it is essential to consider the transfer time as part of your journey.

Exchange Voucher and Receive JR West Travel Passes at the Travel Service Center!

Shin-Osaka Station

Passengers who have purchased travel passes issued by JR-WEST can exchange their vouchers at the Travel Service Center, which is dedicated to visitors traveling to Japan, rather than at the regular ticket counter.

Many staff at these centers can speak English, so you don't need to worry if you are not fluent in Japanese!

Shin-Osaka Station Platforms

Shin-Osaka Station is very large with a significant number of departing trains, leading to a considerable amount of platforms. To ensure you don't get lost, here is a guide detailing commonly used platforms and directions.


Platform Type Route Destination Train Type
20 - 22 JR West Japan San'yo Shinkansen (Kyushu Shinkansen through service) Bound for Okayama, Hiroshima, Hakata, and Kagoshima-Chuo NOZOMI, MIZUHO, SAKURA, HIKARI, KODAMA
23 - 27 JR Tokai Tokaido Shinkansen Bound for Nagoya, Tokyo NOZOMI, HIKARI, KODAMA

Local trains, limited express trains

Platform Direction
3 Limited Express Haruka bound for Kansai Airport
4 Limited Express Thunderbird bound for Tsuruga and Kanazawa on the Hokuriku Shinkanse
5, 6 Bound for Kyoto: Local train, Rapid service, Special Rapid service
9 Limited Express Konotori for Fukuchiyama and Kinosaki Onsen
10 The White Rabbit Limited Express bound for Tottori

Please refer to the station timetable and platform for accurate information. Train schedules may vary due to different timetables for each train.

Dining at Shin-Osaka Station

As one of the gateways to Kansai, Shin-Osaka Station boasts numerous eateries offering typical Osaka cuisine. Our editorial team has carefully selected and recommended restaurants at Shin-Osaka Station for you.

Naniwa Soba

Shin-Osaka Station

Naniwa Soba is a well-established restaurant located at Shin-Osaka Station. Previously known for its standing soba counter, it underwent a renewal, expanding its space to include seating areas.

One thing that remains unchanged is the "super-fast meal service speed." This eatery offers a taste of nostalgic Kansai-style soba, satisfying both locals and tourists looking for a quick bite.

Address: JR Shin-Osaka Station 3rd floor, inside the ticket gates for the Upward Bound Platform, outside the East Exit
Business Hours: 6:30 - 23:30


Shin-Osaka Station

The popular hamburger joint from Kyoto, Toyo-tei, has a branch at Shin-Osaka Station as well. Their signature dish features a hamburger patty and potatoes wrapped in hot aluminum foil on a hot plate.

Unwrapping reveals a piping hot hamburger, showcasing the essence of Japanese Western-style cuisine. You can also pair this with desserts like cakes or puddings to savor the traditional flavors of Kyoto in Shin-Osaka.

Address: 2nd floor of ARDE, JR Shin-Osaka Station
Business Hours: 10:30 - 22:30

Kushikatsu Daruma

Shin-Osaka Station

Kushikatsu Daruma is a highly renowned kushikatsu (deep-fried skewers) restaurant in Osaka, with two locations at Shin-Osaka Station.

Whether you're a salaryman or a visitor, why not enjoy crispy kushikatsu while sipping on beer and experience the most authentic kushikatsu in Osaka?

Address: 2nd floor of ARDE, JR Shin-Osaka Station, inside the Shinkansen station premises
Business Hours: 11:00 - 22:30

Kamukura Ramen

Shin-Osaka Station

Kamukura Ramen, originating from Osaka, is known for its soup rich in vegetables, sweetness, and aroma, making it a favorite among tourists visiting Japan.

Address: 3rd floor of JR Shin-Osaka Station
Business Hours: 9:30 - 23:00

551 Horai

Shin-Osaka Station

When it comes to tasty treats from Osaka, the first shop that comes to mind for many Japanese people is 551 Horai. There are five stores of 551 Horai at Shin-Osaka Station. The specialty of 551 Horai lies in its focus on pork and onions, offering a fragrant experience with each bite.

Locations: Inside the Shinkansen ticket gates at Shin-Osaka Station, outside the Central Exit gate at Kaizai, ARDE Shin-Osaka, Eki Marche Shin-Osaka SODOE store, Eki Marche Shin-Osaka store (inside Kaizai)
Business Hours: The operating hours vary for the five stores except for ARDE. Each restaurant at Shin-Osaka opens at 9:00 and closes at 21:00 or 21:30.

Shin-Osaka Station Souvenir Shops

Shin-Osaka Station

Shin-Osaka Station, visited by travelers from all over Japan and the world, boasts an extensive array of souvenir shops.

Entree Marche on the third floor of Shin-Osaka Station is the largest souvenir shop within the station, offering not just Osaka souvenirs but also souvenirs from the Kansai region such as Kyoto and Kobe, providing a variety of options for passengers before boarding their trains. You can also shop there on your way back!

Address: 3rd floor of JR Shin-Osaka Station
Business Hours: 6:30 - 22:00

Hotels near Shin-Osaka Station

As a significant station in Japan, the area surrounding the station is well-equipped with numerous business hotels, making it very convenient for business trips and tourists visiting Japan.

Hotel Via Inn Shin-Osaka

Shin-Osaka Station

Hotel Via Inn Shin-Osaka is a business hotel under the JR West Japan brand, conveniently located just a 2-minute walk from the east exit of Shin-Osaka Station.

Despite its proximity to the station, it boasts excellent soundproofing, ensuring a peaceful stay without disturbance. You can rest comfortably while listening to the sounds of passing trains.

This business hotel is one of the few at Shin-Osaka Station with parking facilities, making it an ideal choice for guests arriving by car.

Tokyu Inn Shin-Osaka Higashi

Shin-Osaka Station

There are three Toyku Inn hotels around Shin-Osaka Station. Among them, Tokyu Inn Shin-Osaka Higashi is exceptionally convenient, located about a 5-minute walk from the east exit of Shin-Osaka Station. It is also within walking distance from Higashiyodogawa Station.

One of the biggest advantages of Tokyu Inn is that the interior design is consistent across all their locations. While this may not seem surprising to travelers, it provides a sense of "safety and reliability."

Hotel Remm Shin-Osaka

Shin-Osaka Station

Hotel Remm Shin-Osaka is a luxury business hotel under the Hankyu Hanshin Hotels group, designed with a focus on providing guests with quality bedding to help alleviate travel fatigue.

From rooms on the higher floors, you can enjoy beautiful views of Osaka. It is safe to say that this hotel is one of the most convenient options near Shin-Osaka Station.

karaksa Hotel Grande Shin-Osaka Tower

Shin-Osaka Station

karaksa Hotel Grande Shin-Osaka Tower is located a 5-minute walk from Shin-Osaka Station. It is a 24-story tower with 396 rooms, designed primarily for travelers, hence the rooms are quite spacious.

With a diverse staff from various countries, guests can communicate in their native languages, ensuring a seamless stay at this luxurious hotel.

Enjoy Your Time at Shin-Osaka Station

While Shin-Osaka Station may not buzz with the same energy and vibrancy as Osaka Station or the Umeda business district, the station itself offers numerous conveniences for travelers such as handy restaurants, shopping options, and accommodation, especially with the extension of the Chuo Shinkansen and Hokuriku Shinkansen lines.

Currently, there are many redevelopment projects in progress around Shin-Osaka, suggesting that the station and its surroundings are poised for significant changes in the future!

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