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"Lantern Floating Festival at Chidori-ga-fuchi, The Imperial Palace" will be held on two consecutive nights this year on Wed. July 24, Thu. 25, 2024 2nights!

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"Lantern Floating Festival at Chidori-ga-fuchi,The Imperial Palace" will be held for two consecutive nights this year on July 24th (Wed) and 25th (Thu)! Applications to participate in the ever-popular "Lantern and Boat ride " and "Lantern" will open on June 20th (Thu). For the first time, we are als...

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"Lantern Floating Festival at Chidori-ga-fuchi,The Imperial Palace"  began in 1958 to heal the hearts of people devastated after the war. Last year, about 9,000 people from Japan and abroad visited the festival over two days, and 120 groups were selected by lottery from about 2,000 applications to participate in the "Lantern and Boat ride " where lanterns are released onto the water from a boat. Each lantern is filled with people's gratitude, hopes, and wishes for peace, and is released onto the water as a "gift lantern." Why not experience the fantastical world that unfolds in Chiyoda City, the heart of Tokyo?

Event Outline

[Date & Time] Wednesday, July 24th and Thursday, July 25th, 2024, 7:00pm to 8:00pm *Cancelled in case of rain or bad weather

[Fee] Free admission

Lantern and Boat ride are available for a fee.(Advance purchase required)


①Chidori-ga-fuchi Boat Pier(Beyond 2 Sanbancho)~Chidori-ga-fuchi Greenway4:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.Viewing venue, Sales of bottled water, Reception of floating lanterns (pick up lanterns – write your messages- hand in lanterns), Reception of boat boarding

②Kudanzaka Park(2-2-18 Kudan-minami)7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.Viewing venue

③Kitanomaru Garden(1-1 Kitanomarukoen)5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.Viewing venue, Food trucks, Sales of handheld lanterns

[Access] Subway "Kudanshita Station" Exit 2 / Subway "Hanzomon Station" Exit 5

① 10 minutes walk / 10 minutes walk

② 3 minute walk / 23 minute walk

③ 3-minute walk / 20-minute walk [Organizer]

Chiyoda City Tourism Association / Chiyoda City

[Official website]

How to participate About "Lantern and Boat ride"

Lanterns filled with various thoughts are released into Chidorigafuchi as "gifts." There are two ways to participate in the Lantern Floating Festival.

(1) "Lantern and Boat ride" (lottery)

On the day of the event, you can board a boat at the venue and float lanterns directly on the water, enveloped in a magical light.

[Number of applicants] 60 boats per day (lottery/up to 3 people per group) *Infants and toddlers are counted as 1 person.

[Admission Fees] 10,000 yen per boat (includes 3 lanterns and boat use fee)

[Application URL] *Apply via the application form on the official website

[Application period] June 20th (Thursday) to June 27th (Thursday) *Lottery results will be announced around July 4th

(2) "Lantern" (Advance purchase required)

*Please note that lanterns will not be sold on the day. Lanterns must be purchased in advance on the web.

You can write your wishes, prayers, and messages of hope on the lanterns. The lanterns will be kept and will be floated by staff during the event.

Price: 2,000 yen per light *Limited quantity (while stocks last)

①   Fill in at the venue(those who convey your thoughts at the venue) (Advance purchase only) *Please note that lanterns will not be sold on the day

You can pick up your pre-purchased lantern on-site and write your message directly on it. Please present the QR code sent after purchase on the day of the event to receive your lantern. *Payment is required in advance. *Limited quantity (ends when sold out)

ou can make a reservation for the lanterns on the web by paying in advance.On the day of the event, please present your reservation number at the pick up point to pick up your lantern. You can pick up your lanterns at the venue that you purchased on the web in advance and fill them out directly at the venue. Please present your QR code sent to you after purchase on the web on the day of the event to pick up your lantern.

Note:Payment is in advance.

[Sales period] From Thursday, June 20 to Monday July 22.

【Application URL】

[Pick-up period] Wednesday, July 24 and Thursday, July 25 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

[Place] Lantern pick up point near the Chidori-ga-fuchi Boat Pier.

Fill in on the web(those who convey your thoughts from home)

For those who cannot come to the venue on the day of the event, you can sign up to write a message on the lanterns on the website.

Note:The number of lanterns is limited. (will end when sold out).

Only text messages can be written on the lanterns. (English message available)

You cannot pick up the lanterns at the venue on the day of the event.

[Sales period] From Thursday, June 20 to Tuesday, July 16.

【Application URL】

New ways to enjoy the event: Expand the venue to Kitanomaru Garden as a rest and viewing spot

Starting this year, the venue has been expanded to Kitanomaru Garden as a new viewing spot for the lanterns, where visitors can enjoy the view. There will also be a rest area with handheld lanterns for sale and food trucks, so you can relax before the event begins. CAFÉ 33 in the Kitanomaru Rest House will also be open, so please feel free to use it.

[Location] Kitanomaru Garden 3rd Parking Lot (in front of Kitanomaru Rest House) [Time] 17:00-

Introducing the first accommodation plan that guarantees "lights on board"

Last year, the hotel members' accommodation plan, which included a "Shipboard Lantern Gift" and attracted approximately 2,000 applications for a capacity of 120 boats, will be sold at Hotel New Otani (Tokyo), which will celebrate its 60th anniversary this September. You can choose from approximately 15 types of rooms that Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) is proud of, and a bus transfer between the hotel and the venue is included. This is a special plan that allows you to relax after participating in the lantern floating. It is expected to sell out in a short period of time, so please make your reservation early.

Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)
Accommodation plan "Light Boat Plan" [Limited to 5 rooms per day]
Period: Wednesday, July 24th and Thursday, July 25th, 2024

Chiyoda Ward Tourism Association

The Chiyoda Tourism Association, a general incorporated association, works to promote tourism by utilizing the natural, scenic, cultural, historical, industrial and technological resources of Chiyoda City and its surrounding areas, thereby enhancing the ward's appeal, encouraging interaction with people from Japan and overseas, and contributing to the maintenance and development of local culture and the revitalization of the local economy.

Address: 1-6-17 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074

TEL: 03-3556-0391

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