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Taste Local Fukuoka Dishes At Hakata Yatai Medetaiya!

Taste Local Fukuoka Dishes At Hakata Yatai Medetaiya!

Translated by Jasmine Nishino

Written by Norihisa Hasegawa

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Discover the flavors of Fukuoka at Hakata Yatai Medetaiya where they serve local dishes commonly found in food stalls. Unlike the outdoor food stalls, no need to worry about the weather - everyone can enjoy savoring tasty foods indoors.

Fukuoka is known for its delicacies such as tonkotsu ramen, motsu nabe (offal stew), and many other tasty dishes that are popular among tourists. Among the food culture, the yatai, or outdoor food stalls, are also a fun way of enjoying Fukuoka.

The yatai in Fukuoka are very cozy. You can easily break the ice and chat with your neighbor sitting beside you.

However, standard food stalls may be a little difficult for first timers or international visitors to visit. Since they are located outdoors, they are subject to closure due to the weather or guests may feel out of place in the local atmosphere.

This time, we would like to feature the Hakata Medetaiya that incorporates both the delicious Hakata regional dishes and traits of the yatai indoors. This dining experience is perfect for first timers and open regardless of weather.

What is Hakata Medetaiya?

Hakata Medetaiya is a restaurant in the busy Tenjin shopping area in Fukuoka city. With the concept of wanting people to casually enjoy outdoor food stalls and local foods, this restaurant opened in September of 2016.


The shops are in the same style as an outdoor food stall and you can place your order right at the counter. Seeing the cooks prepare your meal right before your eyes is part of the charm of eating at a food stall.


The shops are not just imitating a food stall, but it is literally a food stall placed indoors. The only food stall constructor in Fukuoka custom made each of the rare food stalls inside the building.

By being indoors, there is air conditioning and bathrooms inside the restaurant, so everyone can enjoy dining at the food stalls.

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