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Discover The Health Benefits Of Sand Bathing At Ibusuki Onsen, Kagoshima


Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by Yumiko Delor


Ibusuki Onsen is famous for sunamushi, or bathing in sand hot springs. This article introduces the medicinal benefits of the hot springs, an itinerary for a one-day trip and other useful information on how to enjoy your stay in Ibusuki.

What Kind of Place Is Ibusuki Onsen?


Photograph courtesy of Ibusuki Tourism Association

Kagoshima prefecture is the southernmost prefecture in the Kyushu Region. Ibusuki Onsen in Kagoshima is a hot springs area, located at the southeastern tip of the Satsuma Peninsula. It is famous for its unique sunamushi onsen, where the visitors engulf themselves in hot sand. This style is said to have started 300 years ago.

Ibusuki Onsen is recommended for those connoisseurs of Japan who aren't satisfied with an ordinary hot spring.

The Medicinal Benefits of Ibusuki Hot Springs


Photograph courtesy of Ibusuki Tourism Association

There are more than 800 sources for the hot springs, a total of approximately 120,000 tons of hot spring water per day. Most of the sources are sodium chloride springs, which are said to moisturize the skin. The hot springs are said to be effective against neuralgia, joint pain, gynecological disorders, cold hands or feet, and also helps recovery from exhaustion.

How to Get to Ibusuki Onsen


Photograph courtesy of Ibusuki Tourism Association

From Tokyo and Osaka

Flying is the easiest way to go, by reaching Kagoshima Airport, and moving on to Ibusuki Onsen from there.

Please read How To Reach Kagoshima From Major Cities Like Tokyo And Osaka, as it describes the best access routes to Kagoshima Airport. From the airport, a bus leaves for Ibusuki Station. The ride takes about one and a half hours, and the fare is 2350 yen.

From Fukuoka

Take the JR Kyushu shinkansen from Hakata Station to Kagoshima-chuo Station. Switch to the innovative, white-and-black express titled Ibusuki no Tamatebako. A rapid service or local train on the Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line will also take you to Ibusuki. The time from Hakata to Ibusuki ranges from two hours and 45 minutes to four hours, depending on the timing of the connecting trains. If you use the express train from Kagoshima-chuo Station, the fare is 11,610 yen, and 10,470 yen by using the rapid service or local train.

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