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Monkeying Around In Arashiyama - Beautiful Views And Activities

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Arashiyama is an area west of Kyoto that can be easily accessed from the major cities in the Kansai region. In Arashiyama, visitors can enjoy nature and exciting activities, including monkey sighting in the amazing Iwatayama Monkey Park.

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Located just 30 minutes west of Kyoto, Arashiyama is a convenient and scenic option for travelers looking to extend their stay in the Kansai region a little longer.

Monkeying Around in Arashiyama: Beautiful Views and Activities

It provides a breath of fresh air for travelers whose lungs have become too stuffy from Kyoto temple air (and exercise for those who have been content eating anything and everything in Osaka). Full of beautiful scenery and experiences that all types of people can enjoy, Arashiyama should not be missed when traveling to the Kansai area.

How To Get To Arashiyama

Arashiyama can be easily accessed from a number of popular sightseeing destinations. From Kyoto Station, the JR San'in Line can be used. The trip costs 240 yen and it takes less than 30 minutes to arrive at Arashiyama.

From Osaka, a variety of different lines can be used. From Umeda Station, the Hankyu-Kyoto Line can be used initially. After 6 stops or about 30 minutes, you’ll need to transfer at Katsura Station to the Hankyu-Arashiyama line, which will take you directly to Arashiyama. This route only costs 400 yen, but is not run through the JR company. Therefore, travelers who possess the JR Rail Pass might prefer taking the JR Tokaido-Sanyo line which leaves from Osaka Station, and transfers at Kyoto Station to the San'in line.

Visitors traveling to Arashiyama from Kobe can also take the JR Tokaido-Sanyo line to Kyoto Station and then transfer to the San-In line.

The Scenic Beauty of Arashiyama

One of the most attractive features about a visit to Arashiyama is its convenience; not just in regards to the location’s relation to other major destinations, but also the convenience with which visitors can navigate to and from the most popular Arashiyama attractions.

Monkeying Around in Arashiyama: Beautiful Views and Activities

Togetsukyo Bridge

Nearly all of the must-see areas in Arashiyama are within walking distance from each other. Not only that, the walk is by no means a mundane, weary aspect of the trip. Instead, the distance that connects location to location is often just as beautiful as some of the locations themselves.

For instance, the connection between the bamboo groves Arashiyama is renowned for and the famous Togetsukyo Bridge winds through a park that is just as visually appealing as the sightseeing areas themselves. No matter the location during a trip to Arashiyama, the views are guaranteed to be beautiful.

Stroll Through the Bamboo Grove of Arashiyama

Monkeying Around in Arashiyama: Beautiful Views and Activities

The bamboo grove located in Arashiyama is perhaps one of the most well-known images of Japanese scenic beauty, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. Visiting it, it is easy to understand why. The path through the woods is lined with full-grown bamboo stalks, which stretch towards the sky and filter out the sunlight. Only a few rays of light can sneak through the leaves and cast mottled shadows along the ground.

Monkeying Around in Arashiyama: Beautiful Views and Activities

While bamboo groves exist all throughout Japan, the ones at Arashiyama are without a doubt the most famous among them all. It is a quintessential view that is well worth the crowds. Making the trip out earlier in the day will help give an edge over the other travelers who flock there once the sun begins to rise, as well as coat the woods in a golden, early morning glow.

Get Down to Monkey Business

Monkeying Around in Arashiyama: Beautiful Views and Activities

Fans of animals can delight in knowing that a monkey sighting is 100% guaranteed in a trip to Arashiyama. That is because the area houses the Iwatayama Monkey Park, a location where it is not the animals that are on display, but rather the visitors.

The park uses a type of enclosure that allows the monkeys the ability to leave whenever they want, yet at the same time ward off unwanted predators. This is why the experience here truly feels one of a kind.

While certain types of animal exhibits can often leave an unsavory taste in a visitor’s mouth, wondering if the price of keeping those creatures sequestered forever in a cage is worth their own momentary enjoyment, the monkeys at this park have the ability to leave the exhibit. However, they are offered protection and food if they stay within the fences, so for the monkeys, it is a natural choice. Handlers ensure that no monkey gets bold enough to approach the visitors too closely.

Overall, it is a unique excursion that any animal lovers should be sure to experience.

In Conclusion

Arashiyama is a scenic breath of fresh of air for visitors in the Kansai region that offers both exciting activities and relaxing scenery. Good for families, nature lovers, photographers, and travelers of all kinds, this destination is a one of a kind location that should not be missed!

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