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Nadai Fujisoba - Your Go-To Stop For Casual Soba Noodles And Katsudon

Nadai Fujisoba - Your Go-To Stop For Casual Soba Noodles And Katsudon

Translated by Takuya Erik Watanabe

Written by Otsuji

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Nadai Fujisoba is a soba and udon chain with locations in Japan and Asia. Their food is popular among locals and visitors from overseas. We introduce here the chain's signature dishes as well as how to order at one of their shops.

How to Order at Fujisoba

Now that you know what the chain offers, let's learn how to order at Fujisoba.


Upon entering you'll find a ticket machine where you can place your order.


Once you've decided what you're going to eat, you will first insert money into the machine. They accept bills, coins, and IC cards.


Next, press the button of your menu of choice. The machine will return a meal ticket and your change. The buttons are color-coded by category: red buttons are hot dishes, the blue are cold, the green are for the morning time only (6:00-10:00), and the black buttons are alcohol products.


If you're not sure what you want to eat, you can go outside and have a look at the food samples. The detailed samples will help you decide visually what you want to order.


If you look closely, you'll see that each sample has a number that goes with it. These numbers can also be found on the ticket machines, so you can order without fear even if you don't know a word of Japanese.


Fujisoba shops often have menus in English and traditional Chinese on hand too. You should consult a staff member if you want to see one.


Once you've got your meal ticket, you will need to hand it to one of the staff members. You can sit down and wait at your seat until your meal is ready. You will also find tempura products lined up, so you can ask to order some here as well.


The staff will call you when your meal is ready. Head to where you handed them your ticket to receive your meal. Return to your seat and dig in.


When you're done eating you need to return the tray. Just leave it at the return spot.

In Conclusion

Soba is a dish that represents Japan and the country's cuisine. If you're craving Japanese food, why not stop by Fujisoba for a casual Japanese cuisine experience?

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