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Sukiya Suehiro No Ie - An Antique Guest House In Hida Furukawa

Sukiya Suehiro No Ie - An Antique Guest House In Hida Furukawa

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by Hiromasa Uematsu

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Sukiya Suehiro no Ie is a unique inn, converted from a private house. It is the perfect place to stay at Hida Furukawa, blending into the nostalgic townscape.


The Hida area is famous for Shirakawa-Go, a village with traditional houses.

Hida, also known as Hida Takayama or Hida Furukawa, is an old name for the northern regions of present-day Gifu prefecture.

Set deep in the mountains and blessed with fine timber, woodwork became the main industry of this area. In the medieval period, woodworkers were sent to the central government at the time as a way to pay the local tax, and they brought back the Kyoto style of architecture to Hida.

Hida Furukawa (Gifu prefecture, Hida, Furukawa-cho) is a rare sightseeing spot boasting a well-preserved, traditional townscape.

Sukiya Suehiro no Ie (Suehiro House) is a place where the visitors can actually view traditional architecture up close. Suehiro House is an inn, located on a street lined with traditional houses, operated by Satoyama Office & Stay. The inn was converted from a Japanese-style house, and it is perfect for those who want to enjoy their stay in a traditional area.

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