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Fukuoka's Tenjin Area - 5 Sweets To Sweep You Off Your Feet!

Fukuoka's Tenjin Area - 5 Sweets To Sweep You Off Your Feet!

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Tenjin is the largest shopping area of Kyushu region and is located at Fukuoka's Chuo district. Today we will introduce some of the tastiest desserts of this area, such as cheese tart, apple pies, taiyaki, and matcha parfait, so let's get started!

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by Irene

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Relish the Finest Sweets at Tenjin, Kyushu’s Greatest Shopping District

Tenjin is the largest shopping area in whole Kyushu region and is located in Chuo district in Fukuoka. There you’ll find countless shopping centers lined up together with a vast number of respected gourmet food restaurants.

Join us on a ride through Tenjin area, as we are about to introduce some of the most delicious sweet treats this shopping district has to offer. This is an exclusive guide for any sweet-lover out there!

1. Bake Cheese Tart

Bake Cheese Tart

You’ll find Bake Cheese Tart Fukuoka store in the underground passage of Tenjin, or Tenjin Chikagai. Since it is conveniently located underground, you don’t need to worry about the weather conditions when visiting this lovely shop. They have tables and seats for those who wish to indulge in irresistible sweets at their place, as well. However, do keep in mind that the number of seats here is limited, so although it might be quite a challenge to leave this sweets’ paradise, you should try not to take up the seat for too long a period.

Bake Cheese Tart

The dessert is proportioned in perfect bite-sized portions, cute-looking and waiting for you to indulge. You can have one piece for 216 yen after tax. If you’re wondering about the taste, just imagine a dessert of just-the-right sweetness, not too heavy on the palate, with a rich, luscious cheese flavor that should overpower your taste buds. Although it might not look like it, one piece should be enough to satisfy your sweet cravings with ease.

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, give it a try right out of the oven! The flavorful, luxurious cheese combined with the crispy crust will bring a taste sensation party to your mouth. As this shop is widely known and very well visited every day, in order to avoid crowds and long lines of customers, they’ve come up with a special rule – one person can buy up to 12 pieces (or two boxes) each at the most. Purchase these gorgeous treats and chill them in the refrigerator for some time, and we guarantee the mouth-watering dessert will enchant you even quicker!

BAKE CHEESE TART Tenjin Underground Mall

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