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Yummy! 9 Regional Kaki No Tane Snacks From Hokkaido To Okinawa

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Kaki no tane are a type of rice crackers that are really popular in Japan. In fact, they even come in unique regional flavors! How about sampling the local kaki no tane of the area you're visiting?

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Taste Regional Dishes in a Popular Snack!

When you go on vacation to Japan, what is the main objective of your trip?

Do you want to journey around tourist spots? Or do you want to experience Japanese culture? Perhaps some of you may want to simply tour around and taste the regional foods of the places you visit.

For those who wish to bring the flavors of Japan back as a souvenir, the popular snack kaki no tane flavored with regional specialties is a perfect choice!

KAMEDA's Regionally Limited Kaki no Tane

In Japan, there are many regional dishes and local ingredients that are beloved by the people living in that area. Kaki no tane is a type of rice crackers manufactured by KAMEDA SEIKA in Japan. Their regional kaki no tane is a collaborative product where the rice cracker has been flavored with traditional Japanese foods of the area.

This time we would like to feature nine types of kaki no tane with flavors all the way from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Nine Regional Kaki no Tane

1. Hokkaido Edition: Caramel Flavor and Cheese Flavor


Photo courtesy of Kameda Seika Co., LTD.

Hokkaido is the largest island of Japan, located to the north. Thanks to their sheer size and abundant natural resources, Hokkaido is famous for its dairy farming. As a result, caramel and cheese made from milk are two well-known products of Hokkaido and popular souvenirs as well.

The sweet caramel flavor and the rich cheese flavor is enhanced by the saltiness from the soy sauce on the kaki no tane. The two flavors can be found in a set. Satisfy your cravings for both salty and sweet at once with these snacks!

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2. Tohoku Edition: Takko Garlic Flavor


Photo courtesy of Kameda Seika Co., LTD.

Takko garlic is a famous regional product of Takko, a town in Aomori prefecture, which has been featured on various TV programs.

The difference between the Takko garlic and standard garlic is the sweetness and the umami. Aomori is located in the most northern tip of the Honshu island of Japan. The garlic produced in these cold winters contains a higher natural sugar content in order to protect itself from freezing.

This kaki no tane is flavored using the powdered form of the Takko garlic to get the taste of the special regional garlic evenly dispersed through each snack.

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