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Hasedera Temple, Nara - Climb The 399 Steps To The Main Temple

Hasedera Temple, Nara - Climb The 399 Steps To The Main Temple

Translated by Hilary Keyes

Written by Yumiko Delor

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Hasedera Temple, Nara is known for both its historic buildings and beautiful seasonal flowers - so much so that it's also known as the Flower Temple. Why not come and feel the relaxing atmosphere of this temple wash over you?

What Is Hasedera Temple?

hasedera temple

It is said that Hasedera Temple in Sakurai, Nara prefecture, was founded by the monk, Domyo Shonin in the year 686. Later his disciple, Tokudo Shonin, built the main temple hall.

The honzon (*1) is the ten meter tall Jyuichimen Kannon Bosatsu or Eleven-faced Avalokitesvara, a statue of the Goddess Kannon.

*1 Honzon: the main or most important item of worship at a Buddhist temple.

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